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Chase The Dark is a Soul Eater Series side story. It can be read as a stand-alone at any time during the series.

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Wings of Hope is a prequel to the series.

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Pippa DaCosta is a bestselling British author best known for her ‘Veil’ series. Though, readers might also know her for the ‘Soul Eater’ books, a series of novels she wrote under the P DaCosta pseudonym.


Pippa DaCosta was born in 1979 in Toribridge, Kent. Her family eventually moved to West England. It was there that she spent most of her childhood, and there isn’t a better environment for a fantasy author to grow up, what with the dramatic moorlands and coastlands of Devon and Cornwall.

Pippa was always fascinated with her ancestry which dipped into Gypsy angst and Jewish tradition. Pippa’s knowledge of her family tree is a little patchy, though she has used what she knows in her literary efforts. Pippa’s mother died when she was sixteen. She lost her father to cancer years later, and she admits to regretting not asking enough questions about her ancestry.

But, as an author of fantasy and science fiction, the real world doesn’t feature so prominently in Pippa DaCosta’s work. So she rarely finds the need to dig into her roots to produce fiction.

Pippa is a happily married woman with two children. Her hobbies include photography and archery.

+Literary Career

Pippa was telling stories as soon as she could think. If her toys could talk, they would reminisce about all the insane stories she made up for them while she was playing. Pippa’s childhood stories were always so dramatic. She wasn’t content to simply have tea with her bears and dolls. There was always something more epic going on behind the scenes.

One assumes that Pippa’s penchant for telling stories was driven by her love for reading. Because she always had a thing for somewhat dark and moody literature, it might come as a surprise for some people to learn that Pippa’s favorite book as a child was ‘The Last Unicorn’.

Then again, that particular book, though appropriate for children, had a tendency to go against conventions by exploring the story of a unicorn which learns that her kind is basically extinct and then undertakes a quest to find other unicorns.

The book informed Pippa’s sensibilities because she was always looking to tell stories that broke tropes and turned archetypes on their heads. When Pippa wasn’t reading about despairing unicorns, she was delving into Stephen King’s bibliography.

Her reading history was peppered with comic books, specifically X-Men books which ignited her love for the science fiction genre. Pippa loved reading about strong female characters living astounding lives in mind bending universes.

As Pippa DaCosta matured into an intelligent teen, she began writing seriously. Her friends were her first beta readers and she took great pleasure in inundating them with notepads filled with her stories.

Even though it looked like Pippa DaCosta was made for writing and publishing, her journey to publishing success wasn’t straight forward—it never is.

Pippa found a job in marketing and her work with an overseas property development firm kept her busy throughout her twenties, so much so that she pretty much shelved any writing dreams she harbored.

The birth of her two girls changed everything. Pippa left her job behind to raise her kids. It wasn’t an easy decision but Pippa came to appreciate the change because she was suddenly afforded the opportunity she had been looking for to get her writing done.

Pippa found that while her kids were at school, she had plenty of time to write. And even after picking the girls up from school, there were pockets in the evenings that afforded her the time to write.

Pippa’s life seemed to transform overnight. She went from marketing to publishing and actually found success. While many an author goes into indie publishing because traditional publishers refuse to work with them, Pippa DaCosta decided to self-publish as part of her strategy to get a traditional publisher.

Her books quickly garnered a following; as she had planned, once traditional publishers saw the strength of her brand as an author, they scooped her up and began to publish her works. The change from indie publishing to traditional publishing wasn’t easy.

Pippa DaCosta had grown to love the control Indie Publishing gave her. She loved being able to choose her own editors and her cover art. But she couldn’t deny the benefits that traditional publishers brought to the table. She eventually overcame her inner control freak and began working as a traditionally published author, though she has since found that she is more than capable of straddling both indie publishing and traditional publishing.

Pippa writes every day. She might have a family that demands her attention but, as a full-time writer, she never takes time off. The author treats her literary profession as a business and she gives it the dedication it deserves.

As far as Pippa is concerned, aspiring authors today have no excuse for not getting their stories out the masses. With indie publishing having grown so exponentially, anyone can write a book and get it published. Pippa always encourages her fans to follow their publishing dreams like she did.

And when they do take that step of writing and experimenting with indie publishing, Pippa DaCosta encourages them to invest in professional editors. Pippa believes that the self-publishing field wouldn’t have such a terrible reputation if every indie author took the time to invest in a professional editor.

+City of Fae

The Fae have emerged. No longer content to remain on the fringes of society, these creatures now live amongst humans. However, there are rules that regulate Fae\human interactions. Fae are not to be touched by humans.

A human that touches a fae will have part of their essence taken. The process, which sustains the fae, leaves the human bespelled. The results can prove dangerous, especially if the fae becomes addicted.

Alina is a human that touches a rock star fae, changing her life forever. As the pair struggles with the passion burning between them, Alina learns of a great war on the horizon, a battle being led by the fae High Queen who intends to claim the city of London for herself and her people unless the last of the ancient keepers can stop her.

+City of Shadows

Alina doesn’t want to live a life spent feeding on the energy of humans. She might be the creation of a fae Queen, but Alina wants a life of her own. With a man to save and a missing sister to find, Alina infiltrates fae hierarchy with the intention of getting close to their strongest warrior.

The decision puts Alina in a precarious situation. She struggles to keep the plight of the man who saved her at the forefront of her mind even as the touch of another stirs her human feelings.

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