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The Portland Storm series is a contemporary romance saga by Catherine Gayle. The USA Today bestselling author is known for her regency-set historical romance and the contemporary hockey romance series, with just over half a millions books sold. With her no holds barred writing style, her themes are often real, every day issues. Love and trust, overcoming the past to embrace the future, the theme of acceptance is emphasized with every book.

The plot is centered around the Portland Storm hockey team, with first person narrative switching between the characters that emotes a sense of intimacy of the solemnity of the situations. It’s a sport romance novel, with the sense of camaraderie you would expect, and a fast pace flow akin to the game. Mature and real themes are not simply a subplot, but are the driving force for the character’s growth and is dealt with in focus.


First of the Portland Storm series, we are introduced to the protagonist, the Portland Storm captain, Eric “Zee” Zellinger. He’s the man who knows how to get the job done, however he’s fast facing an uphill battle of keeping his once elite team from another disastrous lost. The man that is meant to be the ideal peak of masculinity, with just enough flaws for him to be humane. With his career on the line, another adversity appears in the form of his best friend’s little sister, Dana Campbell.

Haunted by one unfortunate night back in college, Dana is desperate to escape her past as her life spirals down. The only man he can completely trust is Eric. The two grew up together, while she’s three years younger, Eric would eventually she her in a romantic light. Dana remains uninterested as they soon start to path ways, the decision made by going to a different college. Dana plays for the hockey team, until the life-altering event shatters her. She imprisoned for emotions for the next 7 years. Deciding it was enough, it’s time for her to take life back and in her hopes, there’s only one man that could truly save her.
“It is not those things that have been done to us that make us who we are; it is what we choose to do with them. Live, laugh, love, and choose to be fearless.”

Eric is faced with an irresistible proposal, whether he crumbles and take the temptation. Accepting Dana’s offer or his passion, the chance for a breakaway happiness Dana’s sought for all these years or his life work. The saving grace to Dana’s self-imposed emotional cocoon, even as Dana continue to push past her comfort zone and yet never succeed in breaking it alone. Overcoming her dark past, change and mature, a real feeling of transformation up and down transformations in her life. In time, she will know the tragic extent of their relationship.

The first person narrative offers an insightful perspective to the eyes of both characters. The all-around perfect man at arguably the peak of his career, understandably worried about his team. Then Dana with the unpleasant past, the elements of which can often only experience in person. A real and mature theme, in quite the classic romance story, Breakaway is compelling in its own right.

On the Fly

The second of the Portland Storm series follow Brenden “Soupy” Campbell, an injured Portland Storm player derailed from his career. Unlike the infallible captain and best friend, Eric, Brenden had only restarted his career and now aims to take it to the next level, be significant to his team’s success.
A new assistant, Rachel Shaw, to the general manager’s joins the fray. Floaty on the fly changes to their life, Rachel is determined to establish a new future for herself and her children. Jumping in the opportune to work for the Storms as her milestone. The single mother would not let anyone near her or her heart, especially not the up and coming overly cocky hockey star.

The instant Brenden lays his eyes on them, he knew he should pursue to capture her heart. Brenden would go all out and turns on his charm. Rachel refuses to make the same mistake twice. Will Brenden win both his place in the team and in Rachel’s cemented heart?

Once again we are face with the themes of overcoming the past in favor of embracing the future. The love and trust aspect of the novel. Rachel who was abandoned and betrayed by her lover, with two small children to take care off. The idea of single parenthood is integral to the romance, believing in love once again would be too much of a burden for Rachel who is already busy with giving her best for the future of the children. Maybe with an aspect of forced loneliness on her side by her past lover is in play as well. Are the children the burden or is emotional commitment to a newcomer the burden? The fear of another abandonment always lurks within her heart.

Brenden would need to gain the trust of not only Rachel, but also Rachel’s trust that the children is in safe hands. In the first book of the series, Brenden is merely a side character, non-admirable in many ways. In this book however, he is the one taking the charge, he is the one who are putting the effort for his future. That future to him includes the spot in his team as well as Rachel’s heart.

Once again the narrative is written in the first person view, jumping between the two characters to provoke an intimate emotional characters that we feel we can relate on. An attractive charm of Brenden’s generally out of his reach pursue for Rachel. Her secrets entice him more in knowing who she really is, with us learning more as the trust grows. Being the brother to the sister with a distraught past, he understands that eyes of wariness in a woman’s eye. Rachel who close her heart off at the start, minds only filled with worries for her kids, seeing how she can only take of her herself. The narrative style lends a lot to their perspective and that adds to the experience.

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