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Playful Brides Books In Order

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Publication Order of Playful Brides Books

The Unexpected Duchess (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Accidental Countess (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unlikely Lady (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Irresistible Rogue (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unforgettable Hero (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Untamed Earl (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Legendary Lord (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Trust a Pirate (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Right Kind of Rogue (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Duke Like No Other (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss Me at Christmas (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mr. Hunt, I Presume (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Other Duke But You (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Valerie Bowman is an accomplished author who is known for the playful bride series and the secret bride series. Her very first work was published in the year 2012. Ever since her first novel was published, her works have been appearing from Booklist, Kirkus and Publisher’s weekly. Bowman was nominated by the RT Reviewer’s choice for the Best Historical Romance Love and Laughter and the Best First Historical Romance. Two of her works were nominated for the Kirkus Prize for Fiction. Valerie was born and raised in Illinois, together with her six sisters. While growing up she had access to a great supply of Historical romance novels.

After completing her University education and receiving her Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, Bowman moved to Florida. Currently, Bowman lives in Jacksonville together with her family. During her free time, Valerie likes to read, travel and watch TV.

Unlikely Lady

The third book in the Playful Bride is the Unlikely Lady. In this book we are introduced to one Jane Lowdes who is a bluestocking. She believes that her parents demand for her to marry will eventually fade away because she believes there is no man who is interested in a bluestocking. This book gives the reader Jane and Garret’s story. Jane and Garrett are indeed very important characters in this series and their ever contentious relationship has offered lots of entertainment. However, it is high time Jane and Garret realise that they have been so blind to the possibility of true love which has always been right in front of them.

Jane is always exceedingly happy when she is left alone reading a book and the thought of getting married does not seem right for her. She does not want her freedom taken away from her. Jane Lowdes is not a big fan of men especially Jarret whom she loathes too much. Despite hating men and relationships, Jane is still very witty and intelligent. On the other hand Garret is a dream hero. Despite being a former soldier, war still haunts him whenever he goes. He not only has a good heart but he is also very compassionate and admirable. Garret’s and Jane’s relationship has been full of bickering and witty sniping. It is exceedingly fun to read and they are matched in terms of wit which makes the whole story lively.

Both of them have a perception of each other which is always off the mark. However, it turns out that both of them do not really understand or know each other that well. As the story continues, the get to know each other well. As they started to know each other, they not only softened but also opened up more to each other. The Unlikely Lady is unquestionably a great addition to the Playful Bride series. Jane and Garret make a great couple. This instalment is not only fun to read but also complete with an impeccably dislikeable villainess.

Irresistible Rogue

Once more, the author treats the readers with her playful brides, women who not only have plans but also know their minds. However, in this case, the plan is a little bit skewed. Daphne Swift has a great plan. Her plan is to marry the magnificent Lord Fitzwell. Daphne is not asking for a life that is full of excitement, however, those days are long gone. Swift wants an exceedingly simple life, a life of friends and family. However, she has one little thing that she has to care off, get her current marriage annulled. Many years ago, she got married to one Rafe Cavendish because this was the only way that her older brother was going to give her the permission to travel with Rafe.

At that time, getting married appeared like the right thing to do. A little annulment was all she needed but Rafe was refusing to corporate. Captain Rafferty tied the knot with Daphne so as to complete a mission. This was the only way he was going to and once again, he needs her but all Daphne wants is annulment. Captain Rafe promises Daphne that if she agrees to one more mission, he would let her go. It is only old passions that ignite and Captain Rafe is not sure that letting go is the best decision for both of them. Daphne is a wonderful character and any reader will unquestionably fall in love with her. The pace of the book is perfect and the connection between the characters is almost immediate.

The Accidental Countess

Captain Rafe is ready to die and as a matter of fact Swift is expected to die. It has taken him more than seven years to accomplish what his own father had expected him to. Penelope on the other hand has made up her mind to continue dating Captain Julian Swift. He had been away at war but now he is coming back. Penelope thinks that the main reason why Cass is coming back is because he wants to ask for her hand in marriage, thus she uses her close friend as the main reason why she cannot see her. All in all he author has done an excellent job in creating and outstanding characters and an interesting storyline.

Cass is not only gentle but also exceedingly kind, sweet and loyal. She is a complete opposite of her outspoken Lucy. Cass is the kind of person who tends to think of everyone else before she thinks of herself. This is indeed one of the main reason why she decided to hide her feelings from Julian. As the story progresses, Cass grows as a character. On the other hand, Julian is a hero in many ways. He is not only sweet but also very honorable. When he was young he was treated as the spare son which made him feel extremely awful and unneeded. Julian and Cass are perfect for each other. One thing about Valeri’s books is that they are usually exceedingly fun to read.

The Accidental Countess is full of deception and misunderstandings which eventually spiral back as a series of entertaining setbacks. It is indeed an entangled web which Cass ends up weaving. The other characters are also exceedingly fun and engaging and add so much to the storyline. Lucy is unquestionably the hero of the previous book. All in all, The Accidental Countess is an engaging and romantic book.

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