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Publication Order of Pirate Hunters Books

The Pirate Hunters (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The American writer of science-fiction and fantasy novels Brian Kelleher aka Mack Maloney is a hugely popular author of genre fiction. Knowing his market he has made an extremely successful career off of writing very well paced and creative novels that transport the reader to distant worlds and far off lands. Producing a number of series and franchises over the years he has built a variety of different long-running narrative arcs and stories. Set on the ocean waves one series of his stands out in particular, and that is his ongoing series of ‘Pirate Hunters’ novels. Following the exploits of ‘Team Whiskey’ it see the crew of ex-vets and army cadets travel the seas in search of modern day pirates. With tales of derring do and action packed excitement, the series sees them go from the coasts of Somalia into the Caribbean as well, as there’s nothing they wont do to ensure that justice prevails.

Running for over three books in total these titles were novels very much of their genre, something which they achieved to great effect. The name of Mack Maloney has been vastly successful at bringing out a series of high-concept premises and these books are no exception. Providing excitement and adventure they manage to provide all the tropes of the seafaring novel in a modern and exhilarating context for readers young and old.

The Pirate Hunters

Originally published in 2010 on the 22nd of April, this was first released through the ‘Forge Books’ publishing label. Setting up the ‘Pirate Hunters’ franchise it worked at establishing a lot of the action that was going to follow in the forthcoming series. It also managed to introduce many of the characters for the first time as well, bringing in their arcs and narratives for the first time too.

Falling firmly into the action genre mold, this manages to fill its pages with both action and excitement set on the open seas. Utilizing many of the themes, ideas and tropes that Maloney has now become famous for, it’s a definite must for fans of his work. With a strong leading protagonist taking charge it sees Phil Nolan, or ‘Snake’, take a series of decisive steps to ensure that justice prevails. Showing a clear eye for its setting as well, it is a story that is lead just as much by its location as it is its characters. Set in Somalia it manages to make the most of its setting, giving the reader an idea of the vast expanse of the ocean. This being a seafaring based novel, it’s one of the most important elements of the novel, and it provides a great backdrop for the events to unfold on. The characters themselves are also extremely well drawn, with the interplay between them being very well observed. With the character of Zek Kurjan as the main pirate it sees him acting as the perfect foil for the rest of the cast. Then there’s Phil ‘Snake’ Nolan who’s leading the story, as he takes charge of the pirate hunters to help save the day.

Setting out to terrorize the coast of Somalia, the notorious pirate Zeke Kurjan is out to take down a cruise ship with his crew, all armed with AK-47s. He may have done this sort of thing before, but this time is different, as now he has ‘Team Whiskey’ on his tail, lead by none other than ex-Delta Force vet Phil ‘Snake’ Nolan. Will they complete their mission and attack the cruise ship? Who will emerge victorious? What will become of the pirate hunters?

Operation Caribe

Brought out once again through the ‘Forge Books’ publishing house, this was the ideal follow up to the first novel. Carrying on from where the last left off it provides another adventure for the intrepid band of pirate hunters as they take to the seas once more. Initially released on the 1st of February in 2011, this came out not long after the release of the first debut novel, as it continued in much the same vein as before.

With his trademark themes and ideas, along with his gift for suspense filled action, Maloney returns again to provide fun filled adventure. The story is already well underway this time so there’s no need to go into the backstory of the characters, thus allowing the main story itself to start straight away. Knowing exactly what he wants to do and precisely how he is going to get there, Maloney leads the story with all his usual flourish. This time heading to the Bahamas, it takes place on the waves of the Caribbean ocean, with the sea being prominent once again. It’s location is once again used to full effect, as Maloney uses the rich and jet-set setting to juxtapose the crimes and piracy against. Knowing exactly what he is doing, he uses it almost as a character in of itself to highlight and underpin the ongoing action. With the return of Team Whiskey once more too, along with Phil Nolan, also known as the ‘Snake’, it appears that it is business as usual for this next installment.

As terror is stalking the seas once again it seems that this time it’s the Bahamas that need the help of ‘Team Whiskey’. Targeting rich and vulnerable tourists, a group is ransacking boats leaving no clues behind as to who they are or where they come from. Then, adding to that, a coast guard boar is found empty with all its officers murdered, and it’s up to Team Whiskey to step in and save the day. Will they be able to find the pirates? Can they put a stop to the killings? What will become of Operation Caribe?

The Pirate Hunters Series

A great series that’s ideal for any fans of the genre, as it manages to provide everything that the audience is looking for and more. Combing the open waves and the freedom of the ocean it fulfills its promise of action and adventure, with tales of derring do. Whilst it may be set in a modern context, it follows all the conventions of the classics, thus ensuring that it will remain timeless in of itself for many years to come.

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