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Publication Order of Privilege Books

Kate Brian is the pen name used by writer Kieran Scott. She is an author of fiction mainly in the Young Adult genre. She is well known for her Private Privilege series as well as her other works, including the fictional Shadowlands series.

Her first full-length fictional novel came out in 2003 and was titled The Princess and the Pauper. She followed that up with The V Club and published several more novels, including the 2009 novel Ex-Mas.

Kate Brian is the writer of the Private/Privilege series. The Private series started off with the publication of the debut novel in the series, Private. That was quickly followed by Invitation Only and then the third book, Untouchable. There were several more in the series and the fourteenth novel in the series was titled Vengeance and was published in 2011.

The author also has a related series in the Privilege series. This series kicked off with the 2008 release of the debut novel, Privilege. This was followed by the sequel, Beautiful Disaster, in 2009. Both series are set at the exclusive private boarding school Easton Academy. The Private series features the main character, Reed Brennan, while the Privilege series features the main character, Ariana Osgood.

Private is the first book in the series of the same name by acclaimed author Kate Brian! Reed Brennan is just like any other 15-year-old girl living in the suburbs. But all that is about to change because she has won a scholarship that will let her go to Easton Academy as a student on their beautiful campus.

Reed’s excited to get away from her mother and boring suburban life. But when she arrives on Easton campus, everyone there seems different than students were at her old school. She can immediately tell that everyone here is more sophisticated, from money, and beautiful in a kind of not as stressed as the hoi polloi middle class. These kids are not used to being without things.

Tradition is big at Easton Academy. There are ways of doing things here, and Reed is starting to realize that even though she’s been accepted into the school, the opposite is not necessarily true. She’s going to have to start off as an outsider and see what happens at this school where everyone’s parents are loaded– except for hers.

But when Reed meets the Billings girls, things might just change. They hold the power on campus and everyone looks up them because they’re not only beautiful and intelligent but confident too. What they say goes and Reed knows that if she gets accepted by the Billings Girls, everyone will accept her at the school too. Reed vows that she will do everything that she can to get close to the girls.

The closer that Reed gets, the more that she notices that behind the designer clothing and confident attitude, there are quite a few skeletons hanging out in their fashionable closets. When it comes to secrets, that’s something that these popular girls keep pressed closer to their chests than their Chanel clutches.

In this private world, everyone wants to be a Billings girl or be seen with a Billings Girl. Can Reed get accepted into their circle– or will she be left on the outs? You’ve got to read Kate Brian’s Private to find out!

Invitation Only is the second book in the Private series. Reed Brennan has been accepted to private boarding school Easton Academy, where every student there reeks of money and privilege. Reed has finally gotten a more glamorous life than the one she was born with, and she’s not giving it up now.

She’s rolling with some new friends now, and her status comes with respect and admiration. Everyone wants to know who she is and be around her. Reed gets a shock when she’s being blackmailed by someone that she knows and is using it to get Reed to dig up secrets on the Billings Girls– or the girl will get Reed expelled from school.

With the biggest party of the year coming up, Reed can’t afford to slip up, even if she isn’t invited. The Legacy party is always held in N.Y.C. and there are even rumors that Thomas, Reed’s boyfriend, might be there. Being popular isn’t what she thought, but Reed needs to get out of her blackmail situation. Will she throw her blackmailer under the bus or dig up the dirt on the Billings Girls to save herself? You’ve got to pick up Invitation Only to find out!

Privilege is the second book in the Privilege series. Ariana Osgood is the main character in this book, which is set at the same Easton Academy as the Private series by Kate Brian. Most girls would die to have a life as privileged as Ariana Osgood does.

However, they probably don’t want what actually happened to her. Ariana was the ruler of the Easton Academy scene until her life completely changed when she was arrested. The charge was murdering Thomas Pearson. Ariana now wants a second chance at the life that she left behind. When Ariana wants something, she usually gets it– or people pay the price.

Now she’s planning a way to get back to her old life and everything that comes along with it. Can she really get back, or will this former popular girl make everything infinitely worse? You’re going to have to pick up the first novel in Kate Brian’s fun Privilege series to find out!

Beautiful Disaster is the second novel in the Privilege series by Kate Brian. Ariana Osgood had to scheme a lot, but she finally got back to where she really belongs after over a year in a mental institution. With a new look, name, and life, thanks to her old friend Briana Leigh, things are going well.

Ariana is enrolled at a new boarding school outside of D.C. and is finally back to the good life. She’s feeling more herself than ever; sleeping in Frette sheets, flirting with the crew team captain, and immediately linking up with the most beautiful girls on campus.

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