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Publication Order of Playing for Keeps Books

Playing For Keeps (Series by Becka Mack)
Author Becka Mack writes the “Playing for Keeps” series of romance novels. They are interconnected stand alone mature hockey romances which contain a ton of swoon, heat, laughs, and a ride on an emotional roller coaster.

Each one of them can be read on its own, however for the richest reading experience, it is recommended to read in order so that you can have better context and the backstory on certain characters.

The books in the series star different members of the Vancouver Vipers, a fictional NHL team, and the women that they fall in love with.

Becka loves writing swoon worthy romance novels with relatable and lovable characters, a ton of humor, and a healthy amount of drama on the way to their happily ever after.

“Consider Me” is the first novel in the “Playing For Keeps” series and was released in 2022. Carter Beckett is the resident bad boy of the NHL, and quite possibly the sexiest guy that has ever graced Olivia’s field of vision, and the top player both on the ice and in the bedroom. What is worst of all, though, is that he knows it.

Carter is self centered and arrogant, and he does not seem to understand what a filter is, let alone how you use it. The guy’s had everything served up on a silver platter, which includes a never ending series of women, and apparently Olivia is next up. His only problem? Olivia has no intention of falling for his shit.

Olivia Parker, a physical education teacher, has got the solution to every single one of her sexual frustrations in this drawer back at home, and it is far less complicated than Carter. Yeah, the guy may be pretty, but he is a talking and walking reminder for you to wrap it before you tap it. But then she starts letting her guard down, and he starts showing her pieces of himself that she never had any intention of seeing. The bricks all around her may be tumbling one by one, but she is just not quite sold just yet, which means for the very first time in Carter’s life, he’s the one that is begging.

For her time, for her trust, for just one little chance. For her to just Consider Him.

Carter is a hilarious and excellent main character, and loved Olivia’s feisty personality, finding it impossible not to just totally adore her. Readers love the way that she puts Carter in his place and makes him work for her. Becka knocked it outta the park with this one, with her sense of humor, writing style, and her mind blowing smut scenes. Olivia and Carter have an amazing connection which leaps off of the page and just serves to heighten the sexual tension while they circle one another and their feelings.

Olivia is a total spitfire and gives Carter a run for his money, and has you laughing out loud a lot of times. Yet she is still vulnerable with a big heart. And Carter is the perfect book boyfriend. He runs Olivia baths, buys her lululemon, and sends coffees to her.

Fans of the novel found themselves wanting to keep reading, and finding excuses to do so and staying up way too late, saying “only a few more pages” before they closed their reader.

“Play With Me” is the second novel in the “Playing For Keeps” series and was released in 2022. Garrett is fast as lightning and an unstoppable force as the star right winger for the Vancouver Vipers. This is his dream come true, and he has worked his whole life to get to this point. He does not plan on just giving any of it up, but if he wants to continue playing hockey, he will need all four of his limbs. In order to ensure his body parts remain intact, he only needs to follow one basic rule: do not lay a finger on Jennie, his captain’s younger sister.

Seems easy enough. She has a sailor’s mouth, is pretty bossy and snarky. Truthfully, Garrett borders on the edge of horrified while that she is around. Trouble is that he has seen too much. Too much of Jennie, both inside and out. Now? Well, now he wants even more.

But she’s his best buddy’s younger sister, and nobody’s been nearly as off limits as Jennie Beckett is to Garrett. Her toy collection is quite impressive, but Garrett plans on showing her just how a real man is able to make her vibrate without using all of those batteries. These hands are able to handle a hockey stick, well then surely they can handle her. C’mon Jennie, play with Garrett.

Becka has created a world that readers never want to leave. And her writing is excellent, so much like being in a conversation with your very best friend, she is just so very talented. Every single character is their favorite and they don’t even know whose book they’re most looking forward to, just glad to get more.

Garrett and Jennie are so cute together and fantastic characters, and they have some fantastic banter back and forth with each other. They’ve got such a great relationship, one that is built on trust and friendship, and any girl would be so very lucky to have a man love them the way that Garrett loves Jennie. Their relationship is raw and real, and they are each relatable as characters and as a couple. One of the best things about this novel is the way their relationship developed, since it’s not a love at first sight, but a hard, emotional, perfectly imperfect, hot, and funny kind.

This is such a fun and spicy friends with benefits situation which soon becomes a tear jerking and heartwarming romance between these two total soulmates. It’s a hilarious and laugh out loud book, one that is sure to have you grinning like an idiot the entire way through.

The sexual tension and spice in this one was incredible, and is just a perfect brother’s best friend romance.

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