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Publication Order of Princess Power Books

The Charmingly Clever Cousin (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Perfectly Proper Prince (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mysterious, Mournful Maiden (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stubbornly Secretive Servant (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Awfully Angry Ogre (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gigantic, Genuine Genie (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Suzanne Williams is an American author of fictional stories that often contain illustrations. Suzanne Williams has written over sixty books designed for children ten and younger that include over half a dozen picture books and counting. Williams has also composed books that have chapters and are designed for middle schoolers too. She doesn’t just write, as she also visits schools and speaks at conferences for librarians, teachers, and writers.

She grew up on the west coast in Eugene, Oregon. She attended the University of Oregon and studied sociology, getting a bachelor’s in this subject and then a Master’s degree in library science. She moved near Seattle along with her husband to Renton, Washington, shortly after finishing her time at college. He is a principal trombonist that plays with the Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra. They have two adult children together and are very fond of Toby, their pet toy fox terrier.

She says that she doesn’t remember consciously wanting to be a writer when she grew up; just that she liked to read a lot. However, her fifth and sixth-grade teacher commented on the report card on Williams’ command of language and ‘flair’ for creative writing. Mrs. Hall stated that she and Suzanne’s classmates have enjoyed her talents in this area.Now Williams writes full-time as her career of choice.

Suzanne is familiar with the literary world as she used to work at an elementary school as a librarian, so transitioning to being a writer has not been that much of a stretch! It wasn’t until she had been a librarian for a decade and gone on to have children of her own that she began to write books for children. There are also two published authors that share the name Suzanne Williams: she and Suzanne Morgan Williams. Williams states that Morgan Williams resides in Reno and her books are mostly nonfiction, not fiction.

She is the author of multiple series. These include the Goddess Girls series, which she wrote along with Joan Holub. She also has penned the Heroes in Training series as well as the Grimmtastic girls. Williams is also the author of the Princess Power series, which she penned and Chuck Gonzales illustrated.

The Princess Power series kicked off in 2006 with the official publication of the first book in the series, which is titled The Perfectly Proper Prince. This fun book was followed by the release of The Charmingly Clever Cousin in the same year. There would be more books to come in this exciting series for children that included the third book The Awfully Angry Ogre and three more after that, with the sixth book being titled The Gigantic Genuine Genie.

The series focuses on the antics and adventures of a real-life princess. The main character in this first story is Princess Lysandra. In the first book, she is putting together a talent show which is a big deal since she is just ten years old. It’s up to this young princess to make sure that the show goes off without a hitch. To do that, she might just require the aid of 3 more princesses to help her out and put on the best talent show ever. The second book is just as exciting and features the princesses trying to solve a mystery.

The Perfectly Proper Prince is the first book in the fun and creative Princess Power series by Suzanne Wiliams. In this story, the reader starts out by being introduced to Princess Lysandra. She is just ten years old, but a princess nevertheless.

Lysandra is currently busy holding auditions for a talent show and she needs people to showcase their talents if she is going to have a full roster of entertainment booked. Luckily, she is able to find three other people that want to participate in the show and reveal their unique princesses. Interestingly enough, these three other girls happen to be princesses as well who are up for a challenge.

The princesses want to help her pull off the best talent show ever, but will they be able to succeed? The princesses might just end up getting diverted in their quest when it appears that a frog prince requires their assistance as well. Can they focus and get the talent show to not only happen but go off without a hitch? You are going to have to read this charming and engaging debut novel in the Princess Power series to find out for yourself!

The Charmingly Clever Cousin is the second novel in the fun and popular Princess Power series by celebrated children’s author Suzanne Williams. Come and see what all the kids and their parents are crazy about in this series with the sequel to the entertaining first book!

The main character in this book is Fatima. The book is designed for readers from age eight to twelve years old. She is going to visit her sister Selime and her brother-in-law Ahmed, Selime’s husband. She decides to invite her friends to come along– a seemingly innocuous plan. What could go wrong with just a simple social outing amongst friends and family?

The girls arrive without delay to visit Fatima’s sister and brother-in-law. But when they arrive, Ahmed’s father falls into a deathly illness. If that were not already enough, Ahmed suddenly goes missing. The friends are alarmed and have no idea what’s going on. It was just supposed to be a simple visit.

Fatima does have her suspicions, and the girls start to suspect that the person responsible for at least one of these things may be someone that is hiding in plain sight and has a personal motive against the men. Could it be someone that knows the family?

Fatima gradually begins to think that Ahmed’s cousin Yusuf may be the one responsible. Will the friends and princesses be able to put their royal heads together to solve this mystery at last? You will need to check out the suspenseful second novel in the action and adventure packed Princess Power series to find out!

If you loved the first two Princess Power books, see why Suzanne Williams’ series is so popular– pick up the next few books in the series!

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