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Publication Order of Louis Morgon Books

Le Crime / A French Country Murder (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
L'Assassin (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Terrorist (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Resistance (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Capitalist (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Willi Geismeier Books

The Good Cop (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Constant Man (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Inconvenient German (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The New Detective (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Peter Steiner

Peter Steiner is a mystery-fiction author with a few mystery pieces. He is also a renowned cartoonist best recognized for his carton published in the New Yorker dubbed On the Internet and nobody knows you’re a dog. Steiner is an adventurous man who divides his time between France and the US.

A French Country Murder

Also known as Le Crime, A French Country Murder is the first book in Peter Steiner’s Louis Morgon series. The book features Louis Morgon; a retired CIA man turned artist. At the height of his career, things start going haywire at work, and Morgon is forced into early retirement. The depressed man leaves his wife and two children in the US and runs off to France, where he plans to rebuild his life as he reflects on the mistakes that could have led to his current situation.

Morgon loves his quiet life in his rural village home in France. There is no pressure from work, and there is a charming married neighbor Morgon has a crush on. Things take a dramatic turn when a body shows up on Morgon’s driveway. Even though the body comes as a shock, Morgon has a feeling that his former boss Hugh Bowes has something to do with it. He is left with no choice but to go back to the US and investigate the matter.

The reception that Morgon gets from his wife and children is cold, but he manages to gather some details before he goes back to France. Morgon thinks that Bowes organized for his wife and lovers killing and later dumped the lover’s body in his compound. Some years before, Morgon had caught Bowes and his wife naked and ashamed of the two. In his assessment, Morgon thinks that Bowes wants to eliminate him so that he can finally have Morgon’s ex-wife all top himself. As the story unravels, Morgon is going to find out that Bowes had made an attempt on his life before, and he is still determined to eliminate him. Morgon’s daughter is going to visit her father in France, but the two will not be able to talk about the abandonment issues conclusively.

Morgon starts his investigations with the help of the local gendarme team. The details he uncovers shake him to the core as it becomes clear why things at work went downhill all of a sudden. Morgon is determined to find the killer and the person who wants him out of the picture. Could solving this murder give Morgon the life he enjoyed in the past? Is there a chance that the retired CIA man can go back to enjoying a fulfilling life with his children and perhaps with a woman he has deep feelings for?

This is an intriguing book filled with philosophical musings, political intrigue, and psychological insights. The story is action-packed thanks to Morgon’s misfortunes and enemies who will not let him retire in peace. Join Morgon on his journey as he works to rebuild a life. You will also have a chance to meet Morgon’s friends in France as well as his family members in the US. Definitely a great read perfect for mystery and thriller lovers. You will have a hard time resisting the urge to pick the next book in this series.

The Good Cop

The Good Cop is a story set in Munich in the 1920s. The book features Detective Willi Geismeier, a man who is determined to uphold the law. The first world war has just ended, and the losses have left Germany in turmoil. The new government is weak, the courts are corrupt, and the police are not any better. The communists and Fascists having taken their fighting to the streets, and it is clear that people are looking for a savior.

This story starts with the return of Maximilian Wolf to Munich. There is no doubt that Maximillian is a talented artist, and the Munich Newspaper is quick to identify his talent. As soon as Maximillian joins the Munich newspaper, he meets Sophie, a female reporter who joins Max as he covers the political scenes in Germany in the 1920s. Max and Sophie meet Willi Geismeier when their editorial offices in Munich ae bombed. The two work with Willi, a policeman who is like no other.

To most people in Germany, Adolf Hitler looks like the perfect savior after he outlines the dreams he has for the country. Things get thick when newspaper offices in Munich are bombed. Willi Geismeier is tasked with investigating the case, but things get political, and he is taken off the case. Geismeier continues asking questions about the case even though he has to do his investigations off-book. His pursuit of the truth, in this case, turns into a crime that not only takes up Geismeier’s time but also puts his life in danger. Will Geismeier get out of this situation alive?

This is a fascinating story that outlines the rise of Nazism from the eyes of a German law enforcement officer. Even though this book falls in the historical fiction category, it comes loaded with historical facts. From quotes picked from Hitler’s speeches to accurate accounts of events that happened during this period, this story gives enough facts.

Get to read about how Hitler was first dismissed as a joke when he promised that he would restore Germany to its former glory. As recorded in history, Hitler referred to the Munich editorial offices as the poison kitchen. This is because the officials warned the Germans about the dangers of Nazism. As Willi gathers more evidence, he uncovers the violent crimes committed by the Nazis.

This story comes with interesting characters, many of whom are drawn from history. The historical accounts are not only accurate but also intriguing. Get to learn a thing or two about life in Germany after the end of the second world war. The book also comes with interesting stories about each of the characters in the book. The story

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