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Publication Order of Phoenix Club Books

Publication Order of The Phoenix Club: A New Generation Books

A New Beginning: A Prelude (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Phoenix Club: No More Victims Books

No More Victims (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Victims No More: Daddy Dearest Ep 1 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Victims No More: Daddy Dearest Ep 2 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Phoenix Club book series is a popular series of romance, erotica, contemporary, and LGBT romance stories. It is written by a well known American writer named A.M. Stead under the pen name of C.J. Bishop. The series is comprised of a total of 15 novels, all of which were released in 2014. Bishop has divided the entire series in the form of trilogies. There are in all five trilogies, each featuring a common set of primary characters and are separately known as Abel trilogy, Caleb trilogy, Angel trilogy, Maxwell trilogy, and Gabriel trilogy. Some of the important mentioned by Bishop in the series include Abel Sims, Savannah Sims, Devlin Grant, Horatio Kaplan, Caleb Dean, Brock Coulson, Samuel, Nick, Angel, Maddy, Wade, Gabriel, Cole, Quinton, Maxwell, Seth, Carl, Cochise, Clint, etc. Most of these characters are either depicted as members of a gay strip club called The Phoenix or its customers. Throughout the series, it is seen that those characters are indulging in homosexual relationships. They also face their fair share of heartbreaks, betrayals, emotional breakdowns, break-offs, etc.

The series gets its name from the gay club Phoenix, located in New York. All the boys of this club stay as a close-knit family. They are ready to go to any lengths for the betterment and care of the others. This series is widely popular among the fans of gay & lesbian romance. They have appreciated each and every character of this series and have loved every book with great enthusiasm. Numerous critics have applauded Bishop’s courage in coming up with such unique romance stories. They have praised his creation of wonderful characters, descriptions of the plots, unique storytelling, and exciting setups. Even his fellow authors have appreciated his efforts in writing such wonderful stories of LGBT romance, gay relationships, and M & M romance. Bishop has also been praised for completing all the 15 books in one go and releasing them simultaneously. All these factors have helped the series in becoming immensely successful. It also helped to increase the popularity of Bishop multiple folds.

The debut book of the Phoenix Club series written by author C.J. Bishop is entitled ‘Abel-1: It Can’t Be You’. It was released by the Rascal Hearts publication in 2014. This book features the primary characters in the roles of Abel Sims, Devlin Grant, Savannah Sims, and a few others. Initially, Abel Sims is introduced as a 19-year-old boy with a hot and sexy physique. The only family he has is in the form of his 16-year-old younger sister named Savannah. Abel Sims works as a gay stripper in The Phoenix, a strip club for gay and lesbian males. His reputation at the club is that of a favorite stripper of many customers. As Abel has come from the streets, he begins to consider The Phoenix as his home. The other males who work at the club become his family members. He considers the club as a safe haven.

Abel does not trust others and likes to keep himself glued to his work and family. One of his customers becomes overzealous and injures him badly. When Abel gets admitted to the ER, he comes across a handsome young doctor named Devlin Grant. He begins to develop feelings for the affectionate Devlin Grant. But, the instant attraction Abel feels for Devlin stirs up his past nightmares. As a result, he starts resisting new feelings. Later, when Savannah becomes sick and Abel brings him to the hospital, he encounters Devlin Grant again. This time, he is unable to avoid him and shows the willingness to cherish his feelings for him. But, just when Abel Sims makes up his mind to trust the new love of his life, he learns about a disturbing reality about Devlin Grant that is related to his nightmares and his past. This novel appears to be an emotionally charged, heart-wrenching, and sexy love story. It tends to break the heart of the readers, but also puts it back together soon after.

Another romantic novel of this series is known as ‘Caleb-1: When Worlds Collide’. It was also published in 2014. The central characters mentioned in this novel include Caleb Dean, Samuel, Brock Coulson, and others. Bishop has set the story in New York. The novel opens by introducing Caleb Dean as a 17-year-old boy, whose world is torn apart in just a few minutes due to a small mistake. Tragedy strikes him violent and sudden. Four years pass after that incident and Caleb Dean is still trying to figure out a way to undo the mistake of his past. In order to forget his tragic past, he agrees to go wherever his work takes him. Eventually, he arrives in New York and joins The Phoenix Club. In his very first performance as a stripper, Caleb stuns the whole crowd. His performance is also noticed by an aggressive defense lawyer named Brock Coulson. His secret lust for young strippers, especially males, attracts him towards Caleb Dean.

When Caleb learns that his brother has been incarcerated from a wrongful sentence and has been treated brutally behind the prison walls, he decides to do everything he can to ensure his brother’s release from prison. For this particular reason, he takes Brock Coulson’s offer when he asks him to spend nights with him in private. Caleb hopes to get Brock to defend his brother’s case in court and help him get out of prison. And he does everything Brock tells him to do. He even bears all types of sexual treatment at the hands of Brock Coulson. Caleb Dean’s plans get interrupted when he comes across Samuel. He has had a past relationship with Samuel and knows that he is highly passionate about him. So, Caleb tries to remain at a distance from Samuel. However, he succeeds is sweeping Caleb off his feet. When Samuel refuses to let him go, Caleb realizes that he has landed himself in a bad situation. He tries to look for ways to make Brock listen to his side of the story make him use his expertise to free his brother. This book was equally well-received as all the other novels of the series and went on to become successful. Its success helped to set the stage for the books that followed later in the series.

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