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Prof Croft is the main character in a series of urban fantasy novels by Brad Magnarella. Croft leads a double life as a college professor during the day and a wizard during the night. Before publishing the series’ debut novel Demon Moon in 2016, Brad Magnarella published two prequels, Book of Souls and Siren Call.

Demon Moon is the first book in the Prof. Croft series by Brad Magnarella. In the heart of New York, amidst the aftermath of a significant financial downturn, lies a world teeming with hidden magic and unseen wonders. We are introduced to the main character, Everson Croft. He leads a double life- as a college lecturer by day and as an undercover wizard affiliated with the Order—a secretive cabal of mages tasked with maintaining the delicate balance between the mundane and the magical.

We are then introduced to Lieutenant Vega. He enlists Croft’s expertise to solve a puzzling homicide at St Martin’s Church. This case is closely connected with a series of demon summoning Croft has been tracking. This unlikely union sets the stage for a thrilling investigation that showcases Croft’s magical prowess and highlights his deductive skills, merging the worlds of detective fiction and fantasy compellingly and seamlessly.

The story mixes make-believe creatures hiding in today’s world. This mix makes the story colorful, with many different characters and cultures. The idea of hiding in plain sight makes the story more interesting and complicated. It pulls readers into a world where magical things are secretly everywhere.
Through Demon Moon, Brad Magnarella brings a refreshing twist to familiar themes. And yes, Croft isn’t the only character in the fantasy world to live a double life. But despite living a double life, he’s also on probation for a crime, adding another layer to his character. The blend of daily life and magical elements keeps the story interesting. Additionally, Brad makes this novel stand out thanks to the blend of traditional and new ideas. It offers readers an engaging experience with its innovative touches. Magnarella’s creativity shines, providing a distinct flavor to the genre.

Demon Moon presents a raw, unfiltered voice reminiscent of an initial draft’s creative enthusiasm. This approach gives us a unique insight into the author’s lucid vision, making the experience distinct and engaging. What makes this novel stand out from other standard fantasy books is the fact that it takes its time, moving at a careful pace from start to finish.

Although it’s only 318 pages, it feels much longer due to its detailed storytelling. Surprisingly, the story isn’t fast-paced; however, the slow pace is part of its charm. This slow pacing fully immerses the readers in the detective story. The pacing also allows the author to carefully build tension, develop characters and make the world rich and full. Each action scene is meticulously crafted and allows the reader to view the battles’ emotional and dangerous aspects. This approach gives readers a chance to understand and feel the story and make each moment meaningful.

The novel is told through the voice of the main character, Croft. Magnarella carefully crafts every sentence, filling the narrative with vivid descriptions and comprehensive background information. The characters in the book, including Croft, display a wide range of personalities that add depth and variety to the story. Croft’s unpredictable nature and decision-making add an element of surprise and realism. It reflects the complexity of human behavior. His interactions with other characters, such as the stern mentor Chicory and the authoritative yet caring cop Vega, create dynamic relationships that drive the plot forward.

Each character, from the determined Caroline Reid to the mysterious cabal known as the Order, plays a crucial role in building the story’s world. Their distinct traits and backgrounds contribute to a rich tapestry of interactions and motivations. The wide range of supporting characters, such as straightforward Snodgrass and the benevolent Father Vick, provides Croft various perspectives and challenges.

The portrayal of characters fitting into classic roles with unique twists keeps the story familiar yet fresh. The novel cleverly uses these archetypes to build anticipation and add layers to the plot, ensuring readers are always eager to see what happens next. The inclusion of a traditional villain adds a touch of classic intrigue and suspense, making the climactic moments all the more satisfying. Their interactions and growth throughout the story offer a captivating exploration of themes such as loyalty, courage, and the shades of morality in a world filled with magic and danger.

Blood Deal is the second novel in the Prof Croft Series by Brad Magnarella. Professor Everson Croft faces a nerve-wracking evening. He plans to reveal everything to Caroline: his feelings and the secret of his magic. However, the evening takes an unexpected turn with a call from Detective Vega regarding a new case. A mysterious creature is causing havoc in a housing project controlled by rival gangs. The creature has left behind a trail of destruction and death. With tensions rising, any further violence might trigger all-out warfare. The investigation suggests that a vampire named Arnaud is involved. Worse enough, Vegas is threatened unless Croft misleads the investigation.

Furthermore, Caroline has vanished, and Croft finds himself a suspect in her disappearance. No one seems to believe his last encounter with Caroline was alongside Angelus, a full-blooded faerie known for his dangerous nature. Croft is now entangled in two critical situations: one personal, involving Caroline’s disappearance, and one professional, revolving around the chaotic violence in the housing project.

Both cases are spiraling out of control, pushing Croft to the edge. He must navigate this complex web of threats, deceit, and supernatural elements to uncover the truth and save those he cares about. It’s time for him to harness his magical abilities like never before.
In Blood Deal, Brad Magnarella skillfully lays down clues early on, weaving them into a satisfying conclusion that sees the protagonist paying a significant personal cost. This element of sacrifice adds depth to Croft’s character and keeps readers invested in his journey. The novel also ends with a cliffhanger, which is solved in Purge City and the subsequent installments in the series.

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