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Publication Order of Donovan Nash Books

Philip Donlay is an author of thriller novels best known for his Donovan Nash. He earned his pilot’s degree at the age of seventeen and was published in a national aviation magazine at the age of eighteen. His love for flying and writing has resulted in his successful careers as a pilot and novelist. His flights have taken him into over five continents. When not flying, he spends his time between San Juan and Minneapolis.

Category Five

Category Five is the debut book in a Donovan Nash series. The book introduces us to Dr. Lauren McKenna, who is a graduate and a scientist. She has been tracking hurricanes for many years now and works in the Defense Intelligence Agency, and his join involves observing the weather patterns globally.
Lauren lives in Bermuda and hopes to make her planned flight to Washington after her colleagues’ places weather equipment on top of a US Navy destroyer. The machine is heading to the eye of a hurricane, a storm which is developing at a very high speed.

After doing research and analysis with her computer, she finds out that the hurricane will be a massive storm that might cause a lot of damage in New York and New Jersey. Since the storm is moving to Bermuda, Lauren and her team drive to the airport, but unfortunately, her vehicle gets into a ditch turning the wheels up.

Donovan Nash, Lauren’s ex-lover two years back is on board with the Eco-jet given the task of replacing the air force plane tries to track the hurricane that is fast approaching. He comes to Lauren’s rescue from the car wreck where she almost drowned, but she is lucky to come out unharmed. Lauren is shocked to see him since they have not seen each other in a while. Donovan owns a private company and also a pilot and gives out contracts on environmental jobs. He gets a quick agreement to pick a team of scientists in Bermuda to rescue people from the approaching hurricane. This contract comes up after some vehicles of the scientists fail to reach the airport in time.

Donovan has lived a double life after he was announced dead and this made him change his name so that no one will quickly know it. He is a billionaire who faked his death and did not want people to know about it. Dr. Lauren leaves after the rescue since she doubts that he might have married after they parted ways and also she is keeping a secret of their daughter that he is not aware. When she arrives at the airport, she meets her boss to inform him on her secret concerning the research project named ‘Jonah’ which if put in the navy vessel.

Philip Donlay uses a background of a retired pilot to add authenticity to the plot making it a good action thriller.

Code Black

Code Black is the second book in a Donovan Nash series. The book opens up as Donovan, a man with a great secret of his past life, is on a flight on his way to Chicago to meet his fiancée. Only one week is remaining for them to do their wedding and he had gone home to buy a house as a gift to his wife on the wedding day. The first thing he sees after boarding the plane is a lady he knew in the past the days he was known as Robert Huntington.

Donovan faked his death because it was during his dark times in his life and he had no other option. He went for plastic surgery, which somehow helped him camouflage his former image, and he is now afraid that Audrey, the lady in the plane might identify him. He changes seats with someone seated on the coach to avoid her and make sure she does not recognize him.

A freak occurrence makes a military plane to change direction to his plane’s airspace due to a mid-air collision with another aircraft. Some part of the plane’s roof has been ripped off, and the plane has lost control with some passengers and some luggage dropping out from the flight. The remaining passenger’s fight for oxygen masks and Donovan manages to make way to the plane’s deck.

The co-pilot is already dead, and the captain is one of those ripped off, he begins flying the plane, but no equipment is functioning well. As Lauren is busy gathering information on what is happening on the air, from the officials, Donovan is trying to stabilize the damages airliner. Apart from the emergency that has caught him in the air; he has to face people from his past that once worked with him. At the same time, Lauren is asking for help from her close people with high positions in the government to get the plane and his lover to the ground safely. Will Donovan land the plane without telling the secret about his identity? Might there be some force at O’Hare having a mission against him?

After some while, she overhears a plan by the officials to crash the plane to ease a takeover of the airline. The information makes her realize that there is more danger waiting for Donovan than what she earlier thought. The people on the ground want to take advantage of the situation so that his plane can crash. Only his fiancée and some friends are ready to disobey the law to help him. Will they succeed in their plans?

The pacing of the book is good with many twists and turns and some suspense that keeps the reader turning pages. The author wrote the story in a detailed and descriptive manner giving the reader a chance to experience the situations happening but also the emotions and actions portrayed by the characters as the story unfolds.

There is tension building in the book, and the story is technical at times. The dialogue and descriptive scenes make the story more lively and exciting to read. Drama comes in as the disabled Donovan is trying to land a blizzard which has already shut down at O’Hare airport, Chicago. More scene happens at the airport as the people try to figure out what they will do next.

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