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Portia Moore is an American romance writer best known for her If I Break, Collided and the Her series. She’s an iBook and Amazon bestselling author and writes mind-blowing romance thrillers that leave her fans coming for more. When not writing, she likes cooking and spending time with her family.

If I break
If I Break is the first novel in the If I break Series. The story features Lauren, who has been planning how she’ll make her dreams come true one day.

Everything in her life is good so far until the night she meets Cal. Everything changes after the meeting, and she feels that she has found the love. Cal is a tall guy with deep gray eyes and ebony hair, and his smile hides every doubt one could have on him.

Seeing him, Lauren knew he might be trouble, but little trouble is all she wanted for the first time in her life. At first, she didn’t plan to marry him until she was convinced otherwise. Soon they get engaged then married, and even when things have changed, Lauren still feels that she’ll have a happy life with Cal.
Unfortunately, she comes to realize that her marriage is far from perfect and it’s full of secrets. What she thought would be a happily ever after turned out to be a dream. However, she ignores all the red flags hoping that things will get better, but the secrets slowly ruin her marriage. Lauren has been trying all she can to save her marriage so that it doesn’t come to an end. She loves her husband irrevocably, and she deals with the situation the way most people deal in desperate situations.

She acts on impulse in times of anger, and even though it sounds unhealthy, she sees it as the only way to get her husband’s attention. Lauren is tired of Cal’s constant disappearances with no explanation, which leaves her wondering why he keeps secrets from her. However, her love-induced hopes that Cal’s mysterious and secret personality was part of his charming style and that he will tell her the whole truth one day.

As days pass, nothing changes with Cal, and Lauren starts to realize that she might have been too blind in love to see that he’s hiding things from her. Now everything that she saw like a charm starts to anger her. Cal leaves Lauren for no reason, and this time she’s 23 years old. All he says is that he has to go and doesn’t explain where and why he’s leaving; he tells Lauren not to give up on him.

For two years, no word or news of him and his whereabouts but one day, by chance, Lauren learns where Cal is living and goes to look for him, and it’s at this point that mind-blowing revelations come to light. Cal has a secret that makes loving him come at a price, and having been his wife costs more than she bargained for. Will she find out the truth to save her marriage from the destruction she has always tried to avoid?

The writing is captivating enough to leave the reader craving for more. The story will have you turning pages as the mystery keeps you at the edge of your seat. Portia Moore’s writing style has a way of causing emotion to stir the reader into following the story keenly. The story goes back and forth as more details emerge of Cal and Lauren’s relationship.

Lauren is a great character, and you can’t help but feel sorry for her.
Almost Broken
Almost Broken is the second book in the If I break Series. The book gives a preview of how the first book after Lauren Brooks fell in love with Call at the age of twenty-one and got married a year later. After one year in marriage, Cal walks out on Lauren and realizes that she’s pregnant and has to remain strong for the sake of the child.

As the story opens up, Lauren is finally moving on and starting a new life. When she’s celebrating her daughter’s first birthday, she finds out why Cal left and why her once-happy marriage came to an end. She hasn’t yet moved on and still thinks about Cal, but she now can. She’s still in disbelief of how complicated life has been after the day she gave her heart to Cal. Even after learning why Cal left, things don’t get any better for her instead of becoming more complicated. The primary reason she is going after him is for the sake of their daughter. What might be the reason that made Cal leave?
Then one day, she meets Chris and those feelings she thought she had all perish as she can think of loving again after the heartbreak. She also doesn’t want her daughter to grow up in a broken marriage.

Chris is currently engaged to Jenna, who saw him all through his illness when he had lost hope of living again. He’s happy that he’s settling and will soon be living the life he has always dreamt of until Lauren shows up. Lauren is beautiful and intriguing, and he finds it hard to stay away from her, but the more he comes near her, the more his plans hit a rock.

He feels that Lauren is his better half and is determined to follow his heart even if it costs everything. Even after Lauren clarifies herself, Chris remains stubborn, hoping she’ll change her mind someday. Can Chris make it to convince Lauren? The story goes forward and talks about the present time covering two months after the secret revelation. Portia Moore writes in the story so that the reader will feel emotionally connected to the situation. The twists bring more suspense to keep the reader engaged to the end.

The story is filled with conflicts, tense arguments and secrets both unveiled and hidden. It’s narrated in a dual point of view as the author shows the heartbreaking dilemma both characters face. The writing is both mind-blowing and captivating to follow.

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