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Publication Order of Providence Paranormal College Books

Barely Awake (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fangs for the Memories (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Of Wolf and Peace (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dragon My Heart Around (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Djinn and Bear It (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Roundtable Redcap (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Better Off Undead (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost of a Chance (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nine Lives (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fae or Fae Knot (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Providence Paranormal College” is a series of paranormal novels by paranormal American author D.R. Perry. Most of the novels of the series are set in Rhode Island in New England, though Perry herself is not a native born Englander. However, once she got to the north, she loved it so much that she never thought to leave. D.R. Perry loves all manner of things but for the most part it is the paranormal that she loves best with several anthologies and two paranormal series to her name. She writes of strange beings that may best be described as humans who are creatures or creatures that are human. She currently lives in the Ocean State together with her husband, daughter and their dog. While it is not Long Island nor is it an island, she loves it so much because of its wild yet tranquil nature that has inspired so many of her works.

Even as Perry has made a name for herself with the Providence Paranormal College series, she has been writing ever since she was a child. She first started out by asking what if questions and this has been like the spread of a ripple as she has never quit listening, watching, and asking, which has led to some of the most spectacular of paranormal fiction. Prior to becoming an author, she absolutely loved playing video games particularly “World of Warcraft” in which she played as a Night Elf Priest. She would transfer her fascination with the paranormal from her videos games to writing when she published the first novel of the series “Bearly Awake”. With so much success she went prolific publishing three anthologies and more than ten titles. Her Providence Paranormal College series is the narrative of a world unlike any other since the supernatural creatures have become part and parcel of the society, gaining widespread acceptance. Apart from the paranormal happenings the novels also incorporate romance and adventure as the lead protagonists and the supporting cast are college students. Apart from the series, D.R. Perry also writes the “La Famiglia di Mostri” series a similarly intriguing novels series about the battle for revenge, justice, and dominance between paranormal monsters and mob bosses.

The “Providence Paranormal College” series by D.R. Perry is a series set in a Rhode Island college where super naturals of all kinds are the norm. In fact most of the students are paranormals with normal humans being the odd pones out. The college is an Ivy League campus in East Providence that only recently invited applications from students with talent. The Admissions department particularly likes to take in students that have showcased extraordinary talent through their qualification grades. These students include normal humans, changelings, werewolves, vampires, the physically and magically inclined, and magic shifters that include Kelpies and dragons. Amongst all the bear shifters, vampires, fairies, dragon, and wolf shifters is a singular human that is just as determined to get an education at Providence Paranormal College.

D.R. Perry writes the series as paranormal romantic comedies set in a Rhode Island college where love and romance dominate the exchanges. The series is told from different points of view as the lead characters that include a bear shifter and his human romantic partner take turns to tell the story. The lead female character is one of the very few human students at the college that is always looking to improve her connection with her fellow students. The lead male character is a bear shifter that has problems with his studies given that he finds it hard to stay awake during his classes, and cannot stay up late to study as his hibernation urges are too strong. The two come together in the very first novel of the series as student and tutor whose romance develops over the course of the novel series. D.R. Perry writes the series with just enough excitement and emotion to make one sigh, laugh, and keep turning the pages.

“Bearly Awake” the debut novel of the series is one of the most enthralling novels in the series. The lead character is Bobby Tremain who has run into an avalanche of problems ever since he lost his father to an accident. His family has never had anyone attend college and as the first one, he is under pressure to perform. But given that he is a bear shifter he runs into complications very early when his hibernation instinct kicks in a week before his final exams. He has to pass the exams or he will be kicked out of college. Meanwhile, Lynn Frampton finds herself so lonely in college despite having so many people around her. She had run away from her small town home and went to college on the furthermost part of the country only to find that she still could not find contentment. She has always been a prickly person that pushes people away and this has not changed. The only good thing she has going for her is that she is always topping her class. Prickly as she is, Bobby knows that he needs to befriend Lynn who can help him study and pass his exams. But now she finds that he is just what she needed to get rid of her loneliness. She was all set to move back to a college in her home state but cannot imagine leaving Bobby who also thinks she is his soul mate. Can Bobby convince his new found love to not leave and can she help him pass his exams?

“Fang for the Memories” the second novel of the series introduces Maddie May whose Umbral magic makes people forget her. Unfortunately, the Magic Theory Course at college is compulsory and she will fail if the professor will not remember who she is. Luckily for her a psychic vampire known as Henry Baxter with an ability to store memory for others and for himself offers his help. He has been in business for several decades but now needs to get a degree if he is to continue operations due to new regulations. He hates going to college after decades away since he still remembers that as a vampire he will most likely be treated as a second class citizen. The man who cannot forget anything and the woman that everyone seems to forget would seem like a match made in heaven. Maddie is all ready to have a relationship but Henry is not so sure and pushes her away with every attempt. However, things may change if their survival depends on their being together.

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