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Publication Order of Prescription For Trouble Books

The Prescription For Trouble series is a series of medical suspense and Christian fiction books written one of the most famous authors from the United States named Richard L. Mabry. This series is comprised of 5 books in total, which were published between the years 2009 and 2013. All the novels in this series are based on the medical situations that author Mabry came across in his 36 year long career in the field of medicine. He has combined his medical expertise along with other elements to pen down the intriguing plots of all the 5 books in the series. In addition to that, the books also combine romance and solid suspense genres and depict an overall interesting novel. Author Mabry began writing the series in the year 2009 and came up with its debut novel in the following year. Each and every book of the series features a different set of central characters, one of which is a hard working doctor who gets trapped in a difficult situation. The first book in the suspense series is titled as ‘Code Blue’. It was first released in the year 2009 and then again in 2010 by the Abingdon Press. Author Mabry has introduced the main character of this book in the role of Dr. Cathy Sewell. The other important characters in the plot include Lawyer Will Kennedy and Pastor Matthew Kennedy. At the beginning of the story, it is depicted that Dr. Cathy Sewell considers the word Code Blue more than just the cardiac emergency that she has to deal with. It also shows her mental condition as she realizes that she has not achieved the peace that she was desperately looking for when she decided to return to her hometown. In fact, it becomes clear to her that someone in the town wants her completely gone, or dead.

The reason behind returning back to the hometown is that Cathy tries to seek some healing time after she goes through a broken relationship. But, her expectation is not fulfilled as she discovers that someone among her acquaintances and friends does not want her to stay in the town. That person is probably looking to kill her. Dr. Cathy receives some relief when her sweetheart from high school, Will Kennedy, offers to help her come out of the situation. But, she wonders whether the help will come with a price tag. Dr. Cathy also wonders whether the hospital staff chief named Dr. Marcus Bell is actually supporting her in the fight of getting hospital privileges. When Will Kennedy’s father, Matthew Kennedy, tries to give her advice on the matter, Cathy thinks that he is trying to make her return and start the beginning of the church proceedings once again, that she had left several years ago. Later, it is learned by Cathy Sewell that one of the prescriptions that she gave to a banker of the town gets him almost killed. Due to this, she faces a malpractice suit and fears that her time and career in the town of going to end very soon. The situations that Dr. Cathy faces right from the day she returns to town make her realize that her decision to come back has brought more trouble in her life than relief. The novel on the whole, appeared to be a satisfying mystery cum romance novel. It was very much appreciated by the readers all over the world. Author Mabry’s description of Dr. Cathy as a young, blond, and attractive doctor was also liked by the readers a lot. As the story approaches its end, author Mabry has added several interesting twists and turns. The fact that the overall plot is centered around Christianity and Faith is shown as a virtue made the critics praise the book even more. Author Mabry has described romance, but without any excessive kissing, tawding sex, winter or other petting sports. Due to these factors, the novel appears to be an overall likeable read.

One more exciting and suspenseful medical thriller written in the series by Richar Mabry is titled as ‘Medical Error’. The Abingdon Press once again released this book in the year 2010. In the story of the book, author Mabry has introduced a new character in the role of the central lead. She is known as Dr. Anna McIntyre. The other important characters described in the story include Attorney Ross Donovan and Dr. Nick Valentine. In the opening part of the book, Dr. McIntyre is shown having a perfect life as everything seems to be going fine. But, it begins to turn upside down when some other person begins to live her life. Due to a mix-up of identities, one of the patients of Dr. McIntyre dies. As a result, she feels that her career as a doctor has landed in jeopardy. Later, she learns that someone has forged her prescriptions and this has caused to ruin her credits. After dealing with the situation, Dr. McIntyre thought that nothing else would go wrong in her life from now on. However, her expectation proves wrong when she receives an envelope which shows an HIV positive test report with her name printed on it. To help her come out of this new tension in life, Dr. McIntyre has the support of two men in her life. They are Dr. Nick Valentine and Ross Donovan, who works as an attorney. These men also compete among themselves to get her affection.

Dr. Valentine appears to be a cynic who has a lot of guilt in his heart, while Ross Donovan is trying to recover from his alcoholic habits. The more Dr. McIntyre tries to dig in order to find out the person behind the identity thefts taking place at her hospital, the more the stakes are raised. In the end, when her own life seems to be on the line, Dr. McIntyre discovers that the determination to get her name cleared from the deaths due to the identity mix-ups has landed her in a great trouble. With the help of this story, author Mabry has very well described the other side of being a popular doctor. He has also shown how horrific the things can become at times if they are not dealt with carefully. The critics and readers liked the way author Mabry has paced the story in this book. He has also made use of some elements of humor and wit, which helped to add more intrigue in the plot. Overall, the book proved to be an interesting and enjoyable read, which helped it to become extremely successful.

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