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Phantom Queen Diaries Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Phantom Queen Diaries Books

By: Shayne Silvers, Cameron O'Connell

Phantom Queen Diaries series by Shayne Silvers

Authors Shayne Silvers and Cameron O’Connell write the “Phantom Queen Diaries” series of urban fantasy novels. The series began publication in the year 2018, when “Whiskey Ginger” was released. The books are set in the “Temple Verse”
Quinn MacKenna is a black magic arms dealer from Boston’s mean streets. She knows how to fight, drink, and steal dangerous artifacts. Not for money, but for favors. This is because she has only wanted a single thing, it is a secret so well-guarded and dangerous nobody will give it to her. A ticket into the Land of the Fae so she can locate her dad and get some answers about her past. At one time, her mother was a member of the IRA.

“Whiskey Ginger” is the first novel in the “Phantom Queen Diaries” series and was released in the year 2018. Everything was going just fine for Quinn MacKenna. Until she stole from Nate Temple accidentally.

She doesn’t ask questions of her clients, just favors, hoping it will eventually add up to get her what she desperately wants. With her unique ability to nullify magic, the world’s most lethal artifacts, or the clients that demand them, aren’t anything that impress her all that much.

All of this changes when she robs Nate Temple and finds she is in a much deeper world of conspiracies and monsters than she ever realized existed. Because Nate Temple and his buddies are not the only things to be afraid of. Now she must worry about his enemies too.

This is a fast paced read with tons of fun and mysteries, enough action and humor throughout. These characters have their own distinct voice and identity. The characters interact with each other well and the story line is very well done. It all combines to make for a captivating, entertaining, and engaging read from start to finish.

“Cosmopolitan” is the second novel in the “Phantom Queen Diaries” series and was released in the year 2018. It is time Quinn MacKenna pay off a debt, to Nate Temple, after she robbed him a few weeks back. New York City is never going to be the same.

Her absolution might have come with some strings attached. Like heading to the Big Apple to steal a lethal and mysterious artifact for Grimm Tech. Strictly off the books.

It doesn’t take her too long to discover that she is not the only one after this magical whatsit, and that all the monsters in New York play for keeps. The keyword is play. They have all heard about this little ginger from Boston, and they want to know if she tastes nearly as sweet as she looks.

That is before she learns that both Heaven and Hell have joined this game. Maybe it’s time Quinn locate some allies from St. Louis. Or the Brooklyn Bridge might become a memory. Right along with Quinn.

The writing in this one flows faster and smoother, even improving on the readers vision of these characters and how scenes play out. Fans found that this novel has a perfect story line and the action is non-stop. The pacing here is still as fast as possible, slowing just enough for some development and introspection on Quinn’s part while she goes from one event to another.

“Old Fashioned” is the third novel in the “Phantom Queen Diaries” series and was released in the year 2018. Quinn MacKenna discovers the cure for a blinding hangover is rather simple. Stay in bed, and don’t answer your freaking door.

Otherwise, you could find yourself getting roped into a murder investigation with a psycho trying to rewrite the “Twelve Days of Christmas” as a holiday homicide special. You could be forced to dodge bullets with a Valkyrie, called on to rescue an ex-international spy, or to go take on a power-hungry Fae that is intent on freezing everything that he touches. Hypothetically speaking, anyway.

In hindsight, snorting up crushed aspirin in some dirty alley would have been a much smarter choice. Especially when Quinn learns the only way to get a hold of the answers she is looking for is by sampling some hallucinogenic and magically-infused flowers. The fact that somebody is waiting for her on the other side of her out-of-body experience. They have been waiting for quite a long time.

Each of these characters is well written and believable, and the stories are tied together over three books well, but are still their own story. Readers like Quinn and find her to be badass, vulnerable, and funny. This is a fun ride that readers cannot wait to continue in future installments.

“Dark and Stormy” is the fourth novel in the “Phantom Queen Diaries” series and was released in the year 2018. Quinn finally gets a Fae-Cation, something she has always wanted. Boston now faces annihilation, however.

A bloody killing spree in the Land of the Fae with her vampire bestie should’ve been nothing but fun and games for Quinn, that is, until she actually learns the shocking truth about her past and the choice she was born to make. It is a choice that threatens to bring her very world to a screeching stop. This is because the price is too high.

A trusted friend betrays her, unleashing the storm of the century, as well as an army of lethal and ancient monsters upon Boston Harbor, she has to decide whether she is going to save herself or those that she cares about.

This ex-black magic arms dealer has to call in every single favor that she has ever earned. Even then, there is a strong chance that she will not be nearly strong enough to stop the Eye at the center of this storm from taking away everything that she has ever loved.

The only way she can save Boston is to become something that is even worse. What she was born to become.

Readers found the story to be rather solid, and tough to put down. The characters draw the reader in to these stories, while the twists and turns don’t stop.

Phantom Quinn Dairies
Phantom Queen Diaries is a series of urban fantasy set in the world of Nate Temple. The series by best-selling Shaine Silvers and Cameron O’Connell stars Quinn McKenna, a woman who is not just bright but also has some dark secrets and unique abilities. There is also a variety of supporting and secondary characters ranging from wizards and demons to werewolves and angels. Get to learn about the world of wizards, magic, and a lot of details on what goes on in the fey realm.

Like any good fantasy paranormal, the Phantom Quinn Dairies series is action-packed. It helps that the story is well though-out and contains enough twists and turns to keep you engaged to the end.

Whiskey Ginger
Whiskey Ginger is the first book in the Phantom Queen Diaries series. We meet Quinn MacKenna, a female with multi-talents that range from fighting to stealing magical artifacts. Because of her unique abilities, people hire her to take magical objects for them. Quinn is good at her job, and she is known well in her circles as the go-to person in case one needs to retrieve something in the black magic world.
Quinn is a null, which means that everyone loses their power when they come close to her. The funny thing is that Quinn does not offer her services for money. Instead, she asks for favors from her clients. All Quinn needs is a ticket to the Land of the Fae so that she can meet her dad. She has questions about her past that she is sure only her father can answer. By offering her services for favors, Quinn is hoping that the pieces of information that she gathers will finally lead her to the ticket that she wants. So far, her search for the truth has been unsuccessful since as all the people she comes into contact with want to keep the details secret.

Life for Quinn takes an interesting twist when she accidentally steals from the Nate Temple. Quinn does not know much about the Nate Temple, but she has heard enough rumors about it. After the accidental theft, Quinn finds herself in a dark world filled with monsters and conspiracies. While dealing with Nate and his friend is a lot of work, Quinn also has to deal with Nate’s enemies as well. In Nate’s world, she has to deal with wizards, the local police, as well as vampires.

An evil wizard who is somewhat connected to Nate thinks that Quinn has stolen from him or somehow interfered with her business. To get back at Quinn, the wizard kidnaps the woman who raised her. The evil wizard wants Quinn to steal a briefcase for him in return to the woman’s freedom. While Quinn is successful in getting the briefcase, it turns out that the briefcase belongs to Grimm Tech, Nate’s Company. Things turn ugly at this point, and many people are either killed or get hurt in the war that ensues.

Another twist is introduced when the evil wizard hires a fox demon to kill one person. However, the fox demon is not satisfied, killing just one person. What follows all these twists is a hellacious fight involving evil wizards, demons, and a Chinese monkey god. Whiskey Ginger is an exciting story. Get to read about a sassy Irish woman with unique abilities and her involvement in the world of black magic.

This is the second book in this series. The first page comprises of a vivid description of a vicious troll just getting ready to attack. Quinn is not having it easy either since her accidental involvement with Nate. Her friend Othello requires her to retrieve a magical artifact in New York, and she is determined to complete the task if only to set herself free from the situation she got herself into.

In the Cosmopolitan, Quinn has to pay a debt to Nate Temple, but the consequences of this payoff will change New York City for good. The Brooklyn Bridge may soon become a thing of the, and Quinn wants to stop this from happening with all her might. She considers forming alliances with others in St. Louis. The book also gives a sneak-peek into Quinn’s life. At least, readers can get to understand the reason why this young woman is a freak.
In the Cosmopolitan, there are two significant catastrophes THAT Quinn has to deal with. For one, she has to get the seed of the Tree of Knowledge from the garden of Aden. The funny thing is that this magical seed can talk. The task seems easy enough. Besides, all this experienced black magic dealer has to do is broker the deal. However, the reality on the ground is different. Quinn realizes that both hell and heaven want the seeds, and it is going to take a lot of effort to retrieve the seed. Well, everything does not go according to Quinn’s plan, and she has to defend herself at some point fiercely. Nate’s friends also show up and help a great deal to save the day.

Quinn also has to rescue Terry from the Master Vampire of New York, otherwise known as Quinn. Terry is the sister that Quinn met in the dojo while doing her martial arts training. In the end, the catastrophes are resolved when Johnny Appleseed is convinced to retract his offer to Darrel that involves the seed from the Garden of Aden. By withdrawing the offer, Quinn succeeds in saving the world by preventing an Apocalypse.
Like the first book in the series, the Cosmopolitan introduces you to a wide variety of characters, some of them from other series. The story flows well, and the book is action-packed so you can be sure that you will never have a dull moment. Quinn is on a roll, and because of her abilities, trouble seems to follow everywhere she goes. Fortunately, in addition to her unique skills, she also comes with proper training in martial arts, which makes it easy for her to triumph despite all the forces that are working against her.

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