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Publication Order of Pleasant Valley Books

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Pleasant Valley is of Christian themed romance books written by American best-selling author Marta Perry. The series follows the story of an Amish who reside in the rural settings of Pennsylvania. The author Marta Perry began the publication of Pleasant Valley series in 2009 when the first novel in the series Leah’s Choice was published. A spin off series The Lost Sisters of Pleasant Valley was also born from this series in 2013 with Lydia’s Hope marking the first novel in the series.

Leah’s Choice

All of the Pleasant Valley folk think that the newcomer from Lancaster County is the ideal match for teacher Leah. After all, only a few new families come to this Amish community and still very few unmarried men. Daniel Glick is a widower and a father of three children to look after, and clearly, he needs a woman as a wife.

However, Daniel’s past haunts him even though he cannot miss the beauty in Leah’s beautiful eyes and her gentle ways. However, also through Leah’s eyes, he also sees a reminder of his pain filled marriage. On the other hand, Leah has a burden to bear as well, a couple of years ago, she was in a relationship with Johnny Kile, and she was left heartbroken when Kile decided to leave the Amish community. Since then Leah decided to immerse herself in teaching and forget any hopes of having her own family someday. However, when Johnny returns home to Leah seeking reconciliation, she must decide which of the two pathways she must follow and which will ultimately change her life.

The author, Marta Perry narrates a delightful tale of love and forgiveness. The plot is interesting; the main characters are well drawn out. It is a great story about the Amish people, the way of life and the inner conflict undergone by those who on the one hand love the communal nature of Amish lifestyle, treasure their solidarity and togetherness but are drawn to the Outside World.

The book relates the personal conflicts of the lead characters over a lost love who returned and a new man in the community who appears to want a relationship but unfortunately is emotionally shut down because of his dark past. It also showcases, Leah’s journey of discovery relating to her feelings and future as well. The narrative is well told by someone who seems to appreciate Amish way of living and also understands the push and pull that exists between the two worlds.

Rachel’s Garden

In the second series installment, we see the close-knit Amish community help a woman through her difficult times in life. It is almost a year since the Amish Society lost Ezra Brand to a tragedy. His wife Rachael struggles to take care of their three children and also run their farm. Her friends, as well as her family, have come forward to help her, but all their support puts pressure on Rachael. When Gideon Zook, her husband’s best friend requests her permission to construct the greenhouse that Ezra had always promised Rachael, she finds Zook presence as a painful reminder of her husband’s death. As spring turns to summer, Rachael dedicates her time into growing plants that have always brought her happiness. Will she find the courage to accept a new beginning?

Anna’s Return

After living in the English world for three years, Anna Beiler heads back to Pleasant Valley with her baby. This causes uproar in her home town since she is unmarried but what the towns people do not know is that Anna’s baby is adopted and she desperately needs to protect this young soul from its violent father. She finds it is reassuring to reconnect with her old friends and her friends as well, but she is yet to come face to face with the consequences of her reckless youth, and now she might be endangering her own family.

If she needs to stay, she must seek forgiveness to the community and undergo the real transformation of heart that is required to make a new beginning.

Anna left her Amish family several years ago, angry and rebellious at the rules. Now that she is back home with a baby girl she is determined to keep her safe from a man who cannot be trusted. Wanting to protect, Gracie, her daughter, Anna returns to the one place where the baby’s father would never look. Unfortunately, Anna’s family misunderstands her intentions for returning home.

On the other hand, Samuel Fisher left the Amish community but now has returned for different reasons. He is now working for Anna’s brother machine shop and also training horses. He understands Anna’s dilemma like none other, but unfortunately, he cannot find ways to get her open up to him.

Anna is keeping secrets that she is not willing to share with any single soul. However, will something happen that will ultimately change mind? Alternatively, will she once more flee the rules that once made her hostage?

Katie’s Way

After a frustrating romance, Katie Miller finds herself starting over by relocating to Pleasant Valley and starting a quilt shop. While her parents were not happy with her relocation, her dad plays the rent for one year allowing her to operate a quilt shop that she hopes it will enable her to become financially secure finally.

On the other hand, her mother and her sister attend the grand opening, and Katie learns that her mom wants to leave her 16-year-old sister Rhoda with her and get take her away from the wild rumspringa norms back home.

Caleb operates furniture shop next door to Katie’s newly opened store, and even though he is not quite happy with her being there, he welcomes her home anyway. However, when his young niece Becky comes to his store, Caleb is not sure whether he wants her to associate with Rhoda because he had overheard a conversation about her wild ways. Furthermore, he has issues from his past that makes him try to guard his delicate heart against Katie, but it seems that their fate is different from what they planned. If you love Christian based novels, then Pleasant Valley books should the ideal books for you.

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