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Publication Order of Primavera Blackstone Books

Inhuman Remains (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Red (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
As Easy as Murder (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Business (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
As Serious As Death (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Quentin Jardine, the well regarded Scottish author, has a number of warmly received series franchises to his name. One of these is set around the character of Primavera Blackstone, a spin-off series to the equally beloved Oz Blackstone series that came before. Seen as a protagonist here in of herself, this series gives her personality space to breathe as she undertakes a number of cases all of her own. Oz Blackstone was a great policeman in his own time, but that’s come to an end now since he passed away. This has left his ex-wife to take his place and deal with crime in her own unique hardened style. Still haunted by her deceased husband, she works hard to keep her mind off things and finish the job in a manner which would make him proud. Over the series she has really come into her own though as she builds a style that’s all her.

Following the well worn ground of the crime genre, they build their own unique set of rules from these as they create their own idiosyncratic that’s all their own. This is, in part, due to the strong characterization of Primavera herself. Jardine has garnered a lot of success from these books and that looks like something that’s definitely set to continue.

Inhuman Remains

Setting up the Primavera Blackstone series, this novel was initially released in 2009 on the 5th of February to much acclaim from his readers and newcomers alike. Taking the Oz Blackstone franchise in a wholly different direction, this works on its own as a set of novels that have an alternative tone to what’s come before. With Primavera taking the lead this time, it follows on from what’s come previously establishing her as a character all of her own as she takes the helm. With her own mystery to get her started, she manages to carry along the momentum of the narrative by herself, as she overcomes the events of the previous series with a strength.

Primavera Blackstone is first introduced here as she’s seen dealing with the loss of her now deceased husband Oz Blackstone, as his shadow looms over her throughout the case. Trying to make peace whilst with her son Tom, she’s trying to find some tranquility, but this isn’t to be as a new set of events start to occur. Residing in Spain to begin with she soon finds herself embroiled in a case, which she finds she has to solve. All the while the spirit of Oz lurks in the background haunting her subconscious thought, as she tries to overcome her grief. Disturbed from the brief period of peace, they are visited by the elderly aunt of Primavera who turns up at their Spanish retreat. Arriving unnanounced, Aunt Adrienne is a formidable presence and she has issues of her own it seems, as she seeks help from Primavera. It appears her son, Frank, has gotten himself mixed up in some shady business, as he’s immersed himself within the shadowy underworld of casinos as he’s disappeared after being involved with an international casino project. Flying into Seville, Primavera then finds she’s been placed on the fugitive list so she needs to escape and find out why, only to find her aunt has now disappeared too and her son Tom has been forced to flee himself. It is now up to her find out the truth behind this mysterious set of circumstances.

Will Primavera Blackstone be able to overcome her grief and deal with the task that has been placed before her, or will she succumb? Can she find out the truth behind everyone’s missing whereabouts and why she has been placed on a wanted list? What will become of her and can she evade capture as she looks to discover the secret of some definitely inhuman remains?

Blood Red

Following on from the events of the first novel this finds the character of Primavera Blackstone now firmly established within her narrative allowing the action to flow naturally. Initially published in 2009, this carried on what had come before as it brought in a whole new mystery for her to solve. It also manages to further develop her character as well, providing greater depth to what came before.

Back in Spain, Primavera is now enjoying a more tranquil and relaxed life as she takes everything at an easier pace in a village called Catalan, which is based on the coast there. Both her and eight year old son are popular within the local community there and, although they seem to be living a happy life now, she still laments Oz Blackstone somewhat. Striking up a friendship with the local parish priest their, people start gossiping as they speculate about the true nature of what their relationship might be. Soon though murder is afoot once more as a local councilman of the area is found dead following a dispute, as he’s discovered with his skull smashed in. This then leads to questions being asked as Primavera’s skills of deduction are called into practice once again as she looks to solve the case.

Will she be able to find out who did, or will the killer strike again? Can she overcome the troubles haunting her still, as she attempts to lay old ghosts to rest? What could the truth behind the murder possibly be and why did they spill blood red?

The Primavera Blackstone Series

As a stand-alone series, this has really come into its own after the departure of Oz Blackstone from the overall franchise that Quentin Jardine has set-up. Operating as a strong female protagonist in what is a largely male dominated genre, she’s a positive contribution to the field of crime fiction overall. The extensive back-story to her character helps as well, as her readers have become invested in who she is over the many years. This looks like something that is set to continue in the following years to come as Jardine has made no signs that he’s going to be stopping anytime soon as he will continue into the foreseeable future.

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