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Publication Order of Prairie State Friends Books

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The Prairie State Friends series is a wonderful series of Christian fiction, Amish fiction, romance, and inspirational stories written by an award-winning and bestselling American writer named Wanda E. Brunstetter. It started in 2015 and author Brunstetter wrote three books in this series between 2015 and 2016. Every novel in this romance series features a different cast of central characters. The list of the essential characters as mentioned by the author includes Jonah Miller, Elaine Schrock, Adam Beachy, Leah Mast, Priscilla Herschberger, Elam, David, and a few others. Wanda Brunstetter has primarily set the plots of the books in Illinois’ prairie state. Certain parts of the stories also take place in different regions, such as Pennsylvania. Wanda Brunstetter has widely described the way of living of the Amish community and has mentioned the hardships and struggles the people in the community have to go through to embrace the love of their life. Excellent descriptions of the stories have been given by Wanda Brunstetter, which are very well supported by the rich set of characters created by her.

The debut book of the Prairie State Friends book series written by author Wanda E. Brunstetter is entitled ‘The Decision’. It was released in 2015 by the Shiloh Run Press. The primary characters depicted in this book include Elaine Schrock and Jonah Miller. Initially, it is mentioned that Jonah Miller goes through heartbreak and decides to move out of his hometown in Pennsylvania. He finds rewarding work in the prairie state and gives a new beginning to his life. It turns out to be the best decision ever made by Jonah. But, when he comes across Elaine Schrock, he wonders if he is prepared to consider falling in love again.

When Elaine chooses to side with family loyalty instead of love, Jonah thinks whether his scarred heart is going to mend or not. Author Brunstetter seems to have done a fantastic job of describing a character suffering from dementia and diabetes. She has received a lot of praise from the critics for handling the two things very well. It showed that Wanda Brunstetter has a real talent for creating characters that can make the readers care about them. Overall, the book is an easy to read novel and has been labeled as a must-read by many prominent critics all over the world.

The second mind-blowing installment of this series is called ‘The Gift’. It was also published by the Shiloh Run Press publication in 2015. Wanda Brunstetter has described the main characters in this novel in the form of Leah Mast and Adam Becky. The book opens by showing that Adam Beachy’s mother left him, his family, and the Amish faith when he was younger. Now, he hates the idea of marriage and does not want to have a family to spend the rest of his life with. But, fate had different plans for him. Adam ends up becoming the guardian to three of his nieces and desperately needs a wife to look after them as well as keep the house in order. He considers various candidates for the role, but ends up finalizing Leah Mast.

In spite of having differences over Leah’s reflexology practice, Adam thinks that she is the best person to be able to perform all the duties he wants his future wife to do. Even Leah Mast sees her convenience and agrees to get married to Adam Beachy. However, the question that arises is whether either of them can make their convenience-based modern-day marriage work? This book also provides a great story and filled with joyful characters and an engaging storyline. The readers who liked the first book certainly enjoyed reading this novel too, and reverted with wonderful comments, praise, and appreciation.

Wanda E. Brunstetter is a renowned American novelist of the genre of Amish romance. She has sold over 10 million copies of her books all over the world. Many of her novels have appeared on the NY Times bestseller list. Some of the well known novel series written by Brunstetter include Indiana Cousins series, Sisters of Holmes County series, Lopsided Christmas Cake series, Brides of Lancaster County series, Daughters of Lancaster County series, Brides of Webster County series, Kentucky Brothers series, Amish Millionaire series, Brides of of Lehigh Canal series, etc. Additionally, she has also penned several successful standalone novels and novellas. Her children’s books series, Double Trouble series, and Rachel Yoder series are also widely popular.

Author Brunstetter hails from Tacoma, Washington. She expressed her wish to become an author when she had grown old enough to take her life’s decisions, but her parents did not approve of it. Brunstetter’s father even called her a dreamer. So, she did not attempt to write anything at that time. Later, Brunstetter got involved in marriage, raising her children, and several other commitments of life. However, the desire to write and publish her own book did not completely leave her heart. It was at the age of 60 in 1997 that she was finally able to release her first book. Then, she waited for another 3 years to get her second novel accepted by a publishing company for publication. Before she entered the field of writing at the ripe age of sixty, Brunstetter worked as a typist. She was employed by a government agency and came across her husband Richard when she was at work at Fort Lewis. Author Brunstetter claims that her loving husband Richard proved to be the catalyst for her Amish interest. He grew up among the Mennonites.

Wanda Brunstetter always tries to provide an accurate portrayal of the Amish culture in her books. For researching for her novels, she makes use of her personal connections in the Mennonite community. Brunstetter is blessed with a couple of children and several grandchildren. During her free time, Brunstetter likes to travel to various exotic locations with her family members. She never leaves an opportunity to visit the Amish settlements in different parts of America. Some of the states visited by Richard and Wanda to interact with the Amish community include Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Montana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. Another place that Brunstetter loves to visit a lot is Hawaii. Her excellent books have helped her win numerous prestigious awards and nominations throughout her career. She has been a member of several writers’ groups, including the ACFW, the NCWA, and the RWA.

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