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Pierre Lemaitre is a bestselling literary fiction author from France that is best known for his “Commandant Camille Verhoeven” series of novels.

Before she became a bestselling author, Lemaitre worked as a screenwriter, and even earlier than that, he was working as a teacher of literature. While he has come to be a prolific fiction author, he still loves to write screenplays from time to time.
The Paris-born author has made his name as one of the most popular contemporary roman noir authors writing in French.

He has had quite the unusual literary career as he founded a training agency, then started teaching French and American literature to librarians, before turning to the writing of thriller fiction.

Ever since he published “Travail Soigne” in 2006, he has become one of the most prolific authors. By the time he got France’s most prestigious literary award in the Goncourt in 2013, he had numerous other awards and at least seven books to his name.

Au Revoir la-Haut was a huge departure from what he had written before as he wrote an interesting story featuring two former Frenchy soldiers that had fought in the First World War. The two had managed to concoct a major scam using fictitious war memorials.

Even before Pierre Lemaitre had found a lot of success with his award-winning novel “Au revoir la-Haut,” he enthralled fans of the roman noir genre. He gained notoriety writing about detective Camille Verhoeven in his drama series.
For his crime fiction, he won more than eight prizes in literature including the 2009 Francophone Polar Prize and the 2010 European Polar Prize.

Lemaitre usually combines a visually stunning style with ingenious plots and often calls his chapters scenes, probably from his days as a screenwriter.

Over the years, his quirky writing habits have earned him praise and criticism in equal measure.

To add to his many accolades, Alex the bestselling thriller which he co-wrote was adapted into an American film. The film which was produced and directed by James B. Harris was made in Paris.

In addition to this, there has also been a graphic adaptation of “Au revoir la-Haut” that was released in France.

“Irene” by Pierre Lemaitre is the first of the Camille Verhoeven series of novels.

The lead in the work is Commandant Camille Verhoeven who comes with a bundle of quirks. He is a four feet eleven inches tall man who has to constantly deal with people’s reactions to his short stature.

But against all odds, Verhoeven has managed to snag a very beautiful woman who is now his wife. Once his wife gives birth to their child he believes his life would be complete.

His mother who is recently deceased was an artist who left him much of her art and now he is struggling with its management. Since he had once upon a time done a little bit of art, he uses these skills to sketch the faces of victims looking for clues.

While things at home could not be any better he is having strained relationships with his boss and his colleagues at work. In fact, it has been said that his fights with his boss often look like the fights of an old married couple.

He works with several quirky male assistants one who believes he was employed to keep him calm while the other is constantly sponging cigarettes, sticking friends with tabs, and stealing food.

Another is a handsome playboy while another is a huge man that never stops dieting. Soon after, they realize that there is someone giving out information on cases to journalists.

When a newspaper reporter becomes a major player, Verhoeven turns into some kind of celebrity akin to something like Sherlock Holmes or Professor Moriarty.

Perre Lemaitre’s novel “Alex” introduces thirty-one-year-old agency nurse Alex Prevost. She is a beautiful woman who always tries to do good for her society.

At the opening of the story, she has been kidnapped for unknown reasons and ends up being inhumanely tortured by her abductor.

Commandante Camille Verhoeven and the people who work for him are charged with locating Alex and rescuing her from a deranged kidnapper.

They have been given very scanty information on the identity of the abducted woman, and hence they do not know who she is and are even unsure if this is an abduction since there is only one witness to the whole thing.

Camille agrees to take on the case, even though he was initially very reluctant. According to the detective, it reminds him of the case in which Irene his wife was abducted.

She had been taken and ended up dead and Camile was yet to recover from the devastation and pain.
It is a brilliant story that grabs one by the collar right from the first page to the last.

“Rosy & John” by Pierre Lemaitre continues to follow the life and times of Brigade Criminelle’s Commander Camille Verhoeven.

Despite being only four feet eleven inches tall, he has the reputation and experience and is one of the best detectives in France.

At the opening of the story, a timed bomb explodes rocking Joseph-Merlin and leaving twenty-eight people injured, and despite all odds, no fatalities.

Still, it would have been even worse if the bomb had been detonated in the underground parking of the building.

Once the investigations into the incident begin in earnest, a man named Jean Garnier claims responsibility and presents himself to the police. He has too much information and details that the police have no choice but believe that he is saying the truth.

Jean also has incredible motivation since his mother has been remanded for killing his girlfriend. It does seem that the man and his mother have some potent, insane, and even bemusing secrets between them.

The authorities are not so sure of the proper way to handle Jean and find out where he has planted half a dozen other bombs. Do they play bad cop good cop or switch between the two?

The highest offices in the land have since gotten interested in the case and when anti-terrorist authorities come in they soon discover some shocking information.

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