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Publication Order of Rosethorn Chronicles Books

The Bloodwood Curse (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Trials of Araki Rosethorn (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Peter Summersby
Peter Summersby is Australian-born and based and is a teacher, speaker, and novelist. He has a Bachelor’s of Education from Australia’s Griffith University.

He creates worlds that stay in the hearts and minds of his readers. As a blogger and a creative writer, Peter knows what really drives conversation around the creative writing process.

Peter’s childhood was filled with the greats of Tom Clancy, J. R. R. Tolkien, James Clavell, and Anne McCaffrey. Peter’s passion is to share and tell some great stories and follow in these magnificent author’s footsteps. His goal with his writing is to entertain readers and provide them with a tiny amount of escape.

Besides writing, he is a regular contributor to the Redstar Magazine in China and visits organizations and schools. He enjoys spending his free time mentoring fellow emerging authors, entertaining, spending time with his family, and running DND sessions.

“The Mind Hack” has been well received and Peter has been praised for his writing style and his thrilling yet frenzied scenes that he creates.

Peter’s debut novel, called “The Mind Hack”, was released in the year 2016. His work is from the fantasy genre. Peter also writes the “Rosethorn Chronicles”, which began publication in the year 2019, when “The Bloodwood Curse” was released.

“The Mind Hack” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2016. Reality is defined by what we hear, feel, and see. What would happen if you’re unable to tell the difference between what’s an illusion and real? When a computer AI begins testing a virtual holographic system on two unsuspecting guys, they have to race to hunt for a way out of the computer that hacks their minds and is attacking New York.

A simple room attendant, named Tolbert, is unexpectedly caught up in a holographic projection. He has to decide what is real and what isn’t. The fate of the world hangs right in the balance, while monsters and aliens ravage the center of New York. The army of raptors, which is led by trolls, engage an alien menace.

Striker, who is a hacktivist and a computer gamer, notices that one of his fellow gamers is getting attacked in a game and tries to figure out what’s going on. He has to find and shut down the cause of everything before the world that he knows is destroyed forever.

This is an enjoyable story, and readers liked the mix of reality and virtuality. The novel has a great concept and is fascinating in how Peter executes it. Fans found themselves unable to quit turning the pages, as they needed to understand what was happening and understand was through the roof. Peter delivers a rather fun and engaging read, and great for those that love things such as: AI, gaming, destroying entire cities, and the nature of what’s real and what’s not.

“The Bloodwood Curse” is the first novel in the “Rosethorn Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2018. Akuchi departs from his home in order to find his place in the world. After he enlists in the Cerecan army he hears of Fort Northern Wiles.

Fort Northern Wiles stands at the sole passage to the north, and stands as the guardian to the civilized world. It is surrounded by enemies, with Trolls assaulting the North walls. Hidden deep in the Forest that it is meant to protect, there is a danger lurking deep within.

Akuchi volunteers to serve at this dangerous Fort, hoping he can get out early and put his own farm together. In order to do this, Akuchi has to travel to the very heart of the Bloodwood forest and save some dark elves from a curse that is so horrific it leaves its people trapped by their own shame. They are left in a disfigurement so terrible that they all hide themselves away from the entire world.

Princess Aife of the dark elves has also been cursed just like her people she has never caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She is only desperate to forget about the curse. When others see her, she is able to see their horror right on their faces, tormented so she hides herself from everybody.

Akuchi has to choose either to stick to his word and get everything that he ever wanted or go back to his crowded parent’s house filled with shame.

Peter leads his readers into an incredible fantasy world, and makes it quite obvious he spent plenty of time building it. He is meticulous in the details and helps to weave this into some perfect imagery, and fans enjoyed these descriptions, particularly of the dark elves and their living space. He also plays with common images and concepts typically found in fantasy novels. These characters are wholly fleshed out and interestingly complex. Readers were invested and interested in this novel and hope to read more stories set in this fascinating world.

“The Hunt for Veritas” is the second novel in the “Rosethorn Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2019. Tunio is orphaned by the dark elves which completes the break of the curse. Charged by his dad to forgive, Tunio looks to begin his own life. He gets sent away from Fort Northerrn Wiles with Captain Hiwot. While onboard he befriends Metilia the half-elf, Gazali the captain’s son, and Aquilla the Elf. They show up at Peace Landing, which is the Gnomish island city.

King Angularis fears about his crown while intrigue and plots start surrounding him. The first of the eight seals have just fallen, and the fear is another is going to fall. He looks to locate the Belt of Veritas which is rumored to have the ability to grant the wearer to tell the difference between truth and lies.

Anatoli loses his mom and finds that his dad has got another son, one trueborn son that he didn’t abandon and wants revenge on Tunio. First taking his dad’s sword, then doing what he can to hamper Tunio even if that means lying to his King.

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