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Someone Else's Honeymoon (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not The Man I Thought He Was (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fred and Breakfast (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let's Not Be Friends (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
An (Un)Romantic Comedy (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love at First Site (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Ever Getting Back Together (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fixer Upper (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Phoebe MacLeod is an American author of chick-lit romance books. She resides in Kent with her partner, their grown-up children, and a somewhat unruly dog. Her deep affection for her home country is evident in her literary works, which are either set in Kent or intricately connected. She works as an IT consultant and dedicates her spare moments to writing. Throughout her life, she’s nurtured a hunger for acquiring new skills, from attending culinary courses to mastering the art of driving an HGV.

Phoebe is keenly interested in people and the tiny details of social interactions. On one occasion, she nearly found herself in trouble when a man in a shopping mall mistook her observant gaze for a lingering stare. In addition to indulging in a good book, she loves fine cuisine, wine, and the company of best friends. The ultimate delight, however, is when these three elements seamlessly converge.

First published in 2023, An (Un) Romantic Comedy is the tale of Poppy and her family’s journey to attend her babysitter’s wedding. We are introduced to a diverse array of characters. There is Andrew, the older brother, with his wife Zoe and their teenage children Sarah and Freddie—Rose, the older sister, along with her husband Steven and daughters Olivia and Evie. Then we have the parents and the groom’s family, including his younger brother Stuart.

From the outset, we learn that Poppy is a sex therapist specializing in the impact of sexual relationships on overall relationships. She excels in her profession, but her family is reluctant to reveal her job title to the new additions to the family during their gathering. Poppy is strictly instructed not to discuss her work on this family trip.

However, these instructions quickly go out the window within the first few hours of Poppy’s arrival at the family’s house. We witness Poppy engaging with her nieces and nephew, who willingly and reluctantly seek her out to discuss their sexual concerns. She also extends her expertise to other family members, dispelling misconceptions about her job and shedding light on the actual benefits of sex therapy. At the same time, Poppy meets Sam, a charming surfer, on the beach. With a bit of persuasion from his teenage daughter Jessie, Sam convinces Poppy to take surf lessons with him.

Poppy’s relationships with Sam and Jessie evolve as she improves her surfing skills. However, their budding connection is interrupted when Jessie has to return to her mother. With her sister’s approval, Poppy invites Sam to her sister’s wedding, an invitation he gladly accepts. Tragically, Sam never makes it to the wedding as Jessie is involved in a car accident, prompting him to rush to her side. Despite her distress, Poppy manages to have a decent time at the wedding, notably because her familial relationships have significantly improved over the past week. The story concludes in Poppy’s office with her surfer love interest, who is eager to discuss the possibility of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Poppy’s character is multifaceted and well-developed. She excels as a sex therapist, a profession her family struggles to comprehend and even deems embarrassing. The family dynamics are initially rocky and confrontational. Still, as the practical and insightful Poppy employs her skills to address various issues, such as masturbation, porn addiction, sexting consequences, and advice for virgin brides, the relationships within the family begin to heal.

At the story’s outset, Poppy is considered the outlier in her family, but by the end, her character undergoes a transformation, and the fractured relationships are primarily repaired. Though occasionally intricate, the plot remains comprehensible and flows smoothly, mirroring the chaotic nature of Poppy’s family. Romance takes a somewhat subtle role as Poppy encounters Sam, a surfer, and single father to Jessie. Their chemistry is hot, and they share a genuine connection. The story is light-hearted and enjoyable, with a balanced focus on family dynamics and romance.

Fans of authors like Emily Henry and Portia Macintosh are sure to embrace Phoebe Macleod’s An (Un) Romantic Comedy. It’s an engaging, uplifting, and highly entertaining romantic tale that is utterly irresistible, featuring characters who will evoke laughter and mischief. It combines sauciness with tender romance, ensuring readers remain captivated from the first page to the last.

Let’s Not Be Friends by Phoebe MacLeod tells a heartwarming story of second chances, redemption, and the path to recovery.

A successful event planner, Sophie finally faces her ultimate challenge: planning her wedding to the man of her dreams. After exchanging vows, the narrative fast-forwards four years into the future. We find Sophie with a new title, in a new home, and living a new life. This part of the story unveils the truth about life after the fairytale ending, as not all marriages culminate in a “happily ever after.” Instead, Sophie discovers her husband, James, in a compromising situation with the groomer on top of a haystack. Overwhelmed with despair and anger, Sophie turns to her mother-in-law for comfort, only to uncover the family’s accurate perception of her and what she could offer them in the long run.

In contrast to the typical breakup scenario seen in many books, Phoebe maintains the story’s authenticity. Sophie and James confront their issues, and Sophie initially offers James a chance to redeem himself as a loving and devoted husband. However, after four weeks and another heated argument, Sophie realizes she must reclaim her dignity and self-respect. This marks her second chance at the life she left behind four years ago. With the support of friends, family, and an unexpected encounter with a former boss, Sophie seizes the opportunity to apply the lessons she’s learned about herself, love, commitment, and community. She embarks on a journey to rebuild her life and become someone she knows she can be.

The story unfolds primarily in and around London, with half set outside the city and the other half on the estate where Sophie resides with her husband and his widowed mother. The estate is in disrepair and financially strained, making upkeep a challenge. The narration adopts a first-person perspective, contributing to the story’s swift pace.

Let’s Not Be Friends offers an inspiring tale for those who believe in the power of new beginnings. It encourages readers to trust their inner voice, value their self-worth, and never settle for less than they deserve.

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