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Pittsburgh Titans Books In Order

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Publication Order of Pittsburgh Titans Books

Sawyer Bennett is a successful American author. The best-selling writer has been featured in top-selling charts for publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and USA Today.

Sawyer likes to write stories that are relatable and uses experiences derived from her own life to come up with stories that readers of all ages and walks of life can relate to. The author writes in many genres, from contemporary romance to fantasy romance to women’s fiction and general fiction. Whether you’re looking for something fun to read or just switching things up from your usual reading list, Sawyer has something for you!

Sawyer is a resident of North Carolina and previously worked as a trial lawyer before deciding to write on a full-time basis. It is a satisfying process to her to have the fiction in her head be brought to life on the page. She is often busy writing but also is sure to carve out time to spend with her daughter. Sawyer serves as a chef, stylist, maid, personal assistant, mother and so much more to her adorable daughter, and serves a similar role with the naughty dogs that she owns.

Sawyer Bennett is the creator and the author of the Pittsburg Titans series of fictional novels. The perfect blend of sports and romance, this is a great series to check out if you’re looking for something new to try. The series first got started with the publication of the debut novel in 2022, Baden. Each book title is the name of the male protagonist of that story. It was quickly followed by the second novel, Stone, the third novel, Gage, the fourth novel, Coen, the fifth novel, Drake, the sixth novel, Cannon, the seventh novel, Hendrix, the eight novel, Camden, and the ninth novel, Bain.

Baden is the first book in the Pittsburgh Titans by Sawyer Bennett. If you have been looking for a new romance to enjoy, give this debut in the series a try and see what you think!

Baden Oulett went through a horrible injury, and that isn’t the worst part. It could end up being the big injury that draws his career to a close. Then again, he might just be about to discover that starting over again might be just what the doctor ordered.

Baden has had just one dream his whole life, and that is to play hockey professionally. He went after this dream and worked for his entire life just to achieve that one goal. All of that hard work paid off as he found himself on the ice living his dream in real time. He became part of the Arizona Vengeance team, a good group that was the defending Cup champion. Then one thing changed it all for him.

Now Baden isn’t putting on his skates and going out onto the ice. He’s spending his days working to get better in rehab and physical therapy, doing what he can so he can walk again. He wants to get back on the ice. Then he has another route to consider as he is offered the chance to coach with the Pittsburgh Titans. It’s something that could be good with his injury. If he can’t go back to playing, he can at least keep being part of the sport that he loves so much.

Baden is going through some physical injuries that are obvious, but the woman that he rescued has wounds of a different kind. Sophie Winters has injuries that are invisible, and she has withdrawn from the world in guilt and fear. Before that night they met, Baden had never known Sophie. Since then, he has only met her once, but he refuses to let this beautiful woman deal with her demons alone.

Baden wants to be a friend to Sophie and supports her the only way that the hockey player knows how to, by being there. They have both have trauma, but they each find that being with another person helps and they start to find peace. The two grow closer and are good friends, but then that friendship starts evolving into something more intimate until they come together as one.

The only thing that remains to be seen is whether love that has come out of pain can stand the test of time, or whether what they have both been through and continue to go through is too much and will sink the relationship. Can Sophie and Baden make it? Or will their trauma mean that they stand no chance at all? Read this book to find out!

Stone is the second book in the Pittsburgh Titans by Sawyer Bennett. If you liked the first book in the series, check this one out too!

Stone Dumelin was a hockey player in the minor leagues when he gets the phone call he’s always dreaded. His younger brother has died as a result of the team plane he was traveling on went down. He was even more surprised when he got another phone call after.

Stone obtained a shoulder injury that ended his NHL career. He had since gotten used to the thought that he’d always be minor league. His career was declining the same time his estranged brother’s was picking up, playing as a first line left winger for the Titans. That career ended with the plane crash, but Stone is now getting an odd chance to shine as a result.

Now Stone’s playing for the Titans in Pittsburgh, but it’s like he’s seeing his brother everywhere. His locker. His legacy. The attorney he had that won’t stop reaching out about his estate despite his multiple demands that she leave him alone. Harlow Alston is gorgeous, but she’s also irritating to Stone.

But the more he gets to speak with her, he realizes that he’s not annoyed by her. He’s attracted to her. The redhead intrigues him, from her tenacity to her unique personality. The more he learns about her, the more he understands she might be how he can understand his brother more and find who he wants to be as well. He’s got another chance at hockey and maybe love– can he make the most of it? Read this book to find out!

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