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Publication Order of Tom Clancy's Power Play Books

By: Tom Clancy, Martin H. Greenberg, Jerome Preisler

A quintessential spy author, Tom Clancy is undeniably a living legend among thriller, crime fiction, and espionage authors. Born in the year 1947, just as the tensions within the Soviet Union were starting to get intense, Tom Clancy decided to center a majority of his books around the Cold War espionage. Tom Clancy was born in Baltimore, Maryland. After completing his high school education, Clancy joined Loyola College, Baltimore in the year 1969. Before he became a full-time writer, Tom Clancy, first worked as a salesperson. Whenever Tom Clancy is not writing or coming up with ideas for his next book, he normally spends his free time watching ball games at Camden Yards, where he is a co-owner of the Baltimore Orioles. Tom Clancy is also an active advocate for conservative issues and the Republican in America. Clancy has made frequent appearances on conservative radio and television shows.

A majority of Tom Clancy’s novels are dedicated to renowned right wing politicians and normally carry subject lines that are extracted directly from the newspaper and other Medias. Currently, Tom Clancy resides in Baltimore County, with his wife. Tom Clancy passed away in the year 2013, due to heart-related issues. Throughout his career as a professional writer, Tom Clancy penned down 100 fiction and non-fiction books. Clancy’s novels have been published throughout the world and have received numerous awards. Four of Tom Clancy’s novels have been adapted into highly successful movies. They include; the Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, The Sun of All Fears and, Clear and Present Danger. These four movies have attracted critically acclaimed actors such as Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, and Ben Affleck. Furthermore, apart from being made into movies, a majority of Tom Clancy’s movies have also been made into video games. In the year 1996, Tom Clancy established his very own video game company, which produced several successful movies. A great example is the video game that was titled, Sum of All Fears.

Sum of All Fears is a first shooter video game, which has a similar plot to the novel. In the year 2008, Ubisoft purchased Tom Clancy’s video game company and name for an undisclosed sum. A majority of Tom Clancy’s novels are written as either standalone novels or book series.

Power Plays Series


Politika is the first book in the Power Plays book series. Politika begins as the sitting Russian president dies and in turn throws the Russian Federation into chaos. Crop failures have, in turn, left millions in the grip of famine. From the look of things and seems inevitable. One of the Russia’s provisional leaders approaches the American president for assistance. However, it does not take long before a deadly terrorist group orchestrates an attack, which takes the United States by surprise. All the evidence gathered point to the Russian parliament. Amidst the chaos in Russia, Roger Gordian, an American businessman, finds his multinational corporation as well as his employees in jeopardy. Determined to find out those individuals who orchestrated the attacks, Roger decides to call upon a crisis control team for intervention. However, what Gordian does not know is how far terrorists will be willing to go and just how much he has to lose. With that said, Politika is a brilliantly written book, about modern day terrorism. Politika is highly recommended to anyone who loves political thrillers. is a book about business expansion with dirty tricks, merciless games, and deceit. It is the second installment in the Power Plays book series by Tom Clancy. The book begins, as plans are underway to snatch UpLink communications as well as its encryption program from its rightful owner, Roger Gordian. Roger Gordian, in turn, decides to assemble a maelstrom of congressional representatives, writers and operatives to fight back. According to the publishers of this novel, not all the information is relevant, however, if the encryption technology fell into the wrong hands then it could jeopardise national and world security as well. With that said, Tom Clancy is an excellent writer, who has the ability to pen down an action filled suspense thriller about exceedingly complicated involvements in family, drug smuggling, economic and political power.

Shadow Watch

The year is 2001, and one of the richest businesspeople in America has managed to extend his reach into space. His company has managed to become the principal contractor in the manufacture and design of Orion, which is a multinational pace station. However, the launch of a shuttle that carries the various parts of the station is sabotaged. Numerous mysterious guerrilla attacks occur at the manufacturing plants in Kazakhstan and Brazil. Roger Gordian deepest fears are finally confirmed. Various international terrorists, whose operation thrive on political instability and criminal enterprise, have targeted the Orion project. The leader of the terrorist group is one Harlan Darvane, who has sworn to cripple Roger Gordian’s security and intelligence team, while at the same time installing a high-powered electromagnetic-pulse generator on board the Orion. The author takes the readers all the way from Florida to Brazil and finally Kazakhstan.

Cutting Edge

Africa has just become the battleground for the 21st-century war. As the fiberoptic cable is placed down all around the continent, two bodies fight to take control over it. One of the entities is UpLink Communication, which is headed by none other than Roger Gordian. The African fiber-optic is Roger’s most priced asset to date and his nemesis, Harlane Devane is gaining ground quickly and has even begun to penetrate the network. To ensure that his takeover is successful, Harlane Devane must ensure that he hits Roger Gordian, where it hurts the most. Harlene begins by first kidnapping Gordian’s daughter. With that said, Cutting Edge is an excellent story that has been well structured and is exceedingly compelling.


In Bio-strike, a criminal mastermind manages to generate a genetically engineered super bug that detonates by a chemical triggers. Once the entire world was infected, the mastermind made plans to sell the chemicals that can detonate the superbug to the bidder with the highest bid. However, before he sells the bug, the criminal mastermind must be able to eliminate one of his biggest threats, business person Roger Gordian. Roger Gordian’s medical team are in turn racing to find a cure for the bug.

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