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Phil Campion
Phil Campion is the author of Steve Range series, and two non-fiction books Stay Safe SAS-style and Born Fearless. He is a military operations veteran in just about every war-torn part of the world, both as an elite operator, a soldier in the regular Armed Forces, and as a mercenary. Besides writing, Campion continues to work as an operator on the private military circuit and lives with his wife Wendy and their children in Southampton.

Phil was given up for adoption when he was born. This resulted in him ending up with violent foster parents and was later sent to countless number of children homes. At 16 he quit school with no qualifications to his name and this forced him to enlist in the army. He joined the Royal Hampshires, and despite such a tough start in life, he went on to gain extraordinary achievements. He became one of the few British soldiers to pass both the Parachute Regiment and the Royal Marines Commando selection before diving in for the ultimate challenge of his life- in in the Special Air Service.

After serving with distinction in different cutting edge combat operations in the Special Air Service, Phil quit and began working for a private military circuit and become a gun for hire across the world. He worked his way through the ladder and commanded teams comprising of up to 100 private military operators around the globe. As a result of his experiences, Phil discovered a digital dog tag that has revolutionized medical care and personal security in danger zones. The author’s story is one of the greatest inspiration proving how the human spirit is capable of enduring against all the odds and achieve the best. His lessons learnt from the military elite have resonance for companies, businesses, and other organizations today. Phil is a highly sought after public speaker with so many fearsome and fascinating stories to educate, inspire and delight in equal measure.

Born Fearless: From SAS to Mercenary to Pirate Hunter

Born Fearless is a book that tells about the life story of Big Phil Campion, a man who is portrayed as all but invincible. He is truly a military veteran having served as a soldier in the regular military as well as in the elite British Special Forces and the Special Air Service and almost every war ton part of the world. He worked as a military operator as well as a mercenary. While still a writer, Phil remains involved in the private military circuit.

Born Fearless tells of the bitter and honest story about Phil from his difficult childhood and his journey into military operations. He informs the reader that he was abandoned at birth and his adoptive parents were abusive, and as a result he was taken and lived in different children homes.

He left schools as soon as he could, and without qualifications he joined the army. There is very little doubt that the author had not done this, Phil could have used his organizational skills, intellect and bravery to alternative use on the other side of the law.

Born Fearless is an accurate account of dangerous situations that feel drawn from a science fiction movie than real life. But there’s no doubt that a man who has served in dangerous war zones around the world and later worked in the private circuit would craft such situations just to get the readers attention- and to some extent there’s some truth in his writing which can be voted for by those with similar ranks as the author. The story also gives a little glimpse on how the SAS are trained and how they operate and also provides an excellent account on the life on the private circuit that the author joined after leaving the military forces.

Overall, Born Fearless is an intriguing account of a part of life that very few of us will ever witness, with humor, action and humanity. If you enjoy reading adventure or thriller genre novels, it’s highly recommended you read Born Fearless. In addition, for anyone who’s an avid follower of the international affairs and aware of the existence of private military operations in Afghanistan, Born Fearless is a gripping account of life on the private circuit by Phil Campion.

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