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Publication Order of Project Enterprise Books

Project Enterprise Series by Pauline Baird Jones
Author Pauline Baird Jones writes the “Project Enterprise” series of science fiction romance novels. The series began publication in the year 2007, when “The Key” was released.

The series is for those that enjoy captivating characters, gripping adventures, and some emotional out-of-this-world encounters.

“The Key” is the first novel in the “Project Enterprise” series, and was released in the year 2007. Sara Donovan, an air force pilot, joins up with Project Enterprise and truly finds that what doesn’t kill her really does make her stronger. She is the best of the best to be assigned this mission, and she is not at all afraid to journey out way beyond the Milky Way that takes her into this galaxy that is torn apart by a bitter and long warfare between the Gadi and the Dusan.

She gets shot down and is able to land safely on a planet that is inhospitable. While here, she meets Kiernan Fyn, who is a seriously hot alien with some secrets of his own, and he is a member of the Ojemba, a resistance group that is lead by the ruthless and mysterious Kalian.

Together, they have to avoid being captured, but how will they avoid their growing attraction to one another? A hidden and mysterious city on this planet brings Sara ever closer to the answers she is looking for. About her mom’s past and her confounding abilities. She has got no idea that she is getting pulled right into the very same danger her mom fled from, the key to one secret that was left behind by a lost civilization, called the Garradians.

The Gadi and the Dusan are looking to get the key. As are the Ojemba. They believe that Sara has got it and are willing to do whatever they have to in order to get it. Sara is going to have to do whatever it takes in order to stop them.

Fans found this to have a strong heroine in Sara, because of her actions and due to the fact that she kicks a lot of ass in the novel. Even when she falls for Fyn, she doesn’t all of a sudden lose her brains, she still takes care of herself and does the best job she is able to for her own country. The novel features plenty of humor and romance, as well as enough fantastic characters that keep things interesting at all times.

“Girl Gone Nova” is the second novel in the “Project Enterprise” series, and was released in the year 2010. Doc-Delilah Oliver Clementyne delivered simple orders: do the impossible and get it done yesterday. A bad ass and a genius, she is able to do the impossible regularly. This time, however, the impossible is complicated by the imminent war between the Earth expedition out to the Garradian Galaxy and the Gadi.

It is an encounter with some wife-hunting aliens, and not just one, but two bands of time travelers. The only way it could get any worse is if the heart she never knew she had starts beating for the wrong guy.

Fans found this to be quite a roller coaster ride with a complex mystery of a plot that mixes time and space travel, good old fashioned military space opera, and advanced technology. There is even a sweet romance happening in the story as well.

“Tangled in Time” is the third novel in the “Project Enterprise” series, and was released in the year 2010. She is a vintage scientist and he is a modern soldier. Their star-crossed love might just redefine the boundaries of space and times.

Colonel Braedon Carey believed his space-time test flight would be easy. He wakes up confused and dazed in an unfamiliar desert, he knows that he has landed in the wrong decade. Judging by the steam-powered machine he encounters, he finds that a spunky scientist has already broken his space-time record. By over a hundred years.

Miss Olivia Carstairs had triple-checked the calculations for her transmogrification machine before pulling the trigger. She never counted on getting thrown off course by an odd guy from the future. Olivia, while being lost in time together, teams up with this intriguing traveler that speaks in confusing turns of phrase but his warm eyes still speak volumes to her.

Olivia and Braedon, who are on the run from one mad doctor with his own twisted and dark purpose. Braedon and Olivia have to find their way to a brand new future before their histories vanish forever.

This one has a tight plot and always keeps a good balance between dialogue and action. Readers liked how sharp and often times witty these characters can be. Pauline does a great job of developing her characters, despite the short length of this story.

“Steamrolled” is the fourth novel in the “Project Enterprise” series, and was released in the year 2011. Robert Clementyne is the one thing standing in between an evil doctor and one accidental time machine that went missing. After his trail of clues runs cold, he takes a long-shot risk and goes and visits the steampunk-themed bowling alley themed museum that belongs to the descendant of the investor.

Emily Babcock has dedicated her entire life to keeping the memory of her pioneering ancestor alive. Even while she is skeptical when the hunky stranger comes looking for the invention that has been long lost in time. That is, until the contraption materializes right before her eyes. Hoping for some kind of romantic detour, Emily jumps on board with this sexy mystery guy for a wild ride through both time and space.

Each of their travels takes a rather twisted turn as they plunge right into a fever dream version of New York City. Trapped in the unstable time bubble, Emily and Robert have to figure out a way of defeating the evil doctor and escape before reality itself comes crashing down.

Readers found this one had some very detailed world-building with amazing plausible tech and science. The villain is magnificent and a feisty heroine and somewhat tortured male.

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