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Publication Order of Prayer Jars Books

The Hope Jar (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forgiving Jar (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Healing Jar (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Prayer Jars book series is an exciting series of Christian fiction, realistic fiction, romance, Amish fiction, religious, and inspirational stories. It is penned by the expert hands of a renowned American novelist named Wanda E. Brunstetter. This series began in 2018 when Wanda came up with the first book and released it in the same year. She has described Amish stories in which the important roles are portrayed by Amish characters in all three books. Wanda has set the stories in the Amish communities of Lancaster County and Pennsylvania. In each book, she has depicted the stories of a different set of primary characters, who are seen trying to overcome the various struggles of life and obtain a peaceful living with family and friends.

Some of the noteworthy characters created by Wanda Brunstetter for this series include Michelle Taylor, Brad Fuller, Sara Murray, Lenore Lapp, Jesse Smucker, and a few others. All these characters have been widely appreciated for their roles, character traits, and their ability to take the stories forward. Wanda Brunstetter received wide appreciation for her work in creating such wonderful characters and weaving intriguing stories around them. She gained the support of a number of literary critics, who gave honestly positive reviews to all the books of this series on various literary sites and platforms. Many of her writer friends also came forward to congratulate her on her success and that of the series as well.

With the success of this series, Wanda Brunstetter was able to add more fame to her already bestselling status. Her close friends and family members felt proud of her achievements and blessed her to keep writing exciting stories for many more years to come. It has given Wanda great motivation to keep working on her skills and using them to create mind-blowing stories for her fans and followers. Wanda is hopeful of getting the same amount of love and support, if not more, from her hardcore fans as they have given to her previous books. As of now, she is involved in writing a new book that she is expected to release in the coming months.

Wanda is looking forward to writing as many novels and series as possible before bidding goodbye to this world. She thinks that she has achieved enough to live the rest of her life in satisfaction and peace. But, it is her writer’s mind that doesn’t let her sit idle for long. Every now and then, she comes up with an idea for a new story and immediately starts working on it. And in the next few days, Wanda is ready with a new set of characters and a manuscript for her literary agent to get it approved by her publisher for turning it into a new book. This is the way she has lived her life so far and wishes it to continue to happen in the same manner for as long as she lives.

The debut book of The Prayer Jars series penned by author Wanda Brunstetter is entitled ‘The Hope Jar’. It was released in 2018 by the Shiloh Run Press. This novel shows what it means to tell a lie to an elderly Amish pair that makes them happy and then having to keep telling more lies day after day to prevent breaking their heart. Initially, Michelle Taylor is introduced as a woman, who finds a new family in the form of the Lapps in Lancaster County. But, she is not what the elderly Lapps think her to be. They were searching for their long lost granddaughter when Michelle Taylor crossed paths with them.

When she saw that they are mistaking her for their granddaughter, Sara Murray, Michelle decided to go with the flow and assume the identity of the granddaughter. Once living as a hopeless and homeless, Michelle now has a good, loving family. She loves the new Amish friends who come to comfort her thinking that she was struggling all these years while she was away from her family. As time goes by, Michelle comes to think of starting a romantic relationship with one of the close acquaintances of the Lapp family. Later, Michelle Taylor finds a blue-colored old jar that was kept in the barn. This jar contains small paper slips containing quotes, prayers, and thoughts by an unknown writer. This discovery and its contents tend to boost the budding faith of Michelle Taylor, but it also seems to convict. She decides to tell the truth about her real identity. But, thinking that the truth will break the hearts of all the lovely people that she has come to love, Michelle backs out from her decision and continues to live with the Lapps as their granddaughter, Sara Murray.

The second installment of this excellent series is known as ‘The Forgiving Jar’. It was also published by the Shiloh Run Press in 2019. This novel explains how things take place when a person comes to know that someone has been impersonating them. The book opens by mentioning that Sara Mueay never knew about the existence of her maternal grandparents. But, when her mother died, she was surprised to find out that they were living in an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Sara was too excited to meet them and tell them how much she missed their presence in her life. But, as soon as she arrived in the community, she was shocked to discover that someone else had been living her grandparents by pretending to be her. And she was none other than Michelle Taylor. So, when Sara revealed Michelle’s true identity in front of her grandparents, she thought that they would punish her. But, their decision to forgive Michelle and let her go surprised Sara very much. She could not believe her eyes.

All her life, Sara has been followed by deceit and secrets, and now she has become tired of it. However, her life begins to change when she comes across Brad Fuller, who comes to the town to visit her grandparents for Christmas. Sara begins to like Brad a lot. But, something about him makes her think that he is not being completely honest with her. As she struggles with her thoughts, she finds the same jar that Michelle had found in the barn. Sara finds encouraging prayers filled inside the jar and is deeply moved by each of the thoughts of the writer. The prayers and thoughts make her wonder if she can find a way to let go of her past and set herself on the path of building new bonds of friendships and relationships.

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