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Phoebe Morgan is an award-winning and bestselling author and editor. She grew up in the Suffolk countryside and then went to Leeds University, where she graduated with a degree in English.

After working as a journalist for a bit, Morgan became an editor rising through the ranks to become HarperCollins’ Editorial Director. She is a specialist in thriller and commercial crime novels and has worked with many Kindle and Sunday Times bestselling authors such as Stacey Abrams, Abigail Dean, and Cara Hunter.

She published “The Doll House” her debut novel in 2017 and has become quite the author with more than half a dozen titles to her name. Her work has sold more than 225,000 copies over the years and has been translated into more than half a dozen novels including Croatian, French, Polish, Italian, and Norwegian.

The London-based author has also won several awards including the Trailblazer Award and The Bookseller Shooting Star Award. She has also written several short stories for the crime writing anthology “Afraid of the Light,” whose proceeds she contributed to charity.

She also blogs about writing and publishing on her personal blog.

As a child, Phoebe Morgan read a lot of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. She believes their amazing imaginations which got her into other worlds remain a huge inspiration to this day.

She is glad that as a child, her parents encouraged her to lead a lot which instilled in her a love for books. It also helped that her family did not have a television and so she spent most of her time reading.

In college, she decided to study English even though she also enjoyed art and history. Morgan believes her biggest inspiration growing up has to be her grade 8 teacher who showed her important it was to be creative. She also told her that she was gifted with a great imagination something that stuck with her even as she grew older.

Following graduation from college, she trained as a journalist and became a reporter working for a local paper. She then got into publishing, which is when she got into her groove and ended up becoming an editor.

Phoebe Morgan loves working with authors and helping them polish their manuscripts for publishing. She is usually involved in the entire process from the cover design to advertising and building author profiles.

Now that she has become an author, she has said that her editorial experience is a boon to her writing given that she can learn from other writers about how to do plotting and characterization.

Even though she was an editor, her journey to becoming an author was not so easy. She signed with an agent in 2014 and a few years later, she penned her debut novel “The Doll House.”

She then got an offer of representation from a notable agent who began submitting her work to publishing houses. After the obligatory rejections, the novel was finally published in 2017.

“The Doll House” by Phoebe Morgan is the story of Dominic and Corinne. The two are trying to get their first child and the ordeal leaves Corinne a nervous wreck. Things get creepy when pieces of her old dollhouse start to turn up all over the place.

Another interesting character is Ashley who has three kids Holy, Benji, and Lucy with her husband James. Ashley has a part-time job and one day a week helps out at the local cafe just to get out of the house. Her husband James has been spending a lot of time at work in recent months, even though they hardly need the money.

Whenever Ashley has to go to the cafe she gets some neighborhood lady to watch Holly. The latter lost her father recently and Ashley takes her along when her family is visiting her mother for a short holiday over the weekend.

It does seem that there are some bizarre happenings in her mother’s house with almost everyone acting very strangely. The novel switches back and forth between different characters as things get crazier and crazier.

Phoebe Morgan’s novel “The Babysitter” is the story of Maria a strong-willed and successful single woman who lives in one of the most beautiful villas in St Juliette. She has just invited Callum Dillion her TV executive husband and Emma their sixteen-year-old daughter to spend summer break with her.
Back in the United Kingdom, an unstable and needy woman named Caroline Harvey is found killed by some mysterious assailant in her house. She had then been babysitting Eve, the child of her friend Jenny. Her friend is also missing.

Everything had been fine until Callum is busted at the French villa by the police. He is charged as the lead suspect in the Caroline murder since he once upon a time had an affair with the woman. The news of the arrest and his affair comes as a shock to his sister-in-law, daughter, and wife.

He is deported to the United Kingdom where he is to be interrogated amid the scandal he had brought upon his family. His wife is also hiding some secrets of her own even though all she wants is to have a harmonious family.

Meanwhile, her daughter Emma has been an erratic mess and has been having emotional episodes that have made her latch onto Maria her doting aunt.

“The Girl Next Door” by Phoebe Morgan tells the story of Jane Goodwin the perfect mother and perfect wife. She is married to the local daughter and has a dream life living in a beautiful neighborhood with her husband and their three children.

When Clare a sixteen-year-old from next door is found killed in a nearby field, Jane will do anything to protect her family from the scaremongering and gossip that is sure to follow.

Jane is a fascinating woman who hardly ever deals with issues as she prefers to bury her head in the sand. But beneath the cool facade lies a very troubled woman.

There are many characters that make the suspects’ list, most of whom have motives but it is almost impossible to pick out the killer.

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