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Publication Order of Pine Creek Highlanders Books

Charming the Highlander (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Loving the Highlander (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wedding the Highlander (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempting the Highlander (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Only With a Highlander (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Highlander (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Highlander Christmas (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Highlander for the Holidays (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Pine Creek Highlander is a series of romance books written by an American author of romance and fantasy novels Janet Chapman. The series follows a Scottish Highlander who is displaced in time into present Maine. Can two people from different timeline find true love? Janet Chapman began Pine Creek Highlander series in 2003 with Charming the Highlander. The series does not need to be read in order as each novel can be read as a standalone.
Charming the Highlander was a RITA Award nominee by Romance Writers of America for First Book in 2004.

Charming the Highlander

In the focal point of battle in A.D. 1200, Scottish Lord Greylen MacKeage, his adversary Michael MacBain and a number of their warriors find themselves taken 800years into the future by a druid so that they can fulfill a prophecy.

Four years later and in the modern day, we meet Grace Sutter heading back home in the mountains of Maine to fulfill her beloved sister’s dying wish. She is traveling with the baby her sister gave birth to a day before dying. The baby’s dad, Michael MacBain knows nothing of the baby’s existence. Before revealing to Michael about his son, she must Grace must first understand why Michael told such an ornate tale of time travel to her sister and also satisfy herself as to his mental state. However, when Grace’s flight crashes in the midst of a cataclysmic ice storm, Grace must put her trust in Grey if she and the baby’s needs to get out of the mountains alive.

Charming the Highlander, the first book in Janet Chapman series is a beautiful read. The storyline features some touching scenes and the death of Grace’s sister Mary, and the care of Mary’s baby is dealt with in a very positive way for the most part. The characterization is beautifully done. Grey is a wonderful hero in every way. The scenes following Grace’s crash and Grey’s efforts to doing everything possible to save Grace and the baby in the most troubling of circumstances prove that he is a character to be trusted. On the other hand, Grace is a magnificent heroine. She is a 21st-century rocket scientist; she is intelligent. You will enjoy how she pushes the male characters around.

Loving the Highlander

Loving the Highlander is the second book in a series of books about 12th-century warriors who have been sent forward 800 years into the future. It is only eight years since it all happened, and Morgan is not comfortable living in this era and still believes that his sword is still his best friend. Then there is Sadie who lost her sister in a house fire eight years ago, and her father died three years ago from health complications caused by the smoke from the fire that killed her sister and Sadie herself still has major scars from the fire as well.

Sadie Quill is in her late twenty’s and full of guilt- she bears the scars from the fire that she believes she is responsible for, fire that killed her sister and also weakened her father. After the death of her father, Saddie wants to fulfill her lifelong dream of locating the campsite and the gold of Jedidiah Plum, an old explorer from the early 20th century. She also wants to create a national park in the area as a tribute to her sister and father. However, before that, she needs to find the gold since her boss Eric thinks that the gold will help her finance the park.

Sadie’s dreams collide with Morgan, Grey’s brother. Morgan MacKeage has had most difficult time adapting to the 21st-century life especially after sending 800 years into the future from the 12 century. Daar brought Grey forward in time to meet his mate, and their 7th daughter (Winter) would grow up to become Daar’s replacement, but only if Daar could get Grey to where Grace was in both place and time. Unfortunately, Daar’s magic fails and Grey together with his brother and cousins and six enemies, the MacBain’s are sent 800 years into the future. However, now only four MacKeages remain, and one McBain remains. Yet, Morgan has had the most challenging time giving up his warrior ways and becoming a “modern man.” He is no keen on modern ways or modern women, and so he becomes a recluse in the forest.
Daar comes across the lonely Morgan and shows him through his magic staff that a woman is coming but also a dark evil. The dark evil has been in the valley for ages since Jedediah was killed and so he gives Morgan one blur from his magic staff to protect him and the coming woman.

Morgan crosses paths with Sadie by accident one day when she is out taking photographs and surveying. Sadie comes across a handsome, naked man and starts taking his pictures. However, without warning, Morgan catches up with her and teaches her some bits of a lesson. However, several days later, Morgan once again meets Sadie face to face when she is his blind date. Morgan had promised his friend Callum that he would go on a double date with Callum and his new lover who also happens to be Sadie’s mother.

However, this time when they meet, sparks fly almost instantly- both anger and chemistry. This time around Morgan is determined to her his, and so he pursues her on the next trip into the woods. Will Morgan finally make Sadie his woman? Moreover, can Sadie, a woman who believes herself to be ugly due to the burns sustained in the fire that killed her father and sister finally accept a man who has come far to love her? Loving the Highlander is a more engaging novel than the first in the series.

Morgan is a deliciously sexy 12th-century warrior. He is used to getting what he wants in his own ways but also tries to be loving and giving. On the other hand, Sadie gives good as she takes which fascinates Morgan. He is not concerned with Sadie’s scars, and he only sees her beauty both from the inward and outward. Moreover, throughout the story we see them bend hard enough to find the perfect place in which they can build a relationship.

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