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Publication Order of Preacher & MacCallister Books

By: William W. Johnstone, J A Johnstone
Frontier America (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
They Came to Kill (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
When All Hell Broke Loose (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Crossing (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

William W. Johnstone was a published author of fictional novels. He is known for writing in the western, survivalist, and horror genres.

William Wallace Johnstone was born in Missouri on October 28, 1938. The author would grow up in southern Missouri born one of four children to his parents. He was the youngest. His mother taught at school and his father served as a minister.

William left school when he was just fifteen years old. He found work employed at a carnival and later as a deputy sheriff. He then went on to serve in the Army. When he came back and started up with civilian life once more, he went on to work in radio broadcasting. He was employed in that field for sixteen years.

It was 1970 when he first began his career in writing. Although he was working on various tales, he did not have any of his work published until The Devil’s Kiss was finally released in 1979. It was just one year later in 1980 that Johnstone made the choice to start writing full-time. He became a prolific writer and penned nearly two hundred novels in different genres.

The main series that he published included Mountain Man, The First Mountain Man, and Ashes and Eagles. He also wrote The Last of the Dog Team, which was his own favorite novel. He co-authored the Preacher & MacCallister series with J.A. Johnstone and wrote two books using the pen name William Mason. Johnstone remains one of the most popular writers of western novels in history.

He resided for many years in Shreveport, Louisiana. When he passed away on February 8, 2004, it was in Knoxville, Tennessee. His series will be continued by J.A. Johnstone.

J.A. Johnstone is a published author of fiction as well as serving as a researcher, fact checker, typist and general assistant to William W. Johnstone, his uncle. He learned a lot from his uncle and serving in these various roles.

J.A. was tutored by his uncle, who liked to be called Bill, from when he was young. Once he came home from school, he often spent hours typing manuscripts again or researching in the library of American Western History, also researching modern wars and other conflicts. He worked very hard at what he did and learned quite a bit.

He recounts that every day he spent with his uncle was an adventure all by itself. His uncle also taught him everything that he knew and could about how to tell a story as well as how to create characters that were believable. He would tell his nephew to keep the historical facts in his writing accurate and to keep the readers in mind. He also passed along the wisdom that he should be the best version of himself possible.

Frontier America is the first novel in the Preacher & MacCallister series by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone. This is where readers get introduced for the first time to the characters of the Preacher and Jamie Ian MacCallister. If you are interested in western novels with historical themes, check this debut novel in the series by an uncle and nephew team out!

When it comes to Preacher and MacCallister together, you get twice the mayhem. Here readers get to meet two of the legendary heroes crafted by the authors together for the first time. The Preacher is a mountain man who is rather rugged, and Jamie MacCallister is a Scottish clan rancher. In this tale, the pair must take sides when it comes time for a battle for the soul of a country that is divided.

Set in frontier America, Preacher has a vested interest in seeing peace. He is the father of a younger Crow tribesman, and the only thing that he wants is to avoid bloodshed. He would love to see the natives that have occupied this land for a long time and the settlers that have just arrived to coexist and live in the same space peacefully That is his hope, but then his hope gets dashed to bits when the killing begins.

It appears that keeping the peace is not so easy when it comes to these two opposing groups. Then there’s Jamie Ian MacCallister. The frontiersman also has a family and wants to see peace come about. So he’s fine with helping out the Fort Kearny officers to come up with a peace treaty and negotiate it with the Crow nation.

That’s all fine and dandy, until it stops working out. Preacher and MacCallister both want the same thing, to see the Crow tribe live peacefully with the settlers. It was supposed to be the American dream for them to move out here and start a new life. The last thing that they ever hoped for was blood to be shed.

Dream turns to nightmare as a frontier war breaks out between the two forces. The brutal battle becomes one that draws both of them in. Preacher and MacCallister have no choice but to fight in the war and try to win, in the hopes that the nation will come together. But are their hopes in vain? Can the settlers coexist with the native people, or will it be constant confrontation and violence?

With blood being shed, they must do their best. But will their best be good enough? Read this novel to find out!

They Came to Kill is the second novel in the Preacher & MacCallister series by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone. Preacher and MacCallister are back again, so if you enjoyed the first novel, be sure to check out the second in the series.

When a mountain man and a frontiersman team up, it is clear that the west may never be the same. However, they’ve also got to do their best to live up to their respective legends, perhaps dying in the process.

Some things in the world just keep going, such as progress, trains, and the process of living the American dream. When some powerful men in Washington come up with the idea to build a railroad that reaches all the way to the west coast, there’s just one problem. It runs through Mexican territory.

The big wigs are going to require a guy that is unstoppable to help them clear a path, and who better than Jamie MacCallister? Jamie understands exactly what he’s up against and how difficult this task will be. For one thing, there are numerous Apaches in the territory, and they’re the type to battle first and take on any fight.

The President already set in a patrol that has likely been slaughtered after being ambushed. Jamie is going to need assistance if he takes this on, because he can’t take on the Apache nation alone. He’s going to require the back-up help of a man named Preacher. Can the two devise a way to clear the territory so that the railroad can be built? Read They Came to Kill to find out!

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