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Playing with Monsters Books In Order

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Publication Order of Playing with Monsters Books

Playing with Monsters (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleeping with Monsters (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Becoming his Monster (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Revealing the Monster (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Playing with Monsters is a fantasy series by Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Amelia Hutchins. It’s fast-paced with an alpha male ready to do what it takes to keep his people safe.

The novels are connected, so you’ve to read them in chronological order to understand the whole story better.

Playing with Monsters
Playing with Monsters is the debut novel in the series by the same name. Lena is a witch who fled her coven after some unfortunate events happened. It’s been three years, and even though life hasn’t been easy, she knows she needs to stay away from her family for some time.

She left after her brother died in an explosion in Afghanistan and found her fiancé making out with another lady only a week before their wedding. Lena has a twin sister to whom she is deeply connected.

Since then, her coven has remained hidden for centuries while avoiding the real world. They hid from monsters and other creatures that lived in the same place, and their powers were held by a curse that was meant to keep them safe from being discovered. However, history repeats itself, and no one is safe since the monster has discovered them.

After Lena gets a call from the elders of her coven, she decides that it’s the right time to take her place. However, her return doesn’t go well, but she believes she is strong enough to help her coven. Witches are very sexual creatures, and it’s their tradition to hold an awakening ceremony that must have a sexual part.

Lena has come to participate in the ceremony to help awaken her underlying powers. During the ceremony, the elders choose the couples and unlock the powers each witch holds. In the course of the ceremony, the couples mate, and the powers of each witch multiply and that of the coven as well.

When she is about to make her first steps into the world, she meets a cute and sexual monster. The intriguing thing about the beast is that it wears a suit which he looks extremely stunning in it. Lucian has his powers and owns a sex club.

When Lucian the monster meets Lena, he knows that she’s about to ruin his plans for his mission. Falling for a stubborn witch was not on his list, yet he feels so much drawn to Lena while becoming something he never thought he wanted.

Lena knows that Lucian is more than he claims to be. The tension between them is intense, and their chemistry is undeniable. However, Lucian has a past that gets revealed slowly as the story unfolds. Lena senses that he’s trying to get over something from his past that can destroy him.

In the meantime, his focus has been diverted and gravitates towards Lena. The passion between them is bone-deep and steamy. Many things take place, truths are uncovered, and powers are shown.

The monster Lena and her coven have always run from has found them and is coming for her. Can Lena undo the past before the deadly monster kills her? Can she save her people from what she did in the past before it’s too late?

Playing with Monsters is told from multiple points of view with a blend of magic, intriguing and complex characters, passion, and forbidden romance. The dynamics between Lena and Lucian are intense and fascinating in the entire novel.

The story is fast-paced, and the plotline will keep you hooked to the last page.

Sleeping With Monsters
Sleeping With monsters is the second in the Playing with Monsters series. Lena and Lucian are back with life and death staring at them. Lucian’s desire to keep Lena has been a distraction from accomplishing his purpose as she’s looking for ways to save her family.

She doesn’t give Lucian a chance of pulling her away despite the connection they feel for one another. The two must strive to survive as the stakes get high with the war between good and evil roaming around them.

After everything goes according to plan, can Lena sacrifice everything to keep the people she loves safe? At first, Lena thought she had all figured out and ready for what was coming her way; she was even sure that her sacrifices would help her win the war.

She no longer fears the monsters; instead fears what she has become after she allows it to keep those who matter to her safe. She believes that there are situations where one has no option but to be a monster to become a winner. She has to become one to fight the monsters, but can she come back from it once her objective is attained?

Every character will have you craving to know why they are the way they are and what made them that way. It’s so inspiring to watch Lena tail the monsters to the point of starting a war against Lucian. Even though Lucian’s intentions aren’t clear, his love for Lena is immeasurable.

It’s so exciting how Lena craved his brother’s presence and how she admired him as her best friend and mentor. The story proves Amelia’s imaginative skills at their best. The story is told from multiple points of view to give a better view of the whole picture.

Many actions are filled with passion for keeping you hooked to the end. Be sure to come across twists and turns that will keep you guessing what will happen next. The novel is a perfect read for any paranormal romance fan.

The author has put a lot of effort and emotion into every page to keep you engaged. The passionate love story is off the charts, and the reader can’t help but crave for more. Lena is an absolute warrior trying her best to be fierce, selfless, and fight for the people she loves.

On the other hand, Lucian is an ideal alpha male and gives everything you could expect from such a character. The author has created the story so that you will get sucked in from the beginning.

The novel proves that Amelia is a fantastic author, and her imagination is off the charts taking the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The story will have you questioning how far you can go to protect those you love.

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