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Beautiful Prey 2 (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Beautiful Prey 4 (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Phoenix Daniels is a USA Today bestselling author that is best known for her paranormal romance and general romance fiction. She has made a reputation for herself as a writer that loves to write stories of crime, romance love, and a lot of sex.
Daniels has said that she began writing as a tribute to Jasmine her deceased daughter who died an untimely death and in that regard interrupted the completion of her debut novel.

The author penned “Beautiful Prey” her debut novel and the first of the “Storm” series of novels in 2014. She penned the novel to honor the memory of her daughter Jasmine. She now has more than twenty works to her name.
She has said that she has suffered the greatest of losses and lived a very eventful life. As such, her writing is about getting through it all as she appreciates her outlets and loves hard.

Phoenix is also a veteran of one of the biggest metropolitan police departments in the US, where she worked for nearly two decades. In this regard, she has done a lot of work in law enforcement and often infuses these experiences in her novels.

“Beautiful Prey” by Phoenix Daniels is a titillatingly good story of the romance between Victoria the undercover police officer and Jackson Storm the billionaire.

The former is a beautiful and very curvy woman that for many years had been working for the anti-prostitution task force of the metropolitan police department.

Victoria was a beautiful woman and just the type that would be able to steal and charm the billionaire businessman. Therefore Victoria becomes the object of his attention when some stalker begins killing prostitutes.
He becomes obsessed with Victoria since the man has not only been killing ladies of the night but has also recently turned to stalking Victoria.

He needed to keep his heart but finds that he is unsuccessful in the endeavor as the woman was all-consuming over his heat and his time.
This makes for an intriguing and interesting story full of suspense that also has a beautiful love story.

It is interesting how Jack turns from a hardcore playboy and a few weeks later he is love smitten with Victoria the Chicago police detective. He has come to realize that he cannot live without her and needs her more than ever.

Phoenix Daniels’ “Beautiful Prey 2” is the story of Natasha Walker and Gianni Storm. The latter is a playboy from Paris who is the owner of several nightclubs across Europe.

At the opening of the story, he is in Chicago to visit Jack his cousin. He had been shot while trying to rescue Victoria his wife from a kidnapper. The kidnapper had ultimately been shot by an undercover officer named Natasha who works with Victoria.

The two had met at the hospital where the former had gone to see how Jack was faring and it was there that they had crossed eyes with his sexy cousin. Once Gianni met the shy undercover police officer, he just knew that she was the woman he wanted in his life.

He went after her with a lot of determination but she will not just fall into his bed that easily. Due to her upbringing by her religious fanatic aunt and having to deal with a very painful secret, Natasha has issues with the opposite sex.
She believes her issues would make it impossible for her to keep any man for the long term. However, Ginna is not going to give up any time soon.

In recent times, Natasha has been pretending to be a prostitute so that she can take down a dangerous human trafficking and prostitution ring. But then she is caught in a dangerous situation and only Gianni can save her.

“Beautiful Prey 3” by Phoenix Daniels is the story of Victoria Storm who could not have been happier. She is with Jack Storm the man of her dreams and the mother of a little beautiful girl.
Meanwhile, Natasha and Gianni Storm are just about to welcome a new addition to the family. Things have been going very well with the Storm family until some unexpected enemy with vengeance on their mind threatens to destroy their peaceful existence. This provokes the extended family of Giannis to step in.

On the other hand is Luca Savelli, a hardcore alpha male who is known for being rough around the edges and a short-tempered cousin of Gianni Strom from Sicily. He is a brooding bad boy that never smiles but he just cannot keep a certain woman off of his mind.

Tammy is a beautiful stripper while Luca Savelli is a dangerous but gorgeous man and together they create an intense romance. But will it survive poor communication, misunderstandings, and murder attempts?

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