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Publication Order of Poppy Fields Adventures Books

Fields' Guide to Abduction (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fields' Guide to Assassins (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fields' Guide to Voodoo (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fields' Guide to Fog (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fields' Guide to Pharaohs (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fields' Guide to Dirty Money (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fields' Guide to Smuggling (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fields' Guide to Secrets (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Poppy Fields Adventures Series
Poppy Fields Adventures is a cozy mystery series by Julie Mulhern. The series introduces Poppy Fields, a young girl living in the fast lane, thanks to her superstar mother. While she is surrounded by luxury, Poppy is down to earth. One unplanned trip to Mexico welcomes Poppy to a fascinating career. Here she will confront dangerous killers, drug lords, and ruthless men who will do everything to see her dead. While Poppy has little professional training, her father worked as a special field agent and passed a few skills to his daughter before he died. It is these skills, her friends, and fellow agents that she relies on to complete her complex, exciting, and often dangerous missions.

Fields’ Guide to Abduction
Fields’ Guide to Abduction is the first book in the Poppy Fields Adventures Series. This book stars Poppy Fields, a young privileged girl with big problems. Poppy is sad when she wakes up to discover that her love interest had Od’d right next to her. To put her mind at ease and, in the process, help a friend, Poppy agrees to stay at a new hotel in Cabo, Mexico. All she plans to do on her trip is lay on the beach, make a single public appearance, and try to forget all about her problems. Unfortunately, things go the opposite, and after a harrowing event, Poppy finds herself caught between men who want her and others looking to kidnap her.

Bodies are piling, and Poppy just wants to go back home. As she is running to a safer place, she is kidnapped by members of a drug cartel who are in love with her movie star mother. The fact that Poppy resembles her mother doesn’t help much in her current situation. Sure, the drug lords are doing everything to protect her, but it is clear there is something they also want from her. It is also hard to ignore all the dead bodies turning up at every corner. Is there any chance that Poppy can get out of all this alive? Why is the drug cartel so keen to ensure her safety?

Poppy is no damsel in distress. She knows her way around guns thanks to her Special Forces expert late father, who also taught her some self-defense moves. In addition to her fighting skills, Poppy will also need intelligence, charm, and a killer dog to escape from all the men chasing her. This is a hilarious yet action-packed story that will leave you at the edge of your seat. Poppy is likable, and despite her privileged upbringing, there is a lot she is willing to do for a friend in distress. It is also admirable how she thinks on her feet and goes to plan B if her first idea doesn’t work out. The action here is non-stop, and the beautiful setting is well described, so it is easy to recreate in your mind.

If you are a cozy mystery fan, Fields’ Guide to Abduction is a must-read. The story is characterized by a solid plot, numerous twists and turns, and the main character you cannot help but love. It is hard not to sympathize with Poppy considering all the unfortunate events that seem to follow her everywhere. However, she has a lot working to her advantage as well. This story will capture your attention from the start, and the rising tension will keep you turning the pages. The author has partnered humor and suspense to create a fast, exciting, and fabulous story.

Fields’ Guide to Assassins
Fields’ Guide to Assassins is the second book in the Poppy Fields Adventures series. After shaking things up in Mexico, Poppy is set to assist a bankrupt drug cartel. Poppy accompanies her mother to Paris, but she has no idea that her daughter is on a mission. Aside from acting like a loving and supporting daughter, Poppy has to access encrypted bank account numbers, evade a Russian Oligarch and a drug lord looking for revenge, and align with Thor, her bodyguard. Poppy handler makes all this sound easy, but after her experiences in Mexico, the young girl knows that this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Chariss Carlton is set to shoot a new movie, but after her daughter’s experience in Mexico, the busy mother wants to keep her child close. She has no idea that Poppy has been recruited to break a drug cartel. To ensure that her daughter doesn’t get involved in more mischief, Chariss takes her daughter to Paris, where Poppy can relax and enjoy all the luxuries mum can easily pay for. Poppy mostly grew up with her father, so this mother is trying to make up for the lost time and work hard to know her daughter better.

True to Poppy’s expectations, things do not go as easy in Paris. Someone wants her dead, and it is not evident whether the killer is connected to Mexico or her new mission. There is also a possible terrorist activity and suspicious banking activity to deal with. Just like the first book in this series, there is no dull moment here. The mystery is more of a thriller, and while you may know all the bad guys, it is hard to tell precisely what is happening until you have read this book to the end. There is a perfect balance of intrigue, humor, and relationship drama, not to mention the awesome atmosphere.
All characters are entertaining and well fleshed-out. The Parisian environment is detailed, and the rapid pace makes this one book you will have a hard time putting down. In this book, we follow Poppy, her friends, the police, and Thor through different tourist hot spots in Paris as they try to uncover a mystery that could lead to a fatal attack. Poppy’s intuition and skills gained while living with her father help her come out of this alive, albeit a bit shaken. If you are a fan of cozy mystery stories, Fields’ Guide to Assassins is sure to capture your attention and even works itself up in your list of best reads of the year.

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