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Publication Order of The Protectors Books

Seized by Seduction (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forged in Desire (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Locked in Temptation (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Protectors series is an interesting series of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and suspense novels. It is written by an award winning popular author from America named Brenda Jackson. The series consists of 3 books in total released between 2017 and 2018. Every book in this series is highly entertaining and has managed to attract a large of readers from all parts of the world. Brenda Jackson has done the setting of the plots as a mixture of suspense and romance. In each of the books, she has mentioned exciting characters, who are shown overcoming various obstacles in their path and go on to cherish a romantic relationship with their partners. Some of the essential characters depicted by her in the books include Margo Connelly, Lamar Jennings, Randi Fuller, Quasar Patterson, Joy Ingram, Stonewall Courson, etc. All of these characters are shown portraying important roles in the romantic suspense set ups and taking the stories forward. These characters have been appreciated by numerous writers from across the globe. The readers have also liked and praised the storylines of the books.

Brenda Jackson has received praises from her fellow writers as well as critics. She is grateful that to her dedicated fans for supporting her with this new series and showering their love on it like all her previous novel series. Brenda is hopeful of adding a few more titles in this series in the coming years. For now, she hopes that the readers will continue to read the released books and help in its popularity even further. The wide range success of this romantic suspense series has added to Brenda’s success as an author and has made her even more famous. She takes a great pride in knowing that she is listed among the top writers of her time.

Brenda Jackson is a noteworthy author known for writing romance, suspense, and fiction books. She is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida. She has appeared in the USA Today and NY Times bestseller lists and is the first Afro-American author to do so. Brenda has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the RWA in 2012. In 2010, Brenda Jackson teamed up with the Five Alive Films for adapting her book, Truly Everlasting, into a movie. One of her novels, A Silken Thread, has been adapted into a movie in 2015 with Debbie Allen as the director. After being born in Jacksonville, Brenda completed her schooling from the William Raines High School. She obtained a Business Administration BSc degree from the Jacksonville University. Brenda is happily married to her high school sweetheart named Gerald. She has 2 sons. Prior to starting her writing career, Brenda was working in an insurance company, where she spent 37 years of her life. As of now, she is retired and spends her time writing novels on a full time basis. In all, she has penned over 125 novels and short stories, and more than 15 million copies of her books are in print.

The debut book of the Protectors series written by author Brenda Jackson is entitled ‘Forged in Desire’. It was released in 2017 by HQN Books. Brenda has mentioned the central characters in this book as Lamar Jennings and Margo Connelly. At the book’s beginning, Lamar Jennings is introduced as a highly skilled protector, who takes up assignments to keep his clients safe from dangers to their lives. Lamar, who is a former convict and ex-con, is commonly referred to as ‘Striker’. He has given up his former life and is now employed as a professional protector. As per his latest assignment, Lamar Jennings is asked to guard Margo Connelly, who has recently taken up jury duty. More than fearing the dangerous underworld criminals trying to kill her, Margo feels she is having a hard time from Lamar Jennings. She seems highly attracted by the overall appeal of the reformed bad boy.

The charming look and sensuous appeal of Lamar Jennings appears to breach all the defenses of Margo Connelly. And as the threats against Margo’s life increase, Lamar too becomes a lot more protective of her. A point comes where Margo is not able to decide who is more dangerous for her, the criminal trying to kill her or the alluring protector that has tempted her to break all the boundaries. Lamar knows that he has managed to stay on the right course after overcoming his dark past, but he thinks Margo is way out the league for him. He fears his troubled past may spoil their relationship is he moves ahead with the increasing temptation and accepts Margo. As they keep tacking the dangers, the physical chemistry between them turns into a full-blown passion. Lamar wonders if the attraction is just a distraction or a chance to prove that he is the best one to protect Margo Connelly and be her partner for life.

The next novel of suspenseful romance in this series is called ‘Seized By Seduction’. This novel was also published by the HQN Books in 2017. Quasar Patterson and Randi Fuller are depicted as the primary characters in this novel’s plot. At the story’s start, Quasar Patterson is also mentioned as a former con, who leaves his past behind and takes up the job of a bodyguard. He is given the charge of keeping Dr. Randi Fuller safe from dangers. The two had come across each other for the first time while going through a crime scene tape. Quasar Patterson knew for sure that they will meet again soon. Randi Fuller works as a psychic investigator and is very popular in her area of work. Quasar Patterson finds Randi mysterious in many ways. Being a psychic investigator, Randi Fuller has the ability of foreseeing dangers for others. However, she is not able to make out that a danger is lying on her head too. As Randi is involved in a dangerous case that involves gang rivalry, Quasar is determined to be by her side and watch over her. And the closer he is to her, the safer she can be. With the psychic gift possessed by Randi Fuller, she is able to tell that her fate is entwined with that of Quasar Patterson’s. Even the blinding chemistry between them says the same thing. After maintaining each other at a distance, Randi and Quasar go on to surrender to the sparkling between them. Quasar fears that as a deadly enemy has set Randi as his target, their future might not be a happy one. But, he is determined to turn the tides on their side by doing all that it takes to keep Randi protected and away from any kind of harm.

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