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Publication Order of Predator Trilogy Books

Predator is a series of romantic suspense novels written by Allison Brennan. The books tell the stories of three women who must contend with love, loss, and serial killers.

+The Story
Rowan Smith is a writer with a traumatic past. Rowan was an FBI agent. But then a case hit a little too close to home and Rowan quit. She decided to use her experiences to produce fiction, a development that paid off handsomely.

When readers first meet Rowan, she is temporarily living in a Malibu Beach House from where she is watching over the translation of her novel into a movie. Most authors in Rowan’s shoes would be over the moon at such success.

But Rowan has far too many problems on her hands, the most pressing being a murderer that keeps taking the lives of the innocent in a manner that mirrors the deaths in Rowan’s books.

Rowan must join forces with a former Delta Force Officer to find the culprit before he finds her.

Rowan Smith’s story is told in ‘The Prey’, the first novel in the Predator series. These novels share a common theme. You have a woman with ties to law enforcement. She is either working as a cop or she once worked in the field.

Either way, a traumatic incident in her past changed her life. In some of the cases, the occurrence pushed the woman to greater heights. She was compelled to grow stronger and to protect other women from the ordeal she suffered.

In other cases, the incident broke her. In all the cases, she eventually moved on, and when readers first meet her, she has found a semblance of normalcy in her life. Her tragic past is never far from her thoughts but she can cope with the memories.

Everything changes when the horror she thought she had left behind returns to threaten her life and the lives of the people she loves. Some of the heroines in these novels are headstrong and they leap right back into the fray, ready to deal with the predator haunting their life once and for all.

Others want to run and hide. But circumstances give them no other choice but to confront their demons. Fortunately, they are far from alone. Each Predator novel has a hero as well, a man in law enforcement that joins forces with the heroine.

At first, the hero and the heroine are only working together out of necessity. The heroine doesn’t make things easy. In many of the novels, the woman in question is closed off, possibly even a little cold.

The trauma of her past has made her guarded and she isn’t particularly enthusiastic about exposing her mind, her heart, and her body to further harm. But over time, the hero sneaks past her walls, finds a foothold in her heart and wins her over.

As such, what started as a professional working relationship becomes something more. But the development only makes the heroine more vulnerable because now she has so much more to lose.

Allison Brennan, the author, has been commended for creating captivating stories and horrific villains. The antagonists of the Predator series are predators in every sense of the word.

They are deviants, animals in human form who enjoy hurting other people. And unfortunately, they are also quite intelligent which makes them especially difficult to catch.

The antagonists are often the strongest aspect of the individual Predator novels. They inject a sense of fear and despair into each novel. That being said, there are some readers who don’t think that Brennan does as good a job with the romance.

Her fans will tell you that Brennan walks the perfect line between romance and suspense. But her critics have complained that she throws so much sex and romance into these novels that the suspense is drowned out.

It should be noted that the individual Predator novels are designed to stand alone. There are some threads that connect the various stories. For instance, the three main heroines of the trilogy are all friends.

They were classmates in the FBI academy. They also make minute appearances in one another’s novels. That being said, you don’t need to read anyone Predator novel to understand the stories that come before or after.

+The Author
Allison Brennan is a bestselling American author who was born in 1969 in San Carlos, California. She attended Menlo School in California and UC Santa Cruz College. Her novels have been translated into various foreign languages.

+The Prey
Something bad happened in Rowan Smith’s past. That was back when she was an FBI agent. Determined to escape the trauma, Rowan abandoned law enforcement for publishing.

She started writing fiction and she was so good at it that one of her novels was optioned for a possible movie adaptation by a Hollywood company.

Now Rowan is living in a Malibu Beach House. The adaptation for her novel is moving forward and she is only living in the beach house long enough to oversee the production process.

Rowan has spent so much time running from her demons that when they come knocking on her door, she is at a loss as to how she should react. The nightmare begins when a person dies and the police discover that the victim was murdered in a manner similar to that of a character in Rowan’s novel.

The occurrence would have been easy to dismiss as a coincidence. But then another murder happened. Now the FBI and LAPD are looking to Rowan for answers. This is as she works with a former Delta Force officer to find those answers.

+The Hunt
Miranda Moore works with a local search and rescue squad. Back when she was an FBI trainee, Miranda fell under the grasp of a serial killer. She survived the torture but the killer was never caught.

So now Moore does what she can to help others. Her worst fears come to pass when the remains of several young women are found, all of them mutilated by a killer called The Butcher.

When a college student goes missing, Miranda must learn to trust a man who broke her heart in order to save the innocent victim’s life.

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