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Pirates of Felicity Books In Order

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Publication Order of Pirates of Felicity Books

Pirates of Felicity (Series by Kelly St. Clare)
Author Kelly St. Clare writes the “Pirates of Felicity” series of young adult fantasy novels. The series began publication in the year 2018, when “Immortal Plunder” was released.

Follow Ebba Viva, who is a dreadlocked and dark skinned pirate, and her six dads on a journey to save their realm. Their simple life of sailing across the open seas becomes a battle against an ancient evil force. Fate comes barreling in and turns these pirates’ lives upside down and even throws a sweet Prince and silver-eyed scallywag of a pirate in for good measure.

Selkie’s Cove in “Immortal Plunder” is a tinier version of the real life Sealers Cove, which is a breathtaking and remote bay in Wilson’s Promontory. Kelly and her husband hiked there twice when she was living in Australia. The magical feel and isolation of this cove stuck in her brain.

For “Stolen Princess”, Kelly incorporated Maori (New Zealand indigenous) culture and mythology. She is Maori herself, and had a ton of fun diving into the traditions and language for this story.

“Immortal Plunder” is the first novel in the “Pirates of Felicity” series and was released in the year 2018. There are three kinds of people in the Exosian Realm: females, males, and pirates. Ebba Viva Fairisles is a pirate. One that has six overprotective dads for a crew. And if Ebba’s telling the full truth, not only the pirate truth, having so many dads is working out pretty well for her thus far.

When Ebba gets caught eavesdropping on the pirates of Malice, they retaliate with violence, and her dads become hellbent on revenge. However simple payback escalates into shattering misfortune.

Unexplainable magical happenings and some impossible creatures propel Ebba toward a fate that is much darker than stealing plunder. One horrible beast drags forth some terrible truths about her dads’ pasts which call her whole life into question. Now, her sheltered upbringing is swelling into a furious storm which she must, for the very first time in seventeen years, navigate without the help of her crew.

One intense russet-haired landlubber looks to help her out. A savvy silver-eyed Malice pirate tries hindering her. However the further she drifts, the more she starts to wonder, is she helping or hindering herself? Can she stand on her own two feet in order to claim victory? And if so, what is that victory going to cost her?

Kelly delivers a novel packed full of action and humor, and does a great job of hooking you. There is some excellent storytelling her and is quite the page turner.

“Stolen Princess” is the second novel in the “Pirates of Felicity” series and was released in the year 2018. Certainty is slipping through her fingers like pirates’ gold.

After escaping to their secret sanctuary, she is haunted by the guilt from her choice. And the close call with Malice left her with more than just doubt, she now harbors a magical fugitive. When Cosmo tells of a darkness spreading from his wound, their crew must brave being captured by their enemies in order to cure him. However will saving his life leave her in fragments?

Answers to questions that Ebba would rather ignore are forced brutally into the light. An ancient and tribal magic squeezes from every side, leaving a treacherous path that Ebba must walk beside the rest of her crew. Except, for the first time in her life, she would much rather walk it alone.

Secrecy is getting to be too much like normalcy. Normalcy has gotten to be too much to bear. What’s going to be left when all’s undone and she is left in tatters?

It’s great to see how Ebba came to be with her six dads, and after getting to know her in the first book, you can just enjoy her here in this follow up installment. She is funny and refreshing in her mindset.

“Pillars of Six” is the third novel in the “Pirates of Felicity” series and was released in the year 2018. Darkness is crashing over the angry sea.

After the bloody skirmish on Pleo, Ebba’s future is just a jumbled mess. However she is more concerned with the questions that are washing ashore: How can the pirates she has known her entire life now be strangers? How can they possibly let previous horrors rule them, after eighteen years? And how is she bound to all this magical madness?

Chaos swirls, getting stronger with each day, and she is about to learn why. Cosmo is determined to solve all of their problems the one way he knows how: the landlubber way. The rest of her crew waver between the urge to survive and duty. However when she is taken prisoner by the Malice’s captain, she learns at last what is lurking in the deep.

Pretense gets washed away with the raging sea. Darkness takes root, and unwanted truth is just as inevitable as the rising sun. There is a battle brewing around Ebba, and so is her reason to join in the fight.

“Dynami’s Wrath” is the fourth novel in the “Pirates of Felicity” series and was released in the year 2018. Oily taint suffocates the entire realm.

Experiencing the taint firsthand is what got Ebba to join a rather impossible fight to save what is left of the realm. She can barely do otherwise with the light show that happens every time she touches Jagger and Caspian. However there is a single problem. Saving this realm means going off on a quest into the Dynami Sea, which is a place that no pirate goes into since no pirate is ever able to leave.

Her dads are determined to save their new landlubber guests on Zol, whose very souls depend on their own success. Jagger is set on isolating himself in her crow’s nest. And the one time Caspian smiles now is whenever he looks Ebba’s way.

As for Ebba? She only wants to secure the last three pieces of the weapon, and possibly figure out what this kissing business is all about.

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