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Phoenyx Slaughter is a romance fiction novelist who is best known for the “Iron Bulls MC” series of novels.

She published “Asunder” her debut novel and the first of the “Irons Bulls MC” series of novels in 2015. She now has at least half a dozen works of fiction to her name including a 2015 novella titled “Infatuation.”
Over the years, Slaughter has had many roles including roughneck wrangler, reader, and author. She has also become known for taboo stories, particularly anything filthy.

She is a huge lover of travel and is always looking for opportunities to meet new people with similar interests. She can sometimes be found on her social media profiles on Facebook, where she interacts with her fans.

“Asunder” by Phoenyx Slaughter tells the intriguing romance story of Dante, a thirty-four-year-old man, and Karina, an eighteen-year-old gorgeous beauty.

The former is a dangerous, dark, and older man who is an “Iron Bulls MC” Sergeant at Arms. For Dante, Karina was nothing more than an afternoon distraction to be forgotten soon thereafter.

He thinks he is too twisted and too old for someone as young as the beautiful eighteen-year-old. But now, he wants to own her and there is nothing he can do about it, even if she has the power to tear apart his MC.
Initially, Karina wanted to get with him just to get even with her ex-boyfriend. However, she now finds herself falling for the dirty-talking and raunchy biker, who is determined to protect her at all costs.

This is insta-lust rather than insta-love with a ton of smoking kinky and steamy scenes. Dante is a very protective alpha who does all manner of dirty and delicious things to Karina in addition to caring for and protecting her.
As a sergeant at arms in an illegal MC, he respects her as much as he can, even as he takes her in ways that will make you swoon.

Phoenyx Slaughter’s novel “Disconnect” is a fascinating addition to the “Iron Bulls MC” series.

The work starts where the first left off with Luck and Dante searching for Karina. It turns out that Karina has been abducted by Logan of the Iron Bulls MC who has been trying to explain to her the reason for cutting her out of his life.
The man had been her first love and she had given her innocence to him before he abandoned and left without a word of goodbye.

Logan has been acting crazy and he seems determined to tell Karina secrets that she has no interest in knowing, as they would just make her life more complicated.

But Logan has made a huge mistake kidnapping the girlfriend of his Sergeant at Arms and this has made Dante pissed. He will not rest until he takes out Logan and is sure that Karina his girl is safe and in his bed.
It is a fascinating work with more sexy and dirty times from one of the best alpha characters to ever walk the scene of an MC Romance fiction novel.

Dante’s love for his woman shines through as he is one of the most protective alpha males who intends to take away all her pain.

“Entwined” by Phoenyx Slaughter is an fascinating work that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and never lets go to the very last page.

Karina’s father is introduced at the end of the last novel and comes across as someone that Dante needs to protect her from. The man had never been a good father as all he does is disappoint and hurt his daughter.
The only family Karina needs is Dante, who loves, cares, and provides for her and supports her in making decisions for the future.

For the first time in her life, she has someone who makes her feel good, even as he performs some parental-type roles she never had, even if she craved it.

As a high school senior, she needs someone who will be proud of her hard work and good grades and who will ensure that she performs in school and has all her needs met, without having to worry about how she is going to get clothes and food.
Following the cliffhanger in the previous novel, this is a fitting follow-up as it is dark, dirty, filthy, and steamy, with just about enough storyline to hook you in.

Dante has no qualms about making sure Karina who is exploring her sexuality gets everything she needs.

It is a work full of connection and chemistry to keep you enthralled from the first page to the last.

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