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Publication Order of Post-Human Books

Post-Human series by David Simpson

Author David Simpson writes the “Post-Human” series of science fiction novels. The series of novels began publication in the year 2009, when “Post-Human” was released.

Despite being the third released novel, “Sub-Human” is really the beginning of the story, as it tells how everything happened to lead up to the events of “Post-Human”.

The fifth novel, titled “Inhuman”, was released in the year 2014, and is the final book in the series. This is the longest book of the series, as it is over four hundred pages and one hundred and nine thousand words long. This is more than twice as long as any of the other individual books in the series. The book features characters readers got to know and love from the first four books in the series, while also introducing new characters, including a brand new villain.

The series of novels is set in a futuristic world where nans help keep humans young and repair all of their damage. They have other options, too, such as downloading much needed repairs to their systems and making anything they think to become a reality. Things are not so wonderful, however, in this world.

The series tells stories about different groups of characters. From each of these stories, a total picture comes into focus, telling a much fuller and larger overall story. This allows for the whole entire world to be fully constructed and feel much more real. After book two, things start moving in different directions and are told from different characters’ perspectives.

The first two books in the series stars James Keats and his fellow terraformers that work on another planet.

As a result of the series’ success, David has gotten the opportunity to be a TEDx speaker. Here, he talks about the existential risk and amazing potential posed by post-humanity and super intelligent artificial intelligence.

“Post-Human” is the first novel in the “Post-Human” series, which was released in the year 2009. The future should have been wonderful. Microscopic robots, or nans, are able to keep you young by repair any damage to your body, resetting all of your cellular clocks, and download upgrades such as: intelligence, eyesight, and muscle strength. Anything you wanted was to be at your fingertips, just with one simple thought. You could be able to fly without any assistance from a machine, and live forever.

A tiny group of five terraformers who work on the planet Venus make it back to Earth, and find every human inside the solar system has been brutally murdered. James Keats, along with his four companions must figure out what happened to the rest of mankind and fight against this foe, if they want to keep this awful fate from becoming theirs too. Welcome to the post-human era.

Readers enjoyed the book, yet wanted more by the time they finished reading. It is a fun read, and does not do certain things that can ruin pulp stories for a few readers. There is a lot of action and suspense in it. Simpson does not get long winded explanations of all the science, but sends you right on into the story and keeps things moving along nicely the whole way.

“Trans-Human” is the second novel in the “Post-Human” series, which was released in the year 2011. Humanity is about to be made to face a future that is much more advanced than it ever could have imagined if it truly wants to survive. Nineteen months have gone by since the Artificial Intelligence turned against humanity and was destroyed. James Keats turned the Artificial Intelligence’s abilities into an easily controlled and non-intelligent operating system.

James and Thel spent half a year on vacation on Venus, which was terraformed without the Governing Council’s knowledge or consent. The Artificial Intelligence was deleted, but the message it sent out into the abyss to find a companion has been answered. An alien force that makes Earth’s look tiny by comparison is on a journey to figure out why the Artificial Intelligence quit communicating. Keats and company can only assume its intentions are going to be hostile ones when it finds out the truth. There is only one thing for certain: Nothing will ever be the same again. This is the Trans-Human era and the singularity.

This author is able to combine a well told story with his scientific knowledge to create a suspenseful thriller set in the future. He sets the stage well before throwing his characters into a new story. His development of an advanced species is highly imaginative, as is the hunt for human nests. There is one fast paced adventure with a ton of twists and turns, some memorable characters, and an unforgettable conclusion.

“Sub-Human” is the third novel in the “Post-Human” series, which was released in the year 2012. Before he was known as the Old-timer, he was just a young doctor called Craig Emilson that got sucked into serving in the military at the start of World War III. He enlists to be a suborbital paratrooper with Special Forces, and is picked to take part in the most important mission in the entire history of the American military.

It is a sortie into enemy territory to eliminate the first strong Artificial Intelligence in the entire world. The mission is just the beginning of Craig’s story, and humanity’s story, all while they move toward a world that is post-human.

This prequel novel answers questions readers might have about how the post-human world came to be. Those that are just starting the books, Sub-Human will serve like a captivating intro to a possible future that enraptures tens of thousands of humans.

The writing in this is outstanding and on par with any of the current bestsellers being sold at the moment. David Simpson’s level of imaginative writing as well as his imagery is excellent. The book is a real page turner with a stellar plot that flows along nicely. You get to know the characters very well, while still feeling like you are getting immersed into the story nicely.

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