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Publication Order of The Detainee Trilogy Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Peter Liney is a reputed writer from England who is famous for writing science fiction, horror, fiction, and Dystopian novels. He is particularly well known for writing the Detainee Trilogy book series. Liney has been writing for a very long time and is said to have been working in this field for almost 30 years. His initial works of literature include poetry, short stories, sit-coms, etc. Liney says that he moved on to write novels in the latter part of his career. Liney’s works have been produced on Australian, British, and German TV, as well as South African and British radio. He likes to think of his career as a long scenic path that led him to where he stands today. However, his career has not always been up and happening. There were times when he used to think that he would not make it big. But, he is satisfied that his career has fared well and has helped him to become a noteworthy author.

Author Liney was born in Wiltshire, UK. He has spent a major part of his life traveling to different locations in the world. Liney has lived in Australia for 10 years and has considered Thailand his second home for over 2 years. Liney did not directly end up becoming a writer. He has gone through a number of other occupations before setting himself on the course of writing novels. Some of his earlier works include being a teacher of English and teaching the language to football managers of Italy and pop stars of Japan. Liney has also acted on stage for some time. His other involvements on the work front include being a seller of sewing machines, performing stunts as a stuntman, doing photography, etc.

Liney loves photography and music very much. He likes to listen and play music during his spare times. Also, he loves to watch movies a lot. His addiction to movies is said to have impacted his writing style. Many critics see Liney as a writer of movies in the form of books. Liney believes that if he had not become a writer, then he would have definitely become an opera singer. After years of honing his narrative skills, Liney developed a dystopian world and subsequently wrote three excellent Detainee novels. All three novels found many takers and were loved by the fans of science fiction and dystopian stories. Liney has penned several stand-alone novels as well, which are equally popular as his book series. The first time he started writing was when he was in school. He used to write stories about dinosaurs and ask his English teacher to read them in class. Even though his teacher was not at all impressed by his stories, he would encourage him to continue writing and improve his skills. Liney has not stopped writing since then.

Liney likes to consider himself a loose plotter. He doesn’t believe in the idea of too much polishing and preening, and likes to keep his stories as original as possible. Liney doesn’t appreciate editors pointing out too many changes in his manuscript. The main source of inspiration for Liney’s writing has been the internet and newspapers. Authors like Thomas Hardy, Haruki Murakami, Patrick Susskind, Jose Saramago, and Eva Hornung have influenced him throughout the years. TV and radio have also helped in shaping his career. Liney feels proud to create the character of Clancy, who gets captured, hunted, and terrorized on Garbage Island, a dumping site for society’s waste, and decides to put up a fight against the hardships when he gets unexpected support. He was inspired to create Clancy’ story from the constant fear of the future that people have in the present. For developing the plots, Liney carried out a large amount of research work. He read a lot about African civil wars and used to form the basis of his books.

The debut book of The Detainee Trilogy series written by Peter Liney is entitled ‘The Detainee’. It was released by the Jo Fletcher Books in 2013. The central characters of this book include Clancy, Lena, Dr. Simon, and several others. Initially, it is mentioned that Clancy wakes up to find himself on the Garbage Island. It is considered to be a place of hopelessness and death. The infirm and elderly people of the society are shipped to this island and left to spend the rest of their lives. They are made the scapegoats for a collapsing society and are seen as bad luck for progress. The elderly people do not find any escape from the island. They are continuously monitored by overhead satellites and instant punishment is delivered if any instance of crime is caught by the satellites. The biggest crime on the island is trying to escape. So, no one ever dares to get off. The island dwellers face the danger of being hunted by demons that arrive under the cover of fog after the satellites go off. Clancy keeps trying to find a way to escape. He succeeds in finding a secret tunnel that seems to be a path leading out of the island. This unexpected discovery brings hope among the people and gives them a reason to fight for their survival.

The next novel of the series is known as ‘Into the Fire’. It was also published by Jo Fletcher publication in 2014. Liney has again featured the same set of primary characters in this novel as he had mentioned in the previous book. After finding the tunnel, Clancy escaped from the Island along with other old people. He thought that reaching the mainland would put an end to all their troubles and difficulties. But soon, they realize that all the punishment satellites have gone. As a result, hell gets unleashed on the mainland that lands Clancy and others in a much more dangerous situation. They realize that thinking their fight had ended was a big mistake on their part. The mainland doesn’t appear to be the haven that they had anticipated. The city is no longer under control because of the vanishing of punishment satellites. There is a breach of law and order, wreaking havoc in every part of the city. Clancy realizes there is still a lot of work left to do to ensure that complete freedom is achieved. Until then, they have to face the dangers and manage to survive for as long as they can.

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