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Lynda Aicher is a prolific writer and best seller of steamy contemporary romance in America. At a young age of twelve, Lynda Aicher realized that she wanted to be an author. Her motivation in to the world of writing came after she finished reading the “Outsiders” and was so moved. She abruptly grabbed a pen and paper and decided to also write a wonderful story that could touch someone deeply. However, that first writing adventure was promptly aborted when she realized that writing a book was very hard, but her dream to be an author remained intact.

During her teenage life, her dream of becoming an author rekindled as her love for women’s romance grew stronger. She begun to research and study the authors and noticed that most authors were at least forty or older. This discovery discourage her from writing since she thought she was too young to write a contemporary romance because she had little experience about life and love to write about it. She spent the next 25 years getting education while waiting to turn forty so that she can write her first book.

Lynda Aicher, graduated from college with a bachelor degree in Scientific and Technical Communication. She has visited Europe and North America as an education and training consultant implementing a computer software system into global companies. She found her perfect man after many not-so-perfect men and married him. She had two kids, a boy and a girl. At the age of thirty-nine, she decided that it was time for her to start writing since she was near to age forty.
Her debut into romance writing came when she agreed to be the Treasurer of her son’s elementary school Parent Student Organization. That position gave her the opportunity to meet the President of the organization who was a pre-published romance author.The president ,Darcy Burke, inspired her to be a romance author and in January 2010, she invited Lynda Aicher to her first local chapter meeting of the Romance Writers of America. Her first big break came a year after she started the journey to become a romance author. She submitted her first novel in Energen to Samhain publishing for apocalyptic themed romance novellas. Her first story themed, The Dragon Stirs, was perfect and the editor like it enough to buy it independent and expressed a desire to see the whole series. This was her first publishing contract at the age of forty just as she had dreamed it.

Power Play (Series by Lynda Aicher) is her new book series and its first debut book is called Game Play. Game Play was released on February 16, 2015 by Carina Press. It is a sport-themed romance book that focuses on hockey player of Minnesota Glaciers professional hockey team.

In Power Play (Series by Lynda Aicher), Game Play book, Dylan Rylie is one of the main character and is depicted as a cocky young defenseman for the Minnesota Glaciers. He is a seriously sexy man who knows what he hands and pursues it will with a single-minded focus. He is just starting out in professional hockey and he is determined to be the best player in the game. He is concerned with his image since his agent created a hard-partying playboy persona of him.

Samantha Yates on the other hand is a hardened and bitter main character. She is an elite women hockey player and a star of the US women’s hockey team that won silver in the Olympics. She cannot pursue her hockey career because there is no professional hockey league for women. She decides to leave her current hockey life behind and pursue a graduate degree in sports psychology in a different city. Hockey has always been Sam’s first love and leaving it is really a grief story. When Sam meets Dylan Riley, she resents him because she feels that there aren’t enough equal opportunities in professional hockey for women as there are for men. She resents his party boy image and the fact that he plays professionally. She cannot come to terms with the fact that Dylan gets to have the glory on the ice while she is relegated to the sidelines. She challenges Dylan on the ice with an aim of outshining him. She takes pleasure when she beats him on the ice and a tape of the incidence makes the news. Although Dylan is unconformable about losing to a woman, he equests his coach to hire Sam.

Sam is stunned by this request due to her resentment towards Dylan but in the end she accepts to coach him using some techniques that she picked up from her hockey life. Dylan was eager to take every bit of help from her. He recognizes her skill and praised her for it.

Sam’s resentment towards Dylan slowly disappears and she begins to be attracted to him and this makes it more confusing and frustrating for her. Dylan never puts her down and he rarely gets angry with her. As Sam coaches Dylan, there physical relationship grows on and off the ice. In fact, on the night that she beats Dylan, they end up in a bar to have some drinks. At the bar, they had a very steamy sex in a back room. Sam has no desire for a relationship but she is aggressive and passionate with Dylan. The steamy romance at the bar is another reason why Dylan requests his coach to hire Sam so that he can see her again.

Although she might seem focused on her future plans, she really cares about Dylan and she is always there for him when he needs her. She faces difficulties in admitting her emotional attachment towards Dylan because she has to come to terms with her life, her future plans and her love for Dylan in order to be happy. It is clear that Sam will not give up her future plans and how these two would reach a compromise is a bit worrying.

Game Play is a romance definitely worth reading. While the love scenes are steamy, it made me really think. It is a sexy contemporary romance book that presents a strong female character that is focused on her future. Reading the book made me follow and understand the emotional journey of Sam from being angry to loving the sport which was uplifting. Game Play is the first book of Power Play Series and look forward to reading the next book from this prolific author, Erin Lange.

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