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Just starting out as a fully fledged novelist, the American writer and renowned attorney, Peter Kirsanow has been at the forefront of civil-rights for quite some time now, as well as writing a number of articles for a variety of different publications, including National Review and The Wall Street Journal. Well respected within the literary community already, he’s recently just started working full-time as an author, creating fiction as well as non-fiction. Using his extensive knowledge of the legal system, he’s able to provide a great degree of accuracy, along with injecting a certain level of suspense to keep it engaging.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1953 on the 30th of October, he was born and raised in the area of Cleveland in Ohio in the United States of America. Growing up in the area, he was to take a primary interest in politics and, most notably, the law, which was his to make up his first profession. This was to form the basis of his upbringing, thus working to provide the foundations of his writing much later on.

Educated at Cornell University where he went on to graduate from, he gained a B.A. in 1976, before going on to attend Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. It was in 1979 that he achieved his J.D. cum laude from there, thus securing his credentials within the field of the law and the judiciary system. This then provided him with the foundations required for giving his material the academic basis necessary when writing.

It was during his time studying at Cleveland that he also worked as an editor of articles for the Cleveland State Law Review. After this he went into law and politics, serving on a number of different councils, before being appointed to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. During this time from 2001 on-wards he undertook a variety of different fights and challenges whilst serving there.

Still writing and serving to this day, he is still an active member of the Republican Party, as well as a lawyer. With more books to come, specifically within his Mike Garin series of thrillers, there’s still a lot more on the horizon for him. As his writing career grows from strength-to-strength, he’s fast becoming a well established presence on the literary scene, something which will continue for sometime to follow.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book in 2017, he’s well on his way to becoming a well established figure within the world of literature, as well as law. Incorporating some elements of his political knowledge into the global set of events that unfold, it manages to provide a well researched and tightly packaged novel. The narrative is also well paced, something which works well alongside his extensive understanding of the subject matter.

A black man in a field typically dominated by a white consensus, he is, by his own admission, in ‘a minority’. Working as a black Republican he has faced his fair share of challenges throughout the years and has emerged all the stronger having dealt with them. This has weighed heavily on his writing and his opinions as well, shaping the man he is today, which can be seen reflected within his work.

Serving on a number of different committees throughout his career in both law and politics, he’s created a name to be reckoned with. A singular presence, there’s nobody else quite like him, a factor which is clearly reflected within his work and writing. This has marked him out as a well respected voice in the industry, as well as someone with an enormous amount of influence.

Speaking at a variety of events, people take on-board what he’s saying, with him serving not just on the United States Department of Justice, but U.S. Supreme Court as well. Appointed by George W. Bush in 2001 for the U.S. Commission of Civil Rights, he was fast becoming a powerful presence within political circles. Over time these appointments have become an overwhelming factor in his writing, allowing him an inside knowledge providing an expertise unlike any other.

With his writing career as a fully fledged author commencing, it would seem that there’s still a lot more to come from Peter Kirsanow yet. The book itself, ‘Target Omega’, is set to be part of a longer ongoing series too, so there’s obviously more to come. Proving himself as a gifted and highly versatile writer, though, it would appear that his career as a novelist will only grow for some years to come.

Target Omega

Published on the 16th of May in 2017, this novel sets up the Mike Garin series of thriller novels, starring the eponymous protagonist leading the action. Released through the Dutton publishing label, this manages establish both the style and the tone of the series, whilst also introducing the main character. It also sets-up both the atmosphere and the ambiance, creating the overall tone of the franchise as a whole.

After returning from Pakistan following a successful mission preventing weapons of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands, Mike Garin finds himself the sole survivor of his team. Despite thinking they were home safe, a sudden attack leaves the rest of his squad dead, as Garin is left to answer some serious questions. It soon transpires that a global conspiracy is underway and Garin finds that he has to discover the truth if he ever hopes to remain alive. Will he be able to survive this ordeal? Who wants him dead? What is the prime directive for Target Omega?

Various Articles

Writing for a variety of different publications prior to his début novel, he’s a highly versatile writer having opined on a number of subjects. From The Wall Street Journal to the National Review, there’s an extensive and impressive backlog of work that he’s got in his personal oeuvre. Providing his many years of expertise, he’s become a welcome voice and presence within the community, offering an alternative viewpoint on a variety of topics.

Serving as an editor for the Cleveland State Law Review early on, he quickly gained his credentials not just in law, but in writing articles as well. With a clear focus and subject matter, he soon began writing articles of his own, starting with the National Review in 2003. This would soon expand to The Wall Street Journal as well, whereby he’d continue to highlight issues he felt to be most pertinent at the time. As his career progressed, so too did the quantity of his articles. These then lead to him becoming one of the more outspoken and articulate members in his field. It also helped to pave the way for his novel, thus establishing him as the author he currently is today.

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  1. Thomas A Ross: 1 year ago

    What happened to the Mike Garin series? Is there going to be a book #3? Really been looking forward to it, but 3-4 years have gone by since Second Strike (#2), and can’t find anything newer.

  2. Madeline Bunjes: 2 years ago

    Target Omega was a great read. I always like to find new authors and he’s one of the best. Can’t wait to read Second Strike!

  3. Jim Bennett: 2 years ago

    Target Omega is an excellent read, I had not heard of Mr Kirsanow, but I’m glad to count him among my favorites I look forward to the next Mike Garin book, keep writing more thrillers Mr Kirsanow, thank you JBB


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