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Publication Order of Peter Macklin Books

Kill Zone (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Roses are Dead (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Any Man's Death (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Something Borrowed, Something Black (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Black Dress (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Peter Macklin is a book series penned by Loren D. Estleman. An American man of letters, Estleman was born in September 1952. Estleman’s place of birth is Ann Harbor upon Michigan, in the US. The penman grew up in a typical Michigan farmhouse. Estleman is a Michigan resident to date. For his undergraduate studies, Loren D. Estleman attended the Ypsilanti-based Eastern Michigan University wherein he pursued English Literature coupled with journalism; he received his bachelor’s degree in 1974.

Loren D. Estleman: Literary Influences; Formative Writing Years; and Writing Ritual
There is a laundry list of the literary figures that influenced Loren D. Estleman. They include the following Americans: famed author-cum-critic Edgar Allan Poe, novelist-cum-screnarist Raymond Chandler, novelist and designer Edith Wharton, author-cum-journalist Ernst Hemingway, and novelist-cum-lobbyist Jack London. British penman W. Somerset Maugham also influenced Estleman.

The urge to become a published author started gnawing at Loren D. Estleman at the age of fifteen when he submitted a short story to a publishing house; and thus heralded a quick succession of rejection letters which amounted to around 160 in a span of eight years. Now an established penman, Estleman’s writing ritual involves writing for roughly six hours daily. He prefers to write the old way—using a manual typewriter and large quantity of typing paper.

Peter Macklin: Section on Books
Loren D. Estleman, whose niche is especially mystery, western and thrillers generes, debuted in the mid-1970s. He quit formal employment and became a full-time writer in 1980. Estleman has coauthored books with American authors L.J. Washburn, Edward Gorman, and W. R. Philbrick among others.

A voracious scribbler, Estleman boasts of a comprehensive bibliography that ranges from fiction and non-fiction books to short stories. There are both standalone novels and several novel series. In terms of literary series, there are six series of books: a duology, two quintets, a heptalogy, a 9-book series, and a 26-novel series. Contextually, one of the two quintets is titled Peter Macklin series.

There are five books in the Peter Macklin series. The first book contained therein has eight editions of which the first edition was initially published in September 1984, titled Kill Zone. This book is shelved under the suspense, fiction, thriller (notably spy thriller sub-genre), and mystery genres.

As the series’ title points out, Peter Macklin is the featured central character in the Peter Macklin series. Meet protagonist Peter Macklin. Macklin is a gun for hire; the assassin works for the so-called Detroit-based Michael Boniface crime family and has to kill people occasionally. He is a loner and doubtful about his job as he has to dodge attempted assassinations now and then. What’s more, Macklin’s personal life is fraught with problems, ranging from his problematic marriage to troublesome child.

The turning point in Loren D. Estleman’s first book in the Peter Macklin series, Kill Zone, is the time when a group of terrorists hijack and commandeer a steamboat. The steamboat, which is plies the Great Lakes route, has 800 hundred passengers who have been inconvenienced by the hijackers. Among the hostages include a high-profile leader’s daughter. By hijacking the sea vessel, the terrorists hope to make it their bargaining chip in their quest for compelling the authorities to release another group of imprisoned criminals.

Michael Boniface, the incarcerated mafia don that Peter Macklin works for, strikes a bargain with the FBI; Boniface will help the FBI out courtesy of his hit man and, in exchange, be paroled. A such, Macklin sneaks into the vessel and contacts a one-time Michael Boniface’s hit man. And thus the insider tips the scales in Macklin’s favor in this suspenseful book from multi-award-winning author Estleman.

Peter Macklin Awards
Author Estleman has clinched many awards over the years for his acclaimed literary work. Estleman clinched the Lifetime Achievement Awards during the 2013 Shamus Awards. In 2012, Estleman bagged the Owen Wister Award, in the Lifetime Achievement category. He clinched the 2013 Derringer Award (also Lifetime Achievement).

Estleman was the 2008 recipient of the Elmer Kelton Award in virtue of his commendable advancement of western genre. He has clinched the Spur Awards five times. In 2006, his 2005 book named The Undertaker’s Wife won Spur Award, in the Best Western Novel category. In 1981, his 1981 book Aces and Eights clinched Spur Award, in the Best Historical Novel section. In 1999, the 1998 book Journey of the Dead won Spur Award in the Best Western Novel. Estleman’s short stories titled The Bandit and The Alchemist have also won the said awards.

He has won Western Heritage Awards three times: two times for his novels (1998 book Journey of the Dead; and 2001 book The Master Executioner), and once for a short story titled Iron Dollar. Estleman bagged Stirrup Awards twice for his notable articles. In 1995, his 1984 novel Sugartown clinched the Shamus Award, in the Best PI Hardcover category. American Mystery Awards: the 1998 book Downriver won in Best Private Eye Novel group while the 1990 book Whisky River clinched Best Crime Novel (in 1990). The latter book has also been nominated for the Edgar Award (1991), in Best Novel category. In 2010, Estleman’s story titled The List bagged the Barry Award, in the Best Mystery Short Story section. Lastly, the author clinched the Outstanding Writer Award in 1985.

Best Peter Macklin Books
These are the best three books in the Peter Macklin series. First is the aforementioned Kill Zone. Secondly, Roses are Dead; this is the second book in the Peter Macklin series. Macklin is fighting assassins sent to kill him, hoping to outmatch the hit men and hoping they do not include his son all the while. Third, Any Man’s Death; this is the third book in the Peter Macklin series. Now a retired hit man, Macklin is protecting a contentious preacher from an assassin who might be his teenage child.

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