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Pregnancy & Passion Books In Order

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Publication Order of Pregnancy & Passion Books

Enticed by His Forgotten Lover / Enticed (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wanted by Her Lost Love / Wanted (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss / Tempted (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undone By Her Tender Touch / Undone (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

As an American best selling author, Maya Banks is famously known for the Breathless trilogy, Sweet series, and the KGI novels. All her works revolve around romantic suspence, erotic romance, Scottish historical romance and contemporary romance. Maya currently lives in Texas with her husband and 3 children. Apart from being a writer, Maya is also an avid reader of romance and will dish books with anyone who may love to listen. When she is not writing, Maya Banks loves to hunt and fish with her family. Every year, she goes on a hunting trip with her entire family. She loves to travel and most recently she was in Scotland. As a New York best selling authior, Maya has been writing historic and erotic romance for more than 11 years. Her most recent work is Fever, which will be the second book in the trilogy Breathless. Breathless is a trilogy about a group of men who are not only best friends but also business partners and share everything inclusing women. Like most of her other books, the installment Fever features scenes where there is group sex, S&M, and bondage.

According to Banks, she began writing menage books after she discovered that the market was a little bit unsatisfying. All in all, while Maya Banks has continued to become a success story, her popularity is not felt at her hometown Texas. This is because, her real name has never been used in any of her works, because she really values her anonymity. Cureently, Maya nad her family are planning to move to another town within Texas but unlike where she lives, most people recognize her and her works. One of her works that have continued to garner attention is the Pregnancy and passion book series. The Pregnancy and Passion series is a five book series with the enticed being the first installment in this series.


Enticed is the first book in the pregnancy and passion series and begins by introducing the reader to one Rafael. After being involved in a plane crash, Rafael who is a business mogul develops selective amnesia and does not remember anything including a pregnant woman called Bryony who claims to be carrying her baby. Rafael is unsure of the circumstance but goes ahead and gives her the benefit of the doubt. Since she has caught his attention, Rafael follows Bryony to hjer area of residence Moon Island, Texas. According to the lady, Rafael had purchased a beachfront property for the lady to live in. As the story develops, you are left to wonder as to whether Bryony is telling the truth and also if Rafael is ever going to regain his memory of the month that he had spent with her.

From the first page, this romance novel is going to get a hold of you. As Bryony talks to Rafael, it is clearly evident that she is upset because Rafael had left her a month after never to call or contact her again. As one of the main characters, Bryony is down to earth and has a sassy attitude which in turn makes her one of the favorite characters in the book. On the other hand, Rafael is good looking, rich guy who does not even remember any of his business deals nor Bryony. Even without any kind of prove, Bryony still believes her. Since Rafael has no memory, the story is told in a backward way which makes it very unique and captivating. All the characters in this book are absolutely amazing; the story is quite memorable while the romance is undeniably jaw-dropping.


After sending Kelly packing six months ago, Ryan is still struggling to get Kelly out of his system. Before he sent her packing, Ryan he had discovered that Kelly had been sleeping with Ryan’s own brother. He had tossed a check on her and asked her to get out of his life. The check Ryan had given Kelly was never cashed ever since she had disappeared. Kelly has always been angry and bitter that Ryan chose to believe the words of his brother over that of Kelly. Ryan was more than willing to forgive Kelly but on the other hand Kelly was not willing to take down the fall hence she told Ryan that she did not his forgivenss. Ryan finally decides to hire a private investigator, so as to see how Kelly is fairing on, only to discover that she is a waitress at a seedy diner and at this time she is about 7 months pregnant. At this point, the reader will be asking the question, who is the baby’s father? Ryan or Jarod?

This series is definitely for individuals who love romantic reads. As a character, Kelly is fragile, strong, sweet and saasy while Ryan is also exceedingly likeable. Throughout the book, Ryan does not understand why Kelly is always angry especially when she is around him. In many scenario’s Ryan always comes as the bigger man because he is always more than willing to forgive Kelly since she is the one who destroyed the relationship.


Tempted is the third book in the Pregnancy and Passion series. In this book, we are introduced to Devon whjo is more than set to marry Ashley as a part of the deal that he had made with his soon to be a father in law. Their companies are set to merge. Hence, Devon should marry Ashley so that his father will be more than sure that she has been taken care of. As a character, Ashley is a fun loving person who wears her heart on her sleeves and loves to speak her mind. Ashley’s character drives Devon mad. There is a chemistry between the two characters however Devon does not truly feel the same way that Ashley feels about him. As time goes by, they get married, and their marriage begins to hit the rocks as soon as Ashley discovered why Devon married her in the first place. Many times they argue and fight. Devon often points out the reasons why he does not really lover her. On the other hand, Ashley cannot stop loving him despite everything that is going on in their marriage. Is Ashley going to make Devon fall in love with her? Devon’s family has always worried that Ashley is always too trusting and naïve. And as time goes by, she discovers that they were right.

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