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Publication Order of The Project Books

The Project series is a series of adventure, thriller, and action novels written by one of the well known novelists from America named Ale Lukeman. This series consists of a total of 12 novels, which were published between the years 2011 and 2015. Each and every book of the series features a covert anti terrorism black ops group called as the project. This highly skilled group of individuals who report only to the United States President, who is the Commander in Chief of the operation. The Project group is a small group of elite personnel who refuse to quit from the job given to them by their commander until they get it done. The main members of this black ops group include Selena Connor, Lamont Cameron, Nicholas Carter, Ronnie Peete, Stephanie Willis, and Elizabeth Harker. When these people are together, they remain united and seem to ready to do whatever it takes to keep The United States safe and secure from the enemies. The list of enemies of the U.S.A is huge and it is the responsibility of the Project members to prevent them from wreaking havoc.

Author Alex Lukeman began writing the Project series in the year 2011. He finished writing the debut book of the series and released it in the same year. Currently, the novel series is still going on author Alex Lukeman is about to publish his most recent work of the series very soon. Author Lukeman says that in the world of the Project, things are always not like what they appear to be in the first place. The men and women involved with this deadly black ops group tend to fight by hiding in the shadow. Their main mission is to confront the hidden enemies of America and destroy before they can cause any trouble to the great nation of the world. It is the faceless enemies of America who tend to cause a greater trouble and the fighters from the Project need to tackle them well before they can plan the destruction of America and set it motion. The series is also available in the form of audio books that can be read and enjoyed by the readers all over the world. After the huge success of the initial novels of the series, author Lukeman was motivated and encouraged for continuing his work on the rest part of the series. This helped him to pen down several intriguing novels, which also became successful like the other books of the Project series. This way, author Lukeman eventually went on to establish himself as one of the noteworthy authors of the adventure thriller and action genres.

One of the earlier novels in the Project series written by author Alex Lukeman was published under the title ‘The Eye of Shiva’. It was released by author Lukeman himself in the form of a Kindle edition in the year 2014. In this book, one of the members of the Project group named Nick Carter is shown as going on a secret mission that takes him to the Philippines. As the novel begins, it is depicted that Nick Carter finds a stack of ancient gold coins from the stokehold of the terrorists. Later, he comes to know that the terrorists have been these gold coins for purchasing weapons for the past many years. Nick begins to wonder where did the gold coins come from. As soon as the gold coins are discovered, the Project members are set on a collision course with a deadly terrorist and a dying spy from the CIA in India. The ruthless terrorist seems to be dreaming about establishing an Islamic Caliphate all over India, whereas the Indian spy seeks the revenge of the murder of his son and wife. At the same time, a secret conspiracy on the global scale seems to be getting manipulated with the help of certain events taking place behind the scenes.

These conspirators appear to be having the intention of provoking a war between India and Pakistan, and also launch a nuclear missile attack on China. Several clues are discovered which indicate that the gold coins were among a legendary treasure that was robbed from India by a Persian King in the 18th century. There is a mystical jewel among the stolen treasure, which is called as the ‘Eye of Shiva’. One man from India is determined to find the mystical jewel with the intention of fulfilling the prophecy that predicts the destruction of the enemies of India. Nick and Selena get surrounded by the murderous enemies as risk their lives against them while struggling with their own doubts related to their relationship. As the tensions between the countries of the subcontinent continue to grow, Selena and Nick are caught in the race against time for stopping a nuclear war that could devastate India, China, and Pakistan. Overall, the book shows a fast moving plot revolving around love, intrigue, and revenge, which guarantee the readers to keep reading till the very end.

Another book among the earlier ones of the Project series was published under the title ‘Black Rose’. This book was released in the year 2015 as a Kindle edition. As the story of this novel starts, it is shown that a lethal biological weapon is stolen from a hidden warfare biological laboratory that was kept as a secret in the North Korean mountains. Later, it is learned that there is no cure for this deadly virus and if infected, death is one hundred percent certain. Those who stole this biological weapon intended to reduce the population of the world, and if this happens millions will lose their lives in a very short time. Another intention of the holders of the deadly weapon is to cause the downfall of the global economy and establish their dominance on the world. Nick Carter and Selena Connor from the Project team are once again seen fighting against one of their old nemesis, which is a centuries old conspiracy known as Aeon. The Director of the Project group named Elizabeth Harker intends to eliminate the Aeon, this time once and for all. As things proceed towards the final confrontation, there is no surety that the events will turn in favor of the Project. During the mission, Nick Carter comes to know about a dark secret from the past life of Selena Connor. With this, their relationship appears to get jeopardized. But before something life that happens, the Project team learns that they are being sent on one more dangerous mission without the guarantee that they will be able to come out alive.

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