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Publication Order of Premonition Pointe Books

Witching for Grace (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witching For Hope (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witching for Joy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witching for Clarity (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witching For Moxie (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witching For Kismet (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Premonition Pointe Series

As an American author, Deanne Chase has carefully crafted a writing career that combines numerous different genres in an intelligent manner. This has made her a household name for many, creating fun and engaging stories, bringing in supernatural elements into real-world settings. Resonating with readers from around the world, many have taken to her work, regardless of where they’re from and their background. Creating real people, she makes the most of her situations, as they cope with not only the stresses of contemporary life, but the supernatural and magic too. Over time this has seen her creating a variety of series, many of which see her readers coming back for more time and time again.

One such series is that of ‘Premonition Pointe’ as it features a witches coven set in the local area, as they must all deal with real magic, along with their day-to-day lives. This also entails their love lives and romances, along with their place in the world, as it looks at each member of the coven in a realistic way. Combining many genres, the series contains a series of stories, with each book looking at a different witch from the coven, with many arcs and cameos featuring in each title.

Witching for Grace

Initially published through the ‘Bayou Moon Press’ publishing imprint, this would first come out on the 16th of February in 2020. Setting up the Premonition Pointe series for the first time, it establishes both the world and the characters, while also telling its own story. Dealing with witchcraft and magic, it looks at the story of Grace Valentine, with its own self-contained narrative setting up the franchise.

This is a fun and engaging novel with a lot of humor and heart to it, really capturing the reader from the outset as well. Combining magic with everyday living, this resonates in an entertaining way, looking at real people and situations through the prism of the supernatural. Understand her audience and the genre perfectly, Deanne Chase makes the most of her compelling premise, taking it into the new and interesting areas.

Out of a job and a husband, Grace Valentine is served with divorce papers by her now philandering ex-partner, as she also managed his real-estate offices. With her coven to help her, she now must move on at the age of forty-five, but it seems like the only job offer is at the once rival real-estate firm. Given a trial run, she must prove herself by selling the haunted properties of Premonition Pointe, after which she’ll be given a permanent position. The only issue is that she must also deal with the stress of everyday life, while coping with her attraction to the younger man in her office, along with overcoming her ex. Will she use magic to place a curse on her ex-partner? Can she sell the haunted houses in time? What will become of witching for Grace?

Witching for Hope

Once again published through the ‘Bayou Moon Press’ publishing house, this would be the second title in the ongoing ‘Premonition Pointe’ series of novels. Carrying on with another self-contained story, it looks at another member of the same witches coven as before, all set in the same community. It would also pave the way for the third title in the collection, with this being brought out in 2020 on the 29th of July, not long after the first.

As another story set in Premonition Pointe, this excellently follows up on the first title, while providing plenty of surprises of its own. With strong and engaging characters, the reader is really invested in them and their outcome, as they root for them the whole way. Building upon the world too, it really creates a sense of familiarity with the witches coven, allowing them well and truly shine.

Everything seems to be going great for Hope Anderson, as she’s really enjoying her life, living single and free. That’s when Lucas King walks back into her life threatening to change everything, as the once love of her life turns everything upside down. Not only that, but her mother warns her of a curse that threatens all women from the Anderson family when they reach forty-six. Dealing with her coven, Hope Anderson must now get her life back on track, all while questioning Lucas’s intentions. Will she be able to overcome this hurdle in her life? Can her and Lucas become an item? What become of the witching for Hope?

Witching for Joy

Providing another fun story set in the same world as before, this would be the third title in the ‘Premonition Pointe’ series of novels. Originally released on the 23rd of September in 2020, this would again publish through the ‘Bayou Moon Press’ label, just as with the others. Paving the way for the fourth too, which was titled ‘Witching for Clarity’ in 2021, this does everything that it sets out to do and more.

Coming to a crossroads in her life, Joy Lansing is dealing with being recently divorced from her husband after thirty years. With their children having left home, she’s now forty-eight, and is looking to make some major changes in her life. That’s when she finds herself on television, with a small-role that could change everything, but it seems that her jealous co-star has other plans when she begins hexing her. Now Joy must use all of her magic, along with the help of her coven, to see her through to the end and make the most of her new career. Will she be able to overcome it all though? Can she deal with the attractive celebrity hoping to date her? What will become of witching for Joy?

The Premonition Pointe Series

This series has everything when it comes to supernatural romance and witchcraft, along with plenty of realistic and engaging situations and characters. For any fans of the genre they’ll really enjoy this particular collection as Deanne Chase really delivers on its compelling premise. Making for fast, fun, and accessible reads, readers definitely won’t be disappointed here when it comes to the world of Premonition Pointe and the coven within.

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