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Prada Plan Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Prada Plan Books

The Prada Plan (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prada Plan 2: Leah's Story (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prada Plan 3: Green-Eyed Monster (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prada Plan 4: Love and War (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prada Plan 5 (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Prada Plan is a series of books written by one of the successful female writers of her time, Ashley Antoinette. Several of the author’s novels have hit The New York Times bestsellers list and has co-authored over 40 novels including the Cartel Series. Antoinette began the publication of Prada Plan series in 2009 when The Prada Plan the first book in the series was published.

The Prada Plan

The first in Prada Plan series is The Prada Plan, by Ashley Antoinette. Even though the name might not ring a bell for some readers, if you throw in JaQuavis in the mix, you will understand that the duo has authored some of the bestselling streets lit fictions.

The Prada Plan introduces us to Disaya commonly known as Yaya at the age of six. At that tender age, disaster strikes into her world when her parents are killed, and she is suddenly forced to forget all the luxurious life she was used to. Yaya defaults into foster care where she endures daily molestation by her foster Mom’s son. Being raped of her innocence at the age of seven years, the only piece of hope she has left is echoing her mom’s voice and her soon to be best friends for life, Mona.

Together, Yaya and Mona flee this house of misery and then the story fast forwards to the duos lives in their early 20’s. The two are finally residing somewhat a stable life with freedom, but Yaya is yet to attain her Prada plan. While patience might be a virtue, Yaya is not afraid of admitting that she is merely a Rocawear chick and will do whatever it takes just to be recognized as a couture Miami.

Following the same path just like her mother and by being perfectly beautiful is not an easy task for Yaya to start selling herself to some of the highest paid people. Once she crosses paths with Leah, she embarks on same-sex adventures and everything else in between. A business relationship and friendship turns into an obsession as Yaya tries to put an end to Leah’s mysterious behavior and life of prostitution after she falls in love with Indie, one of the few people who can help her fulfill her plan. Leah addiction for Yaya goes beyond any reasonable doubt, turns to a psychological demon and she will do whatever it takes to hurt Yaya and everyone that she cares about.

The first book in Prada Plan series is a beautiful series opener. The plot is beautifully woven with plenty of twists and turns to keep the readers hooked from the first page to the last. The main character is Yaya who was born into the street life. She had a daddy for a pimp and a mother for a whore. However, despite losing her parents at a tender age, she was able to take care of herself, find true love in her life and ultimately change for the better. Despite all these, drama found a way to haunt her.

Leah’s Story

Once again, Ashley of the famous (Ashely & JaQuavis) steps out of her own in the second installment of her beautifully woven Prada Plan series. Leah Richards, the notorious bad girl, might have lost her man to Yaya, but that does not mean that she is out of the game. You cannot mess up with a person like Leah & not expect some consequences- and that is what Yaya and Indie are bound to face when Leah finally kidnaps the couple’s baby girl.

This is not the normal cat and mouse game, and everyone knows that Leah’s is a crazy woman and there are no limits to what she can do in the name of revenge. Now Yaya’s world is crumbling, and she and her man indie are desperately searching for their missing daughter and hoping and praying that she is still breathing. Yaya thought her lousy street days where behind her forever, but now past demons have resurfaced, she will need to hatch a plan to emerge on top. However, when all she thought was a pure truth turns out to be lies, it is almost too much to take for the street born Yaya. Will Leah murder Yaya’s daughter? Moreover, can indie hold on to his reign over Houston without being a victim of Leah’s game? Also, as their enemy lives, is there any flicker of hope for Yaya and Indie marriage?

Green-Eyed Monster

For years, Leah has been trying effortlessly to get rid of her stiff competition, and all her crazy evil plotting has finally succeeded. Now that Yaya is “dead,” she is ready to step into Yaya’s shoes and enjoy the life she has always dreamed of. The scars she earned from the inferno seem worth it only if they mean she will finally be able to have a family, all the money and most importantly, to have Indie by her side.

However, there is only one trouble- Disaya Morgan is not dead either. She survived the inferno too and now is healing under the care of one very prominent woman who is ready to place Yaya to her top place. With her newly made connections, Yaya could have her enemy Leah taken out just by a snap of the fingers- but that is not good enough for her. The only way that Yaya can get rid of the demons from the past haunting her is by getting rid of the root cause of all evil- Finish Leah off herself. There can only be one winner when these two former friends collide- a collision that could send one either of them straight to hell.

Ashley Antoinette is back and even better with the third book in Prada Plan series. A case of mistaken identity left the readers staggering in the second volume, but the third volume is a heart-pounding saga that promises to leave you breathless. The characterization is wonderfully done, the plotline flows smoothly from the first page to the last with lots of twists to keep you hooked to the last page.

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