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Phoenix Pack Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Phoenix Pack Books

Phoenix Pack by Suzanne Wright
The Phoenix Pack is a series of fantasy/paranormal and The Mercury Pack series spinoff featuring hot and sexy alpha males and females who are sassy yet honorable. There are no damsels in distress here. All the females are sarcastic, smart, and strong. Suzanne Wright is a talented author whose sense of humor can be seen through her characters. The series, plenty of steamy bedroom episodes, romantic scenes that will leave glued from chapter to the next.
If you are looking for a romance series that will take you on an emotional roller-coaster, the Phoenix Pack series is an ideal choice. You can be guaranteed that you will not only fall in love with the characters, but you will be looking forward to the next book so that you can piece all the pieces to the story together. Read about the furry alphas, intruding females, and dramatic plots that will have you hooked to the end.

Feral Sins
This is the first book in the Phoenix pack series. We meet Taryn Warner; a wolf shifter caught up in a confusing situation. Her father has arranged her mating with a sick SOB, a task that she is not so keen to complete. However, it seems like the odds are not in her favor, and she may have to agree to her father’s deal.

Trey Coleman has not been keen to form alliances with other packs. However, his uncle wants to take over Trey territory, and the fact that the uncle has formed many partnerships gives him an advantage. To prevent his uncle from taking over, Trey wants to quickly make alliances to ensure that he is not outnumbered in battle. After giving the issue some thought, he figures that the easiest way to form strong alliances is by mating with a female with a dominant Alpha. The only problem is that mating with a female would mean that he is stuck with her, and is it is Trey does not want a mate. He doesn’t have the time or the energy to maintain a relationship. When Trey learns about Taryn’s dilemma, he offers a deal she cannot resist.
Trey asks Taryn to claim that she is his mate, falsely. By doing so, she will save herself from her forced arrangement. The two plan to go on with this false arrangement until the war is over. While their plan seems airtight, they both realize that they have gotten themselves in a situation that is more complicated than they think. Their mating instincts are proving hard to control, not to mention the fact that they cannot get enough of each other’s touch and company. It becomes clear that their inner wolves are only at rest when they are together. It does not help that they will have to keep on fighting this feeling for three months.

Want to read an exciting story featuring a possessive Alpha male, a humorous Alpha female, and a host of bitter in-laws? This is an ideal choice. Feral Sins also comes with steamy bedroom battles and graphic ménage scenes. There are pretty great quotes in there. The pace is intense, and you will have a hard time putting this book down.

Wicked Cravings
This is the second book in the Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright. The novel features Dante, a sexy, controlling but sweet Beta and Jaime, a playful wild child with a smart mouth to boot. Dante is a workaholic for sure, and he does not like to be distracted from his job to help others. He is also quite straightforward and a little obsessed about the rules. Despite all these shortcomings, he comes off as sweet, and there is no doubt that he has a good heart. Jaime, on the other hand, is wild. She knows what she wants, and when Jaime can’t find it all in her crush, she is ready to let him go. Beta and Jaime are the perfect definition of the odd couple.

Dante Garcea is the pack Beta, which means that he has little if any, time for a relationship. For the longest time, he has been ignoring Jaime Farrow’s flirtations even though she was besotted to him while she was a child. While he hungers for her, he has done little to show Jaime that her advances are welcome. Jaime, on the other hand, is growing tired of the situation. She figures that time has come to move over her serious crush for Dante. All Jaime needs is for Dante to allow her to move on.

As Jaime purposes of moving on, she stops flirting with Dante. Dante doesn’t like the idea that he doesn’t get Jaime’s attention anymore. He also discovers that Jaime is hiding something from the pack. This prompts him to do everything possible to uncover Jaime’s secret. Dante knows that the quickest way to do so is to break Jaime’s defenses. However, this does not work in his favor as he soon realizes that his cravings for Jaime intensify whenever he is around her. As the romance between these two intensifies, Dante finds about Jaime’s secret, and while other males in the pack try to alienate her, Dante stands by Jaime
Wicked Cravings also features Trey and Taryn from the first book. Here, you get to read about Taryn in labor and relationship with Trey. The drama in their lives continues, and the romance between the two is simply mind-blowing. You will also get to read more about Nick and Sanya. While there is not much detail about Nick and Sanya, the little you get will make you look forward to reading the third book in the series.
Wicked Cravings novel is a fast-paced story with loads of drama in between. A significant event that is sure to break happens towards the end of the book. The story is quite engaging, and you will have loads of fun getting to know all the characters in detail. The sad ending will also entice you to read the third copy in the Phoenix pack series.

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