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Publication Order of Pieter Vos Books

The House of Dolls (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wrong Girl (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Sister (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleep Baby Sleep (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

David Hewson began publishing his novels starring Pieter Vos in the year 2014, with the release of “The House of Dolls”. The series is set in Amsterdam, Holland.

Pieter Vos, who used to be a police detective; his daughter disappeared somewhere in the city of Amsterdam. He has a dog (who is named Sam) to keep him company.

His partner, Laura Bakker, seems to be different, but is actually pretty identical to Pieter. During their first case together, they develop a bond the more they dive into the case.

“The House of Dolls” is the first novel in the “Pieter Vos” series and was released in the year 2014. It has been three years since Pieter Vos’ daughter (named Anneliese Vos, age sixteen at the time) went missing under some mysterious circumstances. Pieter searches desperately for her, but turns up nothing, and it ends with him leaving the police force. He ends up living in a houseboat that is breaking down, located in a colorful neighborhood in Amsterdam called Jordaan.

He is wasting some time at a place called Rijksmuseum and is just looking at some doll’s house that may just be connected to the case. Laura Bakker (who is a misfit that is training to become a detective) comes to visit him. She has come to tell him that an important politician’s daughter, who is named Katja Prins, has gone missing and the way it happened is quite similar to how Anneliese went missing.

While he is in Bakker’s company, he is pulled right back into a detective’s life, one he thought that he had left behind. He hopes against all hope that somewhere there is a clue on Anneliese’s fate. He still blames himself for her going missing.

This is a fast paced novel that sheds some light on some touchy subjects that some would not like to think about but need to sometimes. Fans of the novel found Pieter to be an interesting character, and Laura proves an excellent foil to both his character and past. This is a breath taker of a novel that has both a clever detective and a more defective side kick. Some find this essential reading if you want to see just why Hewson is a superb writer.

“The Wrong Girl” is the second novel in the “Pieter Vos” series and was released in the year 2015. Amsterdam is about to burst with kids trying to see their hero (a bearded saint called Sinterklaas) and families are just enjoying the whole thing. There are a lot of police at the event, and they struggle to keep the crowds in check during one of the busiest days of the entire year.

Pieter Vos (who is now a Brigadier) is on duty with Laura Bakker (his young assistant) when the very first grenade goes off. Right when Sinterklaas is about to address the whole crowd, a terrorist attack hits the heart of this city. In the chaos of the event, a young girl (who is wearing a pink jacket) is taken.

The kid is not some daughter of an Amsterdam aristocrat, which is what the terrorists originally thought. She is only the daughter of a poor Georgian hooker, she is trapped in all of the vice that can be found in the Red Light District of Amsterdam and friendless. Security forces and the cops fight over the investigation, and the criminal’s scary demands are made clear.

Vos, who is fighting with state intelligence over turf, tries to solve the case that involves a conspiracy that stretches from brothels in the city all the way up to security services’ hierarchy. In the center of it all, is a girl (who is eight years old) that gets taken from her loving mother, then taken all over the place from different criminal lairs. All the while, her life hangs in the balance as Vos and Bakker try to find out the stunning truth that comes with her being taken. What is one immigrant child’s life worth against the bigger political game that is coming to light around them?

Here is a novel that keeps you turning the pages because you just have to find out what will happen next in the story. It pulls some readers in right from the first page and does not let go at all. Fans of the novel find these are strong characters that provoke all kinds of emotions in the reader throughout. The novel has a brilliant and complicated plot to it with many red herrings and villains, that can be found on either side of the law.

“Little Sister” is the third novel in the “Pieter Vos” series and was released in the year 2016. Mia and Kim Timmers were just ten years old when they got accused of killing the other members of their family and The Cupids’ (a very popular band) lead singer. It seemed like a bunch of irrefutable evidence back then, and both sisters (who have spent a decade in one of the Marken institutions) are about to get their release.

Pieter Vos finally has some cause to reopen their case when not only do the girls go missing, but so does the nurse that was supposed to get them to their half way house. As the police continue their investigation, it quickly becomes clear that there is more here than visible at the surface at Marken. Senior members of the staff are panicking about certain secrets coming out.

De Groot (who is Vos’ boss) seems to have something to keep to himself, something that pertains to the case. The nurse’s body turns up on the beach at Marken. Things take another turn when different Cupid band members are implicated in the killings. It looks like somebody is pretending to be one of Mia and Kim’s sister (who was named Little Jo) who has been dead, like the rest of the Timmers family. Who is this girl? Is a cover up happening at a top level so that people in power will be protected?

Fans of the novel find this to be a good series, and this one in particular was something of a page turner. The novel allows the reader to work things out, right along side Vos. Some readers found themselves wondering just what Vos and Bakker will do next and how Hewson can follow these last three strong novels up.

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