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Phil Bowie is a widely renowned freelance writer and author with over 300 articles in his name that have been published worldwide. Some of the moist noticeable magazines that have featured his works includes the reader’s digest, Harper’s Troika, Heartland USA AND MANY OTHERS. Apart from being an author, Phil Bowie is also a licensed boat captain, motorcycle rider, pilot, an avid reader of everything and a fiddler. Currently, Bowie resides in Eastern Carolina on a shore of the Neus River. With that being said many of his suspense novels have received endorsements from some of the best-selling authors such as Riddley Pearson, Lee Child and Stephen Carson. Guns was Bowie’s debut novel. Due to Bowie’s exceptional writing skills it received an honorable mention during the London Book Festival. Apart from the novels and the series, Bowie also has a short story collection such as the award winning version of a yarn which was began by Stephen King.

The John Hardin Series


Guns is Bowie’s debut novel. In this book we are introduced to Sam Bass who happens to be a hotshot pilot with a very mysterious past. He gains an enormous amount of publicity when he saves a couple who had been stranded on an island for a long time. The unwanted publicity puts Sam once again on the radar, drawing the attention of a group of men that he had been running from. Now there is a mark on Sam’s head, hence he has to run for his life. To these group of men, Sam goes by the codename, the cowboy. Since he has now been located, a hit team is dispatched to ensure that they silence him once and for all. The hit men try all they can to kill Sam but they fail. One day while trying to hunt down Sam, they unintentionally kill Valerie, thus leaving her son orphaned and thirsty for revenge.

After Valerie’s death, Sam reaches out to Valerie’s grandfather and teaches him on the ancient Cherokee way of revenge. After ensuring that he is now ready, Sam sets out to avenge for Valerie’s death. Despite the fact that Bowie has done his homework of differentiating the history of street violence, gun running, planes and Cherokee lore and history, he still does an exceptional job of investing his characters in backstories. Additionally, in this book it is safe to say that John Hardin is really trying to keep a very low profile. He avoids getting deep with the planes because from some of the other works, there are those authors who are fond of using all the wrong terminologies. Nonetheless, the book is still fascinating especially to individuals who may love planes.

The plot was very well thought out while the writing was exceptional. With that being said, there are some reviewers who have pointed out the fact that there were some cases in the book where it became preachy especially where the characters were making speeches to one another. All in all, this book is a page tuner and will definitely entertain the reader from the beginning to the end.


When a group of soldiers decide to drive innocent Cherokee’s from their homes in the year 1838, some of them left behind a hidden and secret goldmine. 150 years later, a prospector discovers the hidden treasures while going about his day to day business. But as soon as he discovers the treasure he disappears completely without a trace. Pilot John Hardin is given the task of finding the prospector and find out what exact went on, on the day that he disappeared. But while searching for the missing man, he also encounters a group of cult member and a murderous clan who are more than willing do anything that there boss will ask of them.

With that being said, Diamond black is an exhilarating suspense thriller that has a touch of romance between the two main characters. The storyline has been filled with vivid details and imagery that will definitely put the reader’s heart to action. Additionally, the research that Phil Bowie has done is exceptional. Combine this with his extensive background, the result is a detailed oriented novels that will offer the reader lots of valuable information.


Kllrs is the third installment in the John Hardin series. This book’s setting is in the Great Smoky Mountains. The storyline follows a young pilot and a beautiful American girlfriend as they come face to face with their once hidden past. A mysterious man emerges from Johns turbulent and dark past. This man is keen on acquiring the services of John, since his younger brother has been captured by a notorious motorcycle gang. But instead of following the normal procedure, this man threatens to expose John if he does not agree to look for his younger brother. As John begins his investigation, he is once again forced into action. He goes undercover, and tries to penetrate the gang. Due to the grave nature of the task at hand, he is forced to part ways with his girlfriend so as to keep her from danger. Upon penetrating the gang, he discovers, that the gang’s leader is using Clint as a research subject for stress and stress management. However, just before he accomplishes his mission, he discovers that the gang’s group of killers already have their eyes on him and are out for blood.

Just like all the previous installment, Kllrs is full of action right from the beginning to the very end. The plot is fast paced though it still contains some deep characterization especially when it comes to some of Johns friends. He is later forced to end his relationship with his girlfriend due to the impending danger and the influence that they have on him. All in all, Kllrs is an exciting book that will capture the reader’s attention right from the first page to the very last. If you are looking for a read that will keep you engaged from the beginning to the end then the John Hardin series is definitely something that you should definitely give a try.

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