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Publication Order of Protector/Superhero Books

The Cat's Fancy (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aphrodite's Kiss (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aphrodite's Passion (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aphrodite's Secret (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aphrodite's Flame (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

About The Protector Series:

Julie is another American author. She grew up in Texas and got her degree in film at the University of Texas at Austin. She then decided to attend law school at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She spent a good amount of time practicing law before giving up law to become a full time writer and mother. Kenner has written a fair amount of books, a popular set are the Protector Series, which received two pearl award honorable mentions, including best new author. She writes incredible romance and fantasy book that would never leave you dissatisfied. On the contrary you might become hooked onto her style of writing. Her refreshing and comical dialogue within in her novels makes her books beautiful.

What is the Protector Series?

It’s a set of books that have this very enriched and powerful dialogue that captures the minds of people in everyday life. Julie Kenner began writing the Protector series or also known as the Superhero series beginning in the year 2000. The series starts off with the prequel, ‘The Cat’s Fancy’ and finishes with ‘Aphrodite’s Flame’ in 2004. Kenner resurfaced in 2013 with the book, ‘Aphrodite’s Embrace’. This book was another novella(story) to the series. You take a busy working person and entangle them with a superhero and you bet they will have a hard time reacting! There six amazing books in this series, all of them are sexy and compelling. A ‘protector’ is what you call a ‘superhero’. In all sense somebody who has x-ray vision, can fly, or talk to animals better be considered super something. Protectors are there to protect the mortal people from harm, but nothing stops them from having some complicated relationships with the mortals; that’s where the stories become interesting, exciting, and overall exhilarating.

The Cat’s Fancy

This book is a prequel, to the Protector series. You have a rising star, a hunk in a suit, a man on the rise in his law firm. Nicholas Goodman has the perfect life, stable career, financial stability, and even a girlfriend whose father is one of his firm’s major clients! All that has to be the work of magic, honestly how perfect can that life be? Even with everything running so smoothly and perfectly, Nick came to a choice between two doors; unfortunately he chose wrong and a beautiful naked girl with green eyes and dark hair is just standing there! Is he lucky or unlucky, I honestly cannot decide. This girl is named Maggie and falls head-over-heels in love with Nick. Here is another shocker besides her nude stunt at his doorstep, Maggie is a Protector, kind of, not exactly, well human. Through the works of magic, of her fairy godmother (there isn’t one) she is given one week to make Nick fall in everlasting love with her. Just one short week to obtain what everybody wants, a ‘happily ever after’.

Aphrodite’s Kiss

First book of the series starts off with what seems like your average elementary school librarian, a woman by the name of Zoe Smith. Sounds like an ordinary enough name, right? What you do not know or might already assume, is that Zoe here is part of a long line of superheroes. There is one thing that separates her from the other superhero people walking about Earth, she’s half mortal and half immortal; which forces her to make a choice. This choice decides her future as a Protector or to become mortal and be just another ordinary girl. She isn’t exactly your best test taker, considering she has failed all the tests to be a Protector and all. With all this superhero testing going on she realizes this, sexy and strong private investigator is a little interested in her, making the choice to be a superhero is the last thing on her mind now. George Bailey Taylor has had a hard life growing up in multiple foster homes. All he wanted was a normal life and live the typical American dream. He meets Zoe and his mind goes crazy and decides she is that girl in his dream. Oh boy he is going to be surprised, right? To make matters even more interesting, Zoe has an overprotective brother named Hale that does not exactly like mortals. With all this madness going about, how is Zoe going to make George fall in love with her? Unfortunately for Zoe, her superpowers are not going to work here.

Zoe Smith

She as you already know is a Halfling. Closing upon her 25th birthday she is deciding whether or not to become a protector. A hunky mortal man by the name of George Bailey Taylor comes into her path and she struggles against his physical attraction. However, never in the Protector’s history has there been a successful relationship between a protector and a mortal. Not even for Zoe’s parents.

George Bailey Taylor

Taylor started off an orphanage and was jumped around between foster homes when he was a child. He became a cop and eventually a private investigator, until a horrible day when he got shot. He survived the wound but was moved to desk work. Taylor feeling wounded and unneeded, met the beautiful and average seeming Zoe Smith. Thinking she could be the perfect girl to fit his American dream, he goes after her.


Hale is Zoe’s overprotective and sort of overbearing brother. He does not take too kindly to mortals, or really just does not care too much about their life. He has a pet ferret named Elmer who talks to with his superpower that allows him to talk to animals. In Aphrodite’s Passion, Hale is the focus of the book, as he saves a girl named Tracy from a magical belt.

What’s next?

If you love paranormal romance stories you will definitely not be disappointed by this series. I would love to tell you what the rest of series are about, but honestly if you read this far, then you have a pretty good grasp of what is going on. Why sit there and continue reading what I have to say about her books, she is a talented writer and keeps readers thoroughly engaged. Through all her interesting and refreshing dialogue in her books you will be sad after you finish her 6th book, I mean who does not want to read more about superheroes falling in love with mortals and the complications and drama it has to offer?

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