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Publication Order of Prizzi Books

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Prizzi's Money (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon

Richard Thomas Condon was a highly – acclaimed and much-celebrated novelist who mostly wrote in satiric and comical form. Born on March-18, 1915, in the New York City, the political theme remains constant in Condon’s every work. Many scholars and readers believe that it is primarily because he served many years in American Navy where he experienced misuse of power, corruption, and political drama first handedly. Condon believed that the powerful forces are making the world a much difficult place and hence, dedicated his writings in spreading the same message. Regarding his writings which are mostly political satires, he once said, “Every book I have ever written has been about abuse of the power. I very strongly feel about that. I would like people to know deeply how their politicians wrong them.”

Apart from strong political satires, Condon is mainly remembered for his epic humorous style and captivating realism. His most famous works had been The Manchurian Candidate (1959), and Prizzi Series (1982 – 1994) which is a highly dramatic and well written criminal series based in New York City. Richard Condon has authored some 26 books, and he died in 1996, in Texas.

The Prizzi series consists of four breath-taking novels which are – Prizzi’s Honor (1982), Prizzi’s Family (1986), Prizzi’s Glory (1988), and Prizzi’s Money (1994). A very humorous and uniquely sparkling set of stories, this chronicle is as real as it is imagined. The Prizzis are basically a gangster family (how creative and surreal is that?). But they are not even the protagonists. They are actually the driving force for our real protagonist, who is Charley Partanna who has this weird tendency to mess up his life in every chance he gets. Also, we have Julia Asbury, a strong and ambitious woman who will do anything to get what she wants, even if that anything is getting involved with New York’s biggest mafia family. And as you follow the Prizzi family for four books, you will find yourself dwell in the most amazing, humorous, and mesmerizing story ever.

1. PRIZZI’S HONOR (1982)
The first book in the series, Prizzi’s Honor is also the most adored and critically acclaimed work of the author. The biggest success of the novel lies in its Hollywood adaption, a movie of the same name released in 1985. The film was a huge success as well and won an academy award while it was nominated in at least 8 categories. Furthermore, the film also won several Golden Globe Awards and American Film Institute’s Awards.

Coming back to the book now, we can truly say that the book deserved all its appreciation and success since the story was unlike any other. Even though it is superficially a love story with its all kind of complications and obstacles, the main theme goes way deeper. Charley Partanna is a loyal and efficient worker for the Prizzis, and pretty much enjoys his work as it provides him power and protection. Things get out of hand when he falls in love with a beautiful, young, affectionate Irene Walker. And Irene has some secrets to hide; she had been in some dirty business with the Prizzis and apparently, is a liability to Charley now.

An extremely interesting story with the best imaginable plot twists and larger-than-the-life characters, Prizzi’s Honor is a captivating tale of love, loyalty, justice, and the weird ways this world works. It will stick you to the pages ’til the end and will give you an ending which will leave you grasping you more. And in that case, thank goodness we have three more to follow.

Prizzi’s Family was published by Putnam Publishing Group on 1st October 1986. It follows the incredible yet confusing tale of Charley Partanna and his adventures with Prizzi family. And not just the Prizzi family, in this second book of the epic series, Charley is juggling being an assassin, two gorgeous women, and yes, studies. Charley is planning to graduate high school, but things keep getting difficult and more.

Again with the sublime themes of crime, love, mafia world, and good and right, Charley is lost and has to find a way out. This book, I believe, like many of Cordon’s bestsellers, directly aim at the real life personas and problems in a very fictional world. And that is the prime reason why his books are so popular and successful. He fuses reality with the unreal effortlessly and gives us a perfect story line which we like to indulge in. Characters like Charley are real, they are not perfect. Charley is always messed up, and makes mistake, and has bad judgment, but still turns out to be okay. This gives us a hope that maybe that is how it is actually supposed to be. We are all messy and may be, like Charley, we all will be fine.

3. PRIZZI’S GLORY (1998)
A crazy story with the even crazier turn of events, Prizzi’s Glory offers everything, from horror to humor, from love to lust, from right to good, and yes, especially, Charley Partana who really stands out at this one. This novel could be called an epic closure to the series, where everything seemingly settles and almost makes sense.

Charley and the Prizzi family, both have their share of troubles in this well-written masterpiece. And exactly like its predecessors, it is funny yet touches the most serious topics like prostitution, money, virtue, and weight of making life changing decisions. The entire series is worth reading, and this novel plays a major role in that.

4. PRIZZI’S MONEY (1994)
Every great thing has to end, but if the end is as spectacular as this one, it is totally worth the end. Prizzi’s Money is the last text in the epic chronicles which was published in 1994 by Crown. Even though the plot and theme stay the same, the protagonist changes but the main gist remains. Julia Asbury is a smart woman, but with the complications of her own.

This final piece of the great saga is worth everything you can ever imagine.

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